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15th Week.


Moral Lesson.


W. Yes, because they went on INTRODUCTORY LESSON. slowly, and with such care. L. Are we to have another pro P. And it was the “going on verb to-day, papa?

slowly” which made them succeed P. Not to-day. We will now so well. It was a principle in them begin another course of lessons

which made them work slowly. and, when we have finished it we We call it the cautious principle. will learn some new proverbs for a It is a principle which children do change.

not learn very soon. W. The last course was on W. No, papa—at least boys TRUTH.

don't. I'm never cautious. P. And our new course will be Ion. And girls do not always. on a principle which is very much That was why RoSAMOND made like truth,

excuses. She had not learned the Ion. But—what is a principle? cautious principle, and spoke too

P. Ah,—there we must stop. quickly. Let us consider what a principle W. That was why Rose spoilt is, and understand it properly. that tune when she was playing it. This is why you must consider. She played in such a hurry, and A principle is a very important had not learned the “cautious thing. It is of no use for you to principle.” grow and be men, unless you have Ion. That was why Mrs. Pearce's learned some good principles. You son ARTHUR became so poor,--he had better die! But when you tried to get rich too fast, for he had get some "principles ;"—if they not learned the “cautious prinare good ones, you will be happy ciple.” and all men will love you.

If P. The “ cautious principle,” they are badthen you will be then, would have been useful to miserable, aye, and all men will Rosamond, Rose, and Arthur. despise you! It will not matter You know how useful it was to how learned you are,-no matter ALFRED, Mrs. Pearce's other son. how rich you are—you will never L. Ah! It was that principle hold up your head like a man," which made him succeed in his but as you sneak along the street, business. Why, a principle is as people will point to you and say good as money: -perhaps it is a poor fellow, no one respects him, worth more, now I think about it; he has no principles.

-because ARTHUR had a great W. Oh!—then, please make us deal of money left him by his aunt. understand what principles are, P. Yes, principles are worth рара.

more than money. ListenP. Well! You remember the Our grocer has a large shop, moral tale that Ion made up-how and he does more business than Lucy and Ada beat two hard-work- the other grocers. ing boys in weeding the garden. “Yes, sir," he said to me ono

day—“my prices are just as high always true to their time, so they as any other grocer's-quite as beat all the other omnibuses. high as old Scroggins's. But then, Ion. Ah, they were regular!-or I always sell good things. I don't "punctual,” that is the word to use. want to get a large profit, so I That is a principle-Punctuality. always sell the best articles I can I think I see now what a principle find, and treat everybody very is a sort of ruile. A man

L. That is a principlea good finds out a plan which is right and natured principle.

good. Then he says to himself, P. Yes. He called it a liberal “ That is a good plan- I will keep principle, which means the same to it always”—so he makes a rule thing-“I do business, sir, on a of it. liberal principle,” he said to me. P. Yes, and thus it becomes one

And “old Scroggins”—why, he of his principles. But-oh, there only gives his customers common are greater-far greater principles sugar for fivepence;-and sells than those which we have been other common articles because talking about. they do not cost him so much as W. I think I know one, papa; I good things. So he thinks he will have just thought of it. There make more profit, and will get are two boys in our school who rich sooner.

never quarrel with anybody. They L. That shows that he only are brothers. If anybody treats thinks about himself. Then that them badly they are kind to him, is an ill-natured principle. You and that is their rule always their would say it is un-liberal, I suppose. principle. And now all the boys

P. No, the proper word is il- in the school are their friends ;liberal. That is what we call a they have not any enemies. man when he cares too much for P. Ah, that is the principle of himself, and not enough for others. LOVE. The principle which brings

These two principles are not so peace on earth and good-will toimportant when they are only prin- | wards men. Love brings peace. ciples of trade. Yet, see what W. Yes, papa. Peace is the they do! They make one grocer effect of love; we have been learning rich, and the other

about "effects” lately. LOVE was W. Poor !—What a poking little Alfred's principle when he had shop Scroggins's is.

conquered the Danes — and so 8. Here is another principle. At there was peace. Islington, where your uncle lives, Ion. And it was Athelstane's there were

once a great many principle. Don't you remember omnibuses-brown, white, yellow, when he had conquered those three and green ones. But the green kings, how he treated them with omnibuses,

Favorites," kindness? It had the same effect. began to be different from all the L. And when he gave the Welsh others – for, as regularly as the king his kingdom again, he made clock struck eight, one of them peace. Ah !-if we could make an would pass the end of your uncle's 4 Object lesson" on Love, we might street,—then, twenty minutes after- find out many more effects perhaps. wards came another--and another P. Yes ; à long time hence, exactly twenty minutes after when you are much older-we will that ; and, so on. They were make lessons, like your Object

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