Life of William Davison: Secretary of State and Privy Counsellor to Queen Elizabeth

J. Nichols, 1823 - 355 páginas

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Página 100 - Your letters of yesterday, coming to my hands this present day at five in the afternoon, I would not fail, according to your directions, to return my answer with all possible speed ; which [I] shall deliver unto you with great grief and bitterness of mind, in that I am so unhappy to have...
Página 86 - After our hearty commendations ; we find by speech lately uttered by her Majesty, that she doth note in you both a lack of that care and zeal for her service, that she looketh for at your hands ; in that you have not in all this time (of yourselves without other provocation) found out some way to shorten the [life of *] that Queen ; considering the great peril she is hourly subject to, so long as the said Queen shall live.
Página 97 - ... she had been troubled that night upon a dream she had, that the Scottish queen was executed...
Página 243 - Fenton, her secretary there, she entered of herself into some earnest discourse of the danger she lived in, and how it was more than time this matter were dispatched, swearing a great oath, that it was a shame for us all that it was not already done, considering that she had, for her part, done all that law or reason could require of her; and thereupon made some mention to have letters written to sir Amias Paulet for the hastening thereof, because the longer it was deferred the more her danger increased.
Página 87 - ... upon her, knowing as you do her indisposition to shed blood, especially of one of that sex and quality, and so near to her in blood, as the said queen is.
Página 269 - ... was for the place of execution; and misliking the court, or green of the castle for divers respects, she alleged, with other speech to like effect ; howbeit, as I was ready to depart, she fell into some complaint of sir Amias Paulet and others, that might have eased her of this burthen, wishing that Mr.
Página 98 - ... were commissioners therein ; neither did I know who could sustain this burthen if she took it not upon her, being sovereign magistrate, to whom the sword was committed of God for the punishment of the wicked, and defence of the good, and without whose authority, the life or member of the poorest wretch in her kingdom could not be touched.
Página 101 - Your letters coming in the plural number, seem to be meant to Sir Drue Drury as to myself, and yet because he is not named In them, neither the letter directed unto him, he forbeareth to make any particular answer, but subscribeth in heart to my opinion.
Página 100 - I am so unhappy to have liven to see this unhappy day, in the which I am required, by direction from my most gracious Sovereign, to do an act which God and the law forbiddeth. My...
Página 274 - ... after a turn or two, went into the gallery, whither I followed her ; and there renewing her former speech, blaming ' the niceness of those precise fellows, (as she termed them,) who, in words, would do great things for her surety, but, indeed, perform nothing ; ' concluded by saying, ' that she could have it well enough done without them.' And here, entering into particularities, named unto me, as I remember, ' one Wingfield, who,' she assured me, ' would, with some others, undertake it...

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