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sufficient reason. Now, Rosa- | world, that far from making halfmond, you shall be judge-I trust a-hundred, I do not make more you will be an upright judge.' than one single excuse a-day for a

“ Upright! that is, honest-Oh, week to come.” certainly, mamma!”

“I take you at your word,” “Could not you hare watered cried Godfrey, eagerly stretching the geraniums without the rose of out his hand-_“Your kings of the little green watering-pot ?” England against my joining map

“Why, to be sure, mamma, I of the world. But,” added he, “I could ha used the red watering- advis you, Rosamond, not lay pot, I own."

such a rash wager; for you will be "Ah! ah!-Now the truth has sure to lose, and your kings are come, at last, Rosamond !” cried worth more than my world, beGodfrey, in a triumphant tone. cause I have lost some little bits of

His mother checked Godfrey's it.” tone of triumph, and said, that “I know that; but I shall keep Rosamond was now candid, and my kings, and win all you have that, therefore, this was not the left of the world, you will see.” time to blame or laugh at her. “ Then we begin to-morrow; for

“ Mother,” said Godfrey, “I you know to-day cannot be counted, should not have laughed at her so because


made seven in five much this time, if she was not minutes." always making excuses; and you “I know that,” interrupted Rosaknow

mond—“To-day goes for nothing; Their mother was called out of we begin to-morrow, which is Monthe room before Godfrey could day.” finish what he was going to say. Monday came; and so strict was He had said enough to provoke the guard which Rosamond kept Rosamond, who exclaimed over herself, that she did not, as

“You should not laugh at me, even Godfrey allowed, make one Godfrey, because I am candid — single excuse before breakfast mamma said so-And I am not time, though she was up an houralways making excuses.”

and-a-half. But, in the course of “Well, Rosamond, I will acknow- the morning, when her mother ledge, that you are not always found some fault with her writing, making excuses; but I will lay you and observed that she had not any wager you please, that no day crossed her tees, Rosamond anpasses, for a week to come, with- sweredout your making half-a-hundred at “Mamma, it was the fault of least.”

the pen, which scratched so, that I “Half-a-hundred ! — Oh, God- could not write with it.” frey !-I am content !-what will " An excuse! an excuse!” cried you lay?"

Godfrey. “My head to a china orange,” “Nay, try the pen yourself, said Godfrey.

Godfrey; and you will see how it “I would not give you a china scratches and sputters, too.” orange for your head," said Rosa “ But let it scratch or sputter mond; “ besides, that is a vulgar ever so much, how could it preexpression. But I will lay you all vent you from crossing your tees my kings, Godfrey, against your “It could; because if I had




an excuse.


crossed the tees with that pen, the jug was not broken by the fall, and whole page would have been it was empty, too; so not the speckled and spoiled just like this

least mischief was done to anyline, where I did begin to cross

thing or any creature; and no one them.”

had even blamed her; so that, as “ Could not you take another Rosamond said, she had not had pen, or mend this, or ask mamma the slightest temptation to make to mend it?-Oh, Rosamond, you know this is an excuse!”

This was all true, but Godfrey “Well, it is only one,” said Row would not allow it. samond ; "and you know, that if

“Well,” said Rosamond, “it is I do not make more than one in a only Tuesday; I will give it up to day, I win the day.”

you, brother, rather than dispute “There's a great blot,” said God- about it any more.” frey.

“That is right, Rosamond,” said "Because I had no blotting- her mother. paper, brother,” said Rosamond. Wednesday came. Rosamond

The moment she had uttered determined, that, whenever she the words she wished to recall was found fault with, she would them; for Godfrey exclaimed not say anything in her own

“You have lost the day, Rosa- defence; she kept this resolution mond!- there's another excuse; heroically. When her mother said for it is plain you had

otting- to herpaper on your desk-Look, here it “Rosamond, you have left your

bonnet on the ground, in the Rosamond was ashamed and hall—” vexed—“For such a little tiny Godfrey listened to Rosamond's excuse, to lose my day!” said she; reply, in the full expectation that " and when I really did not see thé she would, according to her usual blotting-paper. But, however, this custom, have answered is only Monday-I will take better “Because I bad not time to put care on Tuesday.”

it by, mamma” or,

" Because Tuesday came, and had nearly papa called me”-or, “ Because passed in an irreproachable man somebody threw it down, after I ner ; but, at supper, it happened had hung it up.” that Rosamond threw down a jug, But, to his surprise, Rosamond and, as she picked it up again, she made none of these her habitual said

excuses: she answered “Somebody put it so near the “Yes, mamma, I forgot to put edge of the table, that I could not it in its place-I will go and put help throwing it down.”

it by this minute.”. This Godfrey called an excuse;

Godfrey attended carefully to though Rosamond, protested, that every word Rosamond said this she did not mean it for one." She day, and the more she saw that farther pleaded, that it would be he watched her, the more cautious hard, indeed, if she were to lose she became. At last, however, her day for only just making this when Godfrey was not in the room, observation, when it must be clear and when Rosamond was less on to everybody, that it could not be her guard, she made three excuses, meant for an excuse, because the one after another, about a hole in


her gown, which she had neglected | fully-"you will go on the same to mend

to-morrow as to-day. You see Mamma, it is not my fault: 1 you have so much the habit of believe it was torn at the wash." making excuses, that you cannot

But it was proved, by the fresh help it, you cannot cure yourselfedges of the rent, that it must at least not in a week. So I am have been torn since it had been safe.” ironed.

“So that is all you think of, Rosamond next said, she had brother: and you don't care whenot seen the hole, till after she had ther I cure myself of my faults or put the gown on; and then, she not,” said Rosamond, while the could not mend it, because it was tears trickled down · her cheeks. so far behind.

“You wish, indeed, that I should Could not she have taken the not cure myself.- Oh, brother, is gown off again, her mother asked. this right? is this good-natured ? is “Yes, mamma; but I had not

this like you?” any thread fine enough.”

Godfrey changed countenance; “But you had cotton that was and after standing still, and thinkfine enough, Rosamond.- - Three ing for a moment, he saidexcuses!”

" It is not like me- e-it is not “Oh, mamma !-Have I made good-natured-and I am not sure three excuses?” cried Rosamond - that it is right. But, my dear “This day, too, when I took such Rosamond! I do care about you, pains!-"

and I do wish you should cure Godfrey came back, and seeing yourself of your faults; only this his sister look sorrowful, he asked week I wish- -in short, I canwhat was tho matter. She hesi- not help wishing to win my tated, and at last said

wager.” “You will be glad of what I am “That is very natural, to be


,” said Rosamond; “but I am “Ha!—Then I guess what it is sorry for it; for we used to be so -You have lost the day again, and happy together, and now, you are I have won it!”

always glad when I am sorry, and Godfrey clapped his hands in

sorry when I am glad; and when triumph, and capered about the I do most wrong, you are most

glad-And all for the sake of “My world is safe! safe! I keeping your paltry world, and really thought Rosamond would winning my poor kings!" have had it to-day, mamma!" “No, indeed!” exclaimed God

Rosamond could hardly repress frey, “it is not for the sake of the her tears; but Godfrey was so full world, or the kings; for you know of his own joy, that he did not at- I would give you my world, or tend to her feelings.

anything I have upon earth, Rosa“ After all, it is only Wednes- mond.” day, brother, remember that !“The wager is what I cannot cried Rosamond, “I have Thurs- give up ; I must prove that I am day, Friday, Saturday, and Sun- right.” day, to come-I may win the day, * And that'I am wrong !-Ay, and win the world, yet.”.

there's the thing !-you want to “Not you!" said Godfrey, scorn- triumph over me, brother.

sorry for!”






"I do not think such wagers are ning up to one another, and shakgood things. Now I will asking hands. mamma. Well, mamma, what do * And I assure you, brother," you think ?”

said Rosamond, “I will take as “I think, my dear Rosamond, much pains to cure myself of makthat you have reasoned better than ing excuses, as if the wager was you usually do, and that there is going on; and my wager shall be much truth and good sense in with myself, that I will make not what you have said about this a single excuse to-morrow, or the wager.”

next, or the next day, and that Rosamond looked happy. God- every day I shall be better than I frey, without seeming pleased, as was the day before-And you will he usually did, when he heard his be glad of that, Godfrey, shall you sister praised, said

