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Solids, Liquids, and Fluids......... 22

Fluids (Caloric) ...


The Crust of the Earth (Lime).. 85


Ditto (continued)...


Ditto — Argil, or Clay...

114 A garland ! a garland !. ........ 198

Ditto – Silica, or Flint.

183 All the flashing, gleaming glory..... 262
Ditto — Vegetable Soil, Boulders.... 214 Alas for men ! that they should be so

Ditto Sketch of Geology .......... 245



The Crust of the Earth - Geology And now another day is gone....... 109

278 A rosy child went forth to play...... 275
Ditto — Geology (continued)......... 309 Awake, little girl, it is time to arise 216
Ditto - Geology (continued)..

......... 342 Be you to others kind and true...... 50
Ditto – Geology (continued)..

........ 374 Can you catch the flying shadows... 254

Ditto – Geology (concluded)......... 406 Come ye into the summer woods.... 195

Epitaph on an infant............... 425

Fair befall the cotton tree !.......... 176

Father of all, we bow to thee........ 247

From day to day we humbly own..., 168


God's presence shineth every where 14

God bless our native land........... 19



God might have made the earth bring

Lines (continued).




56 Hark!

amid the “ shivery leaf

Angles (continued). ......

........ 285

Lines and Angles (continued)... 105 Harvest Home........


sounds ".



120 He is the wisest and the happiest man 305

Triangles (continued)..

136 Higher, higher will we climb...... 222
Quadrilateral Figures.

169 How lovely shines the liquid pearl.. 116
Ditto (continued)..

185 How fast those pretty blossoms fall.. 341
Ditto (concluded).

201 Hurrah ! hurrah for England!...... 72
Drawing Copies..
..... 217 I have a little sister.......



232 I must not throw upon the floor..... 191

Perspective -

I may not scorn the meanest thing.. 272

The Horizontal Line...... 248 | I saw a little streamlet flow........ 119


.... 182

I sing the almighty power of God ... 17 | There went two reapers forth at
I thank the goodness and the grace.. 34 morn............

I would I were a little bird.......... 132 The snow-drop.


“Let there be light,” the Eternal Though grandfather has long been


280 blind.....


Little girl, it is time to retire to rest 216 'Tis a lesson you should heed. 255

Little bird, with bosom red.......... 226 Time speeds away, away, away

Little brother, darling boy

104 'Tis the Lord who gave our country. 81

Look, now, at his odd grimaces...... 210 To a bee...........

My father, my mother, I know.. 87 To grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall... 48
My liome, my own dear home...... 41 To the rose the sun is welcome..... 240
Mother, how still the baby lies ...... 154 | Trees, ye are beautiful !............ 282
No one should have a horse like

'Twere vain to seek on foreign



Non Angli sed Angeli! this is praise 179 Up! up! let us a voyage take...... 162

Now I lay me down to sleep........ 250 | We thank the Lord who gave........ 109

0, turn that little foot aside......... 319 Whatever work we have to do...... 308

Old England forever!....

231 When all thy mercies, O my God.... 84

Once there was a little boy

29 Who fed me from her gentle breast 114

Our Fathers were high-minded With blue cold nose and wrinkled

124 brow


Reader, whose'er thou art.......... 305 Work while you work..............

Rejoice! rejoice! the summer months

are coming....

River, river, little river ............. 192


Say, what is it, eyes, ye see?........122

Sing a sweet melodious measure.... 157 Songs for the Seasons -

Spring is coming, spring is coming.. 135 Spring Song

............. 412

Tell me not in mournful numbers.... 269 Ditto — Summer Song


The clock is on the stroke of six .... 301 Ditto - Autumn Song..

.......... 414

The bird that soars on highest wing 344 Ditto – Winter Song.


The God of nature and of grace.... A Morn amid the Mountains.


The stars are bright....... .... 159 Little Travellers Zionward.... 421

The air is chill, the rain falls fast.... 200 Children of Jerusalem........... 422

There is a flower, a little flower..... 127 | God save the Queen............... 426


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[blocks in formation]

Papa. Lucy, Willie, Ion, and Ada!, lessons on each subject; and when come here, I have some good news for you want a change, you may learn you.

about Great Men, or Biography, and Lucy. Pray, papa, let us hear it. what is called Natural Philosophy.

Papa. Do you remember the In Willie. I do not know what that fant School, where your mamma and means. I once taught so many children? P. And you may learn of different

Lucy. Yes, and the children too, plants and flowers. who were so happy.

L. That is called Botany. Papa. Now, I have been thinking P. We shall teach you only one that you would like to hear some of idea in each lesson, so that you may their lessons ; for, in these times, the understand and remember it perfectly. poor children of England often learn I should like much for you to gain more in their schools than you do. ONE IDEA EVERY DAY.

Lucy. I'm sure we should like such L. That will be six ideas in a lessons ; I want very much to learn week. about some animals.

W. And THREE HUNDRED IDEAS Willie. And I should like to learn | in a year, if we can only remember about some new countries, and to them ; but why should we take so hear some more History Tales. much pains to learn ?

Ion. And I want to learn Draw Ion. That we may get knowledge, ing.

of course. Papa. Well, you shall learn all W. Yes, it is very pleasant to these things. Our course for the know more ; but, after all, what use present shall be

is our learning ? We must die one Good and Bad Children on Monday. day, and then we shall go out of the Natural History * Tuesday. world and leave all our knowledge History

6 Wednesd. behind us. Object Lesson

" Thursday.

