Federal Aid for Vocational Education: A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Tema 10

Merrymount Press in Boston, 1917 - 127 páginas

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Página 97 - Territory shall be twenty-five thousand dollars, to be applied only to instruction in agriculture, the mechanic arts, the English language and the various branches of mathematical, physical, natural and economic science, with special reference to their applications in the industries of life, and to the facilities for such instruction...
Página 91 - An Act to provide for the promotion of vocational education ; to provide for cooperation with the States in the promotion of such education in agriculture and the trades and industries; to provide for cooperation with the States in the preparation of teachers of vocational subjects ; and to appropriate money and regulate its expenditure,
Página 55 - AN ACT To establish agricultural experiment stations In connection with the colleges established In the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto...
Página 85 - State which may take and claim the benefit of this act, to the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college where the leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the...
Página 52 - An Act to apply a portion of the proceeds of the public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, established under the provisions of an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two...
Página 74 - Resolved, by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring herein, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to use their best exertions to procure the passage of a law...
Página 65 - State, which have been or shall be sold by Congress from and after the first day of July 1836, to be appropriated for the making of roads and canals within the State.
Página 74 - Whereas, The spirit and progress of this age and country demand the culture of the highest order of intellectual attainment in theoretic and industrial science: and -whereas, It is impossible that our commerce and prosperity will continue to increase without calling into requisition all the elements of internal thrift arising from the labors of the farmer, the mechanic, and the manufacturer, by every fostering effort within the reach of the government: and whereas, A system of industrial universities,...
Página 12 - The Federal Government has no power, and ought to have no power, to compel the execution of the trust. It would be in as helpless a condition as if, even in this, the time of great need, we were to demand any portion of the many millions of surplus revenue deposited with the States for safekeeping under the act of 1836.
Página 55 - Almost the first thing which this convention did was to pass a resolution "that the condition and progress of American agriculture require national aid for investigation and experimentation in the several States and Territories ; and that therefore this convention approves the principle and general provