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Ion. I will say what the line L. How fond you are of the does. “It crosses the middle of words “such a beauty,” Willie ! the base, and cuts the triangle in W. Well, it will be a beauty. half.”

You shall see. Now then, the P. Now, who will copy it? sides are equal. Yes, and the

W. I will, papa. Oh, do let me, post is in the middle. It is please. I'll make such a BEAUTY !! | finished !

P. Then let me look at it, Wil. lie. We shall soon see if it is right. I will draw a perpendicular line from the top through the base. Now, you can see that the triangle is not divided exactly in half.

L. No. The left hand side is three times as large as the right hand side. Poor Willie !

W. Why, what is the matter with the drawing ?

Ion. Nothing, only it is rather ill. It is falling down; and the lines are in the wrong direction. And, then, the triangle,-it is—-it is — that terrible Greek word, Scalene !


BAY what is it, Eyes, ye see?
Shade and sunshine, flower and tree;
Running waters, swift and clear;
And the harvests of the year.
These we see, and for the sight,
Bless the Giver infinite.

Awful thunder; ocean strong,
And the kindly human tongue.
These and more an entrance find
To the chambers of the mind.

Tell me, Ears, what ye have heard ?
Many and many a singing bird;
Winds within the tree-tops going ;
Rapid rivers strongly flowing ;

Tell me, husy Hands, I pray,
What ye’re doing through the day?
Ever working, never still,
We are servants to the will.
Busy hands, whate'er ye do,
Still keep peace and love in view.



8th Week.


Moral Lesson.


looking at him, and thought of his John Huss (Continued). light — he looked at the large P. How disappointed John Huss crowds of people who were standmust have felt when he found that ing around him, and thought of he had made a mistake, and had their darkness, so he forgot to feel given so much hard labour : learn afraid. He only remembered that untruth! Yet he could not help it. Truth was almighty, and stronger JESUS CHRIST was the only Saviour, than all men;-and as God, who and he could not teach anything loved him, made him feel love for else; for, when he thought of all these people, he preached the histhat Jesus had done for him, he tory of Jesus once more, with light felt that he must tell it to others. in his eyes, with eagerness in his Why should he fear the Pope? look, with a stout heart, and a Whoever speaks the truth, obeys loud voice. GOD, and God will keep him forever. Now, although God was pleased,

And he did preach it to all the the Pope and the Priests were very people in Prague who would hear angry. They would have killed him. When the Doctors of the him, but God would not allow this University and the Archbishop yet; so they excommunicated him, heard of it, they tried to stop him, that is, they declared that he was and, at last, declaring that he was a wicked man and not fit to belong a heretic, which means a bad man, to the Church. they turned him out of the Uni- Ion. That would not hurt him, versity.

because it was not true. But, papa, W. But why did God allow would God ever let him be killed ? them to do that?

P. Yes. If God saw that Huss P. We cannot tell. God allowed would give up his life rather than all kinds of things to happen to the Truth, God would let him do it. him, but they only seemed to be God will let you give up anything misfortunes, for when his conscience you like for Truth. told him, “You are doing right,” he Suppose, Ion, you meant to give felt sure that God still loved him, up some great pleasure because and was so happy that he could you would not tell a lie--just as not feel any sorrow about “misfor- John Huss gave up the idea of tunes”—his heart had not room for being a great man-you would not that.

lose your pleasure. So, with these thoughts of Jesus W. Why not, papa? Christ before him, he could not P. Because you would give it up stop, nor stand still and feel afraid. to God; He would take care of it He tried to preach again in the for you. Jesus Christ told us " to churches, and again they drove lay up treasures” in heaven, and him away. Then he brought his this is one way. pulpit into the fields and streets. John Huss was now driven out He looked up to God who was of Prague, and was obliged to live

in his own native village. Many | liberty for Truth,”—I think I could people who had seen how earnest give up that, rather than tell a he was, followed him there; and lie. then, with the help of another P. The next thing he gave up good man called JEROME, he told was his life. The Duke of Bavaria the people more of God's great one day sent for him. He was love and mercy towards them taken out of prison, led through through Jesus. Soon after this the the streets by the soldiers, and Archbishop of Prague died, and fastened to a stake in the ground. John Huss returned there.

Faggots were then heaped round At last the Pope and Cardinals him, and he was told by the Priests resolved to destroy him. The that if he did not give up the Truth Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests now, he would be burned. met at a place called Constance, L. Oh, papa! where they made a “council” to P. He thought they might burn try him. They sent for him, and him if they liked, but they couldn't gave him a letter from SIGISMOND, burn the Truth. So he let them the Emperor of Germany, which burn him. The fierce crackling promised that he should not be fire soon put an end to his life, but hurt. So Huss resolved to go, and the Truth which he brought out tell the Truth to the Council. will never end; it has lived ever

He was met on his way by since, and in time will spread hapcrowds of people from the different piness all over the earth. towns in Germany, but when he It always made John Huss happy. reached Constance, the “Council" It gave him great joy when he would not hear him. They did found it-joy when he preached it not care for the Emperor's letter, -joy when he was driven from the or safe conduct, as it was called, University-joy when driven from but put the old preacher in prison. Prague-joy when he was in the Here he was kept, in a filthy dun- dungeon-joy when he was in the geon which was very dark, with fire-joy when, above, he saw Jesus chains about his legs which he coming to meet him-and it gives could hardly move, and with his him great joy still, when he meets arm fastened by a ring to the wall many spirits coming to heaven at night. But he would not give up who would not, perhaps has the Truth, even to be set free. He heard the truth but for him. could see God through the prison's Iun. Then if truth gives so muc i darkness.

joy as that, it is worth-ah! more W. That was "giving up his than one's life!

