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TRUTH.-John Huss.

do wrong to please others; and Ion. Are we to have another sometimes I do wrong to please lesson on Truth, papa ?

myself. I forget what I ought to do. P. Yes, and another after that. So, I do not always feel strong I have not yet shown you how enough to fight against wickedness, strong Truth is, nor told you of the or to do what is right. Who will good things Truth will do for you. make me strong to do right ?" You shalt hear to-day how it “I will,” said a voice, which brought a man into the fire. seemed to be close to him.

L. Oh! But you don't call that Then, he thought he saw before “a good thing," papa ?

him a beautiful spirit. P. It does not seem so, but it “ Ah !” said the spirit, must have been, if it was brought may laugh at the strength of wicked about by Truth. Truth will only men, if you will follow me. Their do good to any one. It may ap- strength will not last, but the pear to do harm for a time, -but, strength of Truth will last for ever. be sure of this, you will find that Their strength cannot do much, it does good, at last.

but Truth is almighty: Do you remember your grey- Where is Truth?” he cried. headed grandfather? How strong “Some people tell me that one an old man he was when he died ! thing is Truth,—then others say -and, how everybody loved him! that something else is the Truth.”

Once, when he was growing "I am TRUTH,” said the spirit. up to be a man, he sat down to “You may read of me in my think. He thought, “I am almost Father's book-'1 am the way, a man, yet I am a very poor lad, the truth, and the life. My name and very weak. I shall have to is JESUS CHRIST." live in this world, perhaps, for Ah !” he said, as the spirit many years, with many people who seemed to be gone. «No wonder only care for themselves. I know Truth is almighty, for the Son of some people who are rich, and God is Truth. I will follow Him strong, but yet they are wicked. as long as I am in this world, and If I try to please them, they will I know that He will help me. I help me, and perhaps they will will read in the Bible of what He make me feel happy. But, then, did, and will copy him. If I can I have something within me which only do as Jesus Christ did, then I is only pleased when I do right; shall please my conscience, and be it is very strong, for it can make happy too. So happy shall I be, me feel very happy.'

that nothing can hurt me, for Truth W. That was his conscience, I is stronger than all the wickedness know.

we may find in this world.” P. Then he thought again—"It

L. No wonder we loved our would be better for me to please grandfather so much. I suppose that my conscience, but I often want to he always followed “the Truth."

P. He always tried-for, some- But, as I told you, four or five times it is a rather hard thing to hundred years ago, there was not do. When he was afraid that he much of this light in Europe. Peoshould do wrong, he prayed, and ple did not know what Jesus Christ asked Jesus for some of his spirit; had said, and were like men in darkand whenever he was going to say ness. The great light which Jesus any words or do any actions, he had brought, had been made very looked at them first with his mind, dim, so that it could hardly be seen. to see whether they were the Truth. In every country and city there

W. But how did he know? were men called Priests, who hid

Ion. Why, his conscience told the light and covered it over with him, of course. But, papa, did he fables. In these fables they taught really see a spirit that day? about another way to heaven,

P. No: he only seemed to see which had not been taught by one; it came from his imagina- Jesus Christ. Listen to some of tion. Now, I want very much for the things they said! you to see and feel how powerful You know that God only can truth is. It is "the Truth” which punish sins. But these priests has made the people in this country thought they would help to give so great a nation. If you will pay at- the punishment; so they taught the tention, I will give you a history of people to punish themselves, to whip two great men whom God employed themselves, to starve themselves, to show this truth to the world. and to do many curious things.

God only can pardon sin. But About five hundred years ago, they told the people that a man nearly the great countries in called the Pope could pardon them; Europe were in darkness. I don't and they even sold vardons from mean that there was darkness in the the Pope, as though a man could air or the streets, or that the sun forgive, instead of God. did not shine, but that there was JESUS CHRIST is the only sacridarkness in the minds of men. For fice for sins. But they taught the when a poor man's mind is ignorant people to bring large sacrifices of and without truth, we say it is dark; money and other things, in order but when any one knows the truth, to get forgiveness. and speaks the truth, and does thé Besides teaching these foolish truth, then he feels happy, his things, they did something worsecountenance is bright, and we say they shut up God's Word, so that no that he has light within him. one could get at the light and see.

You know that a long time ago It was a sad thing for the people our Saviour Jesus Christ came in- of so many countries to be in darkto this world. He brought good ness, and not to know how much news from heaven, to show men God loved them. Without His how they might be saved, and go Truth they could not be happy; but up there. He was not only “The at last the Truth sprang up again. Truth," but the way to heaven ; In the country of Bohemia was and, when he taught men, he gave à city called PRAGUE. I cannot them new life. So it is no wonder say how many streets it had, nor that he was called '“The light,” how many houses; but there was a for he made men see clearly many large school there. The school things they had never known before. was much larger than any of the




houses. Every morning you might seen God's holy Word, and there have seen many men going there he had read the glorious truth to learn Latin and Logic, and other about our Saviour Jesus Christ. things, so that they might become What would he do, then, when he Priests. Such a school for men is found he had made such a great called an University.