L. Oh Willie! I'm sure that you Geography

u Friday do not know that ; you know we and Drawing

“ Saturday. cannot leave it in our bodies. We will have a regular course of P. Besides, Willie, that is a selfish


thought. Do you mean to get know-How joyfully he would get up at six ledge only for yourself ? By learn- o'clock in the morning, and would tie ing, you may not only get good, but on her little black bonnet, and white great pleasure for yourself and others. pinafore, and shawl ! Then he would Sit down all of you, and I'll tell you brush her tiny shoes until they a tale about

were very black, and would put on his straw hat, and away they would go

over the hills together. When I was at boarding-school, At nine o'clock, he would teach there was a boy, a day-scholar, whom her to read, then he taught her to we all liked very much. He was write, and to spell. He showed her only ten years old. He could not how to make figures, and work sums play well at cricket or hoop, yet he on her slate, and their aunt taught was the first boy in the school. One her to sew. day I went home to tea with him. I wanted very much to know what His father was lying on the sofa ; he they learned on the hills, so one looked very pale, and had a bad morning I got leave to go with them. cough. His mother was sitting near “I am going,” said Joseph, “ to teach to him with his little sister, whom little Kate all that my dear mother she was teaching to write.

taught me from underneath this tree. After we had taken tea, and played Here are hundreds of things yet to in the garden, we sat down by the find out and learn. Look at that side of his mother, and read our les beautiful sky and the long streaky sons to her. Whilst she was sewing clouds. We are going to find out she talked to us about them, and ex- where the clouds come from, and plained the hard words. We soon what they are made of. Then we understood them then, and I think I want to learn why some clouds are never learned my lessons so quickly round, and some long, and why they before.

are of such a rosy colour in the mornW. I see now why he was the first | ing.” “Then," said little Kate, “I want boy in the school.

to know what the wind, which blows P. But when we came back after them along, is made of, and where it the holidays, we found that he had comes from. We have been noticing, left school. His father's house was too, the music which the animals shut up, and empty; for, poor boy, make to the sun, when they see him. he and his sister had lost their father Do you see that he is just getting and mother, and had gone to live up! Listen, only now! There's with their aunt, on the other side of the singing of the birds—the buzzing the pond.

of the insects—the bleating of the He told us that he had only his lambs in the valley—and the cawing little sister left to love now; and of the rooks a long way off. We that, as he was too poor to come to mean, this summer, to count up the school again, he intended to read the different trees and plants here, and books of the school library, and to perhaps the different earths, and teach her all that he read, and every- rocks, and stones. To-morrow we thing that his good mother had told shall begin to learn about this tree him about God their Father.

behind us." And oh ! how delighted he was "Why, Joseph,” I said, “what is there to teach his sister ! We could often to be learned from this old stump ? see him from our bed-room window. / “Ah!" said he, “my mother taught me





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many things from it ; we had twelve will gain even a far greater good. lessons :- 1st. We examined the One of my books says, roots, to see what they are made for.

" These charms shall work thy soul's 2ndly. We learned about the sap. eternal health, 3rdly. The trunk. 4thly. The And love, and gentleness, and joy imbranches. 5thly. The pith. 6thly.

part. The layers of wood. 7thly. The i So God's works will always teach bark. 8thly. The buds. 9thly. you something new about their The leaves, and what they were ! Maker, and will give you good made for. 10thly. The little in- , thoughts, which you will keep after sects which live on the leaves and you go out of this world. We shall under the bark. 11thly. How the I find out some of these thoughts soon. tree came here, and what it was L. And did Joseph get so much made for. 12thly. We learned its good by taking notice ? name, and to what family of trees it


P. Yes, and his sister too. He belongs. And,” said he, “ 13thly, i taught her every day until she was a I'm going to teach all this to Katie, great girl, and now they both enjoy, and she is so glad !"

in another way, more happiness than W. But, papa, what was the use of their spending time in noticing Ion. How do they get it, papa ? these things so much ?

P. By giving it to others. That is P. You ought, Willie, to notice the only way to get real happiness. and know every common thing around They live in the country, where they you. From the Plants you get food have more than a hundred children to nourish you, medicine to heal you, i to teach ; and, as they thank God and clothing to cover you. The when the children, grow wiser and Corn plants gave you the straw for better, the happiness which they see your hat. The Crocus plant grew the in their faces comes back again to yellow colour for the ribbon. The them, a hundred-fold. They talked Indigo plant, the dark blue for your to me the other day of a higher happineckerchief. You have to thank the ness still, which they know they will Flax plant for the linen of your , have soon. shirt, and the Cotton tree for your

L. What is that, papa ? socks. Your shoe-strings came

P. Listen! In 100 years, you, from a silkworm ; your coat from a ' and I, all of us, will belong to ansheep, and your shoes from a calf. I other world instead of this one.

Ion. And the soles from the Gutta : Joseph and his sister must die too : Percha tree.

and their great happiness will begin P. The Oak trees are made into when they sit in heaven and meet ships, the Hemp plant into sails, their old scholars. Then, how and the wind blows them along. The they will thank God again, that he Earth affords as Iron for great rail- allowed them to teach ! One scholar roads ; and Water the mighty steam will say to them, “ You first showed for the engines. These are all very me the way up here :” another, “You common things, and yet you see man first taught me to love Jesus Christ.” has found much good by thinking Perhaps many bright angels, as they about them. But, ah ! Willie, when go on their way to praise God, will you begin to notice how beautifully stop and say to them, “You first they are all made, and to feel that taught us to sing.” And even the they are all the works of God, you I Great God may call to them, saying,

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