OUR Fathers were highminded men And such as our forefathers were,
Who firmly kept the faith,

May we their children be!
To freedom and to conscience true, And in our hearts their spirit live,
In danger and in death.

That baffled tyranny. Nor should their deeds be c'er forgot, Then we'll uphold the cause of Right; For noble men were they,

The cause of Mercy, too; Who struggled hard for sacred rights, To toil or suffer for the Truth And bravely won the day,

Is th' noblest thing to do.

8th Week.


Natural History.

Of course,

HOW WE KNOW AN ANIMAL makes eggs, each of which will

The butterfly, too, before it dies FROM A PLANT.

form a new butterfly. All kinds of M. We have learned how to animals and vegetables have this know Animals and Vegetables power of producing again; that is, from Minerals, to-day we will of making young ones exactly like learn how to tell an Animal from a themselves before they die. Vegetable. So we will leave the You know that the little word stone in the box, and will only take “re” placed before another word out the acorn, and the chrysalis. means again. So when the old

I think that before we find out animals and vegetables produce the differences between them, we these young ones, we say that they will take some notice of the points re-produce them; and the organs in which they are alike.

with which they do this are called L. They are alike, mamma, organs of reproduction. First,- Because they have life. Ion. And we may say, I sup

Secondly, — Because they have pose, that they must have these organs.

organs for making others, because W. We may say, therefore, they they perish themselves. have organs,” for, if they have life M. Yes. And why must they they must have organs. We learned have organs of nutrition? that in the last lesson.

Ion. Because they have life. If M. True. And the organs with they are to be kept alive, they which they procure their nourish- must be nourished. ment are called organs of nutrition. i both animals and vegetables must But, they have other organs. I have these organs, and that is why told you that all things that have they are alike. life will also have death, and will Let me repeat it once more. perish.

All ANIMALS AND VEGETABLES Suppose, that all the animals and are animate, therefore they have vegetables which are now growing organs of nutrition. had no other organs but organs of ANIMALS AND VEGETABLES are nutrition. They would feed—and perishable, therefore they have orgrow-and when they had ceased gans of reproduction. to grow, they would decay and die. W. I like to see that. Because And-what then ?

they are alike in two things, they W. Oh, but they would make are obliged to be alike in two other some new ones before they died, or points. else there would be none left ; and, M. There are more points yet I see now, they must have organs in which they are alike, but we for making new ones.

will leave them for the present. M. That is right. Think! How Let us now see in what they differ. wonderful that the acorn, when

Tell me. How do you know an grown into a tree, should not only animal from a vegetable? Suppose put forth buds and leaves, but I were to call this chrysalis a vegeactually make new acorns, exactly table, how would you teach ne like itself; and each of these new better? Indeed, I wili say so. I acorns, when made, has the power have an idea that this chrysalis is of growing and forming a tree. a vegetable. It is a vegetablo !

Now, will you prove that it is soon suck up all the juice in the not?

place where it was; so, of course, it Ion. Ah! mamma, wait until it must make a great many more is a butterfly, and you shall see it mouths to go to other parts of the fly about--a vegetable can't do that. ground. You called these little

L. And it will see you; that is mouths “rootlets,”. I remember. more than a vegetable can do. M. That is right. Trees and

W. And I'll tell you something. plants have thousands of mouths, It would know you, and would get or rootlets; and these organs not out of your way, if you were to only procure the food, but fir the come near to it. A vegetable does plant in the ground. The word not know anything.

“plant” means fixed. Ion. And it would feel, if you

L. But an Animal is not fixed. were to pinch it.

It can move about from one place M. Ah! Then perhaps it is an

to another, and it can carry its animal, for I see that it has more | mouth to the food; so it only wants organs than the vegetable; or, as I one mouth. should say, “it is more highly or M. This is true of nearly all ganised."

animals. But let us consider this matter Ion. Then we will say "most very carefully and slowly.--I should animals;" so, this is the first diflike to teach you to consider slowly. ference.

There is no doubt, then, that Ist, VEGETABLES are fixed to animals have more organs than the ground, and they have many vegetables. You can tell this be- | mouths: but ANIMALS can move cause you see them. But if you from one place to another, so they never had a chance of noticing have only one mouth. these organs, you might, by con M. Now for the next difference. sidering, have found out that ani- | You may find another one in their mals must have them.

“organs of nutrition.” The food of I told you once that I thought an animal or a vegetable has to bethe Great Creator had a reason for come part of its body; to spread all every difference we see in his works. through it, and to mix with every Now, when your eyes tell you that particle. In what state must the the Animals have more organs than

food be?--solid or liquid? Vegetables, would you not like to L. I should suppose that it must know why they have them? be in a liquid state before it can do Ion. I should, mamma.

that. It must be very thin. M. Then, let us think. First, W. Well, we do chew our food, et us notice their organs of nutri so that it may not be quite solid. tion. The plants have to get food. M. Yes, and it has to be Where is the mouth of a plant? " chewed” more after you have

L. The root is its mouth; or, swallowed it. It must be dissolved it really has hundreds of mouths, and be quite liquid before it can because each little fibre in the root mix with your blood. What organ sucks up food.

have you for dissolving your food ? W. I have thought why it has so Ion. I don't know, mamma. I'll many mouths, because it is fixed think,-it goes down my throat. in the ground! If the oak-tree had M. It goes farther than that. only one mouth, that mouth would Ion. Yes. Into my Stomach.

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