“Mamma, do you really disap “Yes, glad with all my heart," prove of wagers? Do not you said Godfrey. think that it did her good, to try “ And that will be a good sort of to cure herself of making excuses, wager," said her mother. “It is and that my wager made her take better and wiser, to endeavour to great care ?-And, you know, if triumph over ourselves, than over she were to dislike me, because she anybody else.” was to lose her wager, that would still be her fault-the fault of her W. I can understand what we temper.”

are to learn about truth, from this “Let us, for the present, leave story. These excuses were wrong, out of the question whose fault it because they were little untruths. would be ; and tell me, my dear L. Yes, Rosamond did not know Godfrey, do you wish to make that they were untruths when she your sister dislike you ?”

was saying them. She made ex“Oh, no, mamma!-you know I cuses because she was not careful. do not."

She spoke without thinking. “ Should you like a person who

Ion. She talked very fast, perrejoiced when you committed any haps. I have often noticed how fault, who did not wish you to cure very slowly papa speaks. He is yourself of your faults ?”

very careful in what he says. I “No-I should not like a per dare say that is because he wants, son who did this. I understand first, to be sure that everything is you, mamma-I was wrong,” said quite true. Godfrey. “I will give up the wager,

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W. Yes. He told me one day though I really think I should to weigh my words before I let win it.”

them come out of my lips. “I really think I should win," Ion. I mean to try very much said Rosamond; "but I will give to learn that habit. I like to it up, if mamma advises us to give speak carefully and slowly-Now, it up."

Lucy, please make a “lesson” for "I do advise you to give up this

us to learn. wager, my dear children," said their Lucy. Yes, I will.

LET US mother.

LEARN TO SPEAK CAREFULLY, AND “So we will, and so we do,” said SLOWLY, THAT WE NEVER MAY SAY both Rosamond and Godfrey, run


their kind.” Now the Earth looked THE THREE KINGDOMS OF NATURE.

more cheerful, but it was dreary, still.

Ion. Yes, the Earth had life in M. You have in your former it, but not the sort of life we have. Natural History lessons seen some Everything was quiet and still,-thing of the order which the great it was still life. God makes in his works. To-day, The grass, and herbs, and trees we will begin at the very begin- formed another great division of ning, and notice Nature with much God's works, which were called more care and minuteness.

VEGETABLES. The Bible, you know, tells us M. But, on the fifth day, there that “In the beginning God created was music in the Earth. Through the heaven and the earth”-and, the Air, and on the Trees, flew after He had made the firmament, winged fowl,” singing many a He said, “Let the waters under song. Through the WATER swam the heaven be gathered together great whales” and fishes. On unto one place, and let the dry the sixth day, there came creepland appear”—and it was so. Then ing things” upon the EARTH, and this world consisted of broad plains, " cattle after their kind.” Thus rocks, and tall mountains — the the Creator made another great restless Ocean moving backward division to inhabit the Air, Water, and forward- and the Air sur and Earth, which division we call rounding it.

L. ANIMALS. But it was a dreary place, for it Thus, then, was the work of was not yet finished. This was only Nature divided into three great the third “day.”

divisions. How brown, how bare and deso One, which had not life, calledlate the hills must have seemed as The MINERÁL KINGDOM. the light came across them! The And, two which have life, calledworld was nothing but Earth, The VEGETABLE KINGDOM, ånd Water, Air, and Light. This was The ANIMAL KINGDOM. the first great division of (iod's works. Can you tell me why they Let us talk a little more about were so dreary?

these three “ kingdoms." W. I can, mamma. Because, I have brought you a box, containnone of these things had life. No ing something from each kingdom. wonder the hills were so brown, Here is a small stone from the they had no grass on them. Mineral Kingdom.

M. That was the reason. Now, A small acorn, of the same size, there is a proper name for all these from the Vegetable Kingdom. works of God, which were made And, a small chrysalis, of nearly without life. They are called the same size, from the Animal MINERALS.

Kingdom. But, in the course of that third L. They appear something like day, there came springing up

each other. from the earth, millions and mil M. But still, you know they are lions of little green blades,—all very different. There is, however, living and growing. "And there something pleasing in each one. ware " trees yielding fruit after That STONE is very old, perhaps

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