mistake? Amongst the men who went W. Why, I suppose he would go there every day was one called and tell the people that they were John Huss. I do not know what all wrong, and put them right sort of a look he had, but I dare again. say he had some good thoughts. I P. But the Pope would not let dare say he thought, “I will work him. If he told the people this hard, and learn all that is good truth, they would not let him be a and true, that I may do good:” or priest, nor could he become a he might have thought, “I will be bishop, or a cardinal, or a great a great man, and become a bishop man, as he wished to be. He would or a cardinal.”

be driven away from the UniverBut after he had been studying sity, and perhaps be killed. for some years, and every day had when he thought, “If I open my been getting more knowledge, the mouth, I shall be punished," what great God showed him that his could he do? learning was not truth, and that Ion. I don't know, papa. Perhis labour was of no use ! He haps he would go and be a doctor, found out that the Pope could not or a lawyer, or something else. pardon sins, that he ought not to P. We shall see. I find we have punish sin, and that no man could been talking about so many things get pardon for himself by making that there is not time to tell you sacrifices of money, or by giving now. We will go on with his himself punishments. For he had l history next week.


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difference. The Animals and VeORGANIC BODIES.

getables do not become larger by M. Here are the Stone, the having little particles stuck on to Acorn, and the Chrysalis, again. them-outside-and another little You know the Mineral from the piece, and another, every dayAnimal and Vegetable, because it but, they grow, which means, has never had life—but you have they eat food, and change it to been told this.

something else. Suppose that


had never seen I don't know how the plants eat these three things before,-how air! Perhaps they don't feed on would you tell that the Acorn and that very often-only when they the Chrysalis have life?

“ grow?”

cannot get any water-I think that Ion. I should have to wait a is what I should do, if I were a little, mamma-because, I should plant. try them both, to see if they would M. Indeed you are mistaken, grow.

Ion-you shall hear why, another M. What do you mean by day. Well, -it would be very

easy to tell that the Acorn and Ion. I mean, become larger. Chrysalis are not Minerals—if you

M. But there are some Minerals saw them growing-but, suppose which become larger. New “mat now, that you might not put the ter" is continually being added to Acorn in the ground, how would their surface. You must under- you tell then ? stand, however, that the particles W. Ah, I couldn't tell. of this matter are exactly like the M. Stop, Willie, think for a matter of the Mineral itself. The minute ! Never


“I can't Mineral could not change these tell” until you have thought carenew particles to make them like it. fully. Your mind will always tell

L. Yes, but if we eat anything you many things, if you will only to make us grow, we change it. set it to work. We eat bread and butter, and Now, think. If the Animals have change it into flesh.

to eat their food, and change it in W. Ah! and we don't grow by such a wonderful manner, they having particles of flesh joined on must not only have life, but someto us, outside-We put the breadthing else which you do not find and butter inside us, and that in Minerals—what is it? makes us swell, I suppose—that's W. Really, mamma, I don't what is meant by “growing." think I do know-how can I tell?

Ion. And isn't it curious that M. Oh, Willie, don't give upthis little Acorn should be able to think again. If a Mineral could feed on water, and air, and earth. be made alive, and then be placed

Then, from this water, and air, by the side of its food, could it it can make the great, thick, eat it? solid trunk of an Oak! How it W. No, mamma. It would not must change its food, to make it have anything to eat it with-and into so many different things, there would be no place inside to into roots, wood, bark, branches, put it in. Now I see! I could twigs, leaves, blossoms, and fruits. soon tell that the Acorn has life, So, you see, this is the great because, as it must have food, it





must have something to eat it remember that all of these parts with.

have something to do. Now, all L. Yes, and not only parts in Animals and Vegetables are made its body, fit for eating food, but of such little parts-and each very parts inside for changing the food. little part in their bodies has some

M, That is correct- t-and, al- These parts are something though you might not see much of like tools, except that they belong these parts in the Acorn-yet you to our bodies, and we do not make would know that it must have them ourselves. So, we do not them, for it could not live on its call them tools, we call them food without them.

There are

organs. some plants which have not any W. Oh, I didn't know that I mouths or roots—yet they have had organs in me ;-that's one little holes or pores in their skin, way to know that I am an animal. and with these, they absorb their Now, that will make two diffood.

ferences. ANIMALS AND VEGETAAgain. A Tree gets its food, BLES have life, so they have Water, at the roots which are at organs. the bottom;—but, for this food to MINERALS have no life, so they be changed, so as to make wood, it have no organs. must be carried up to the leaves- M. If you will try and rememat the top:

ber, I will give you some new Ion. Then, I suppose it must word by which you may easily have different parts — pipes or recollect these points. something-for the water to be Things which have life are carried through.

called animate. Things which have M. Yes. This water

or sap

never had life are called in-animust be conveyed up to the leaves, mate. and down again. So, the Tree Again. Everything which has must have parts to get the food- organs is called organic-and all parts to convey the food and things which have not organs are parts to change the food-and, by called in-organic. these parts, you would know at So we will say now, that we may once, without seeing it grow, that know an Animal or a Vegetable, it is not a Mineral.

from a Mineral, because - All L. What are these parts called, Animals are ANIMATE AND ORmamma?

GANIC, whilst Minerals are INANIM. I will tell you. You must MATE AND IXORGANIC.

I must not throw upon the floor

The crust I cannot eat;
For many little hungry ones

Would think it quite a treat.
For wilful waste makes woeful want,

And I may live to say,
Oh, how I wish I had the bread

hat once I threw away 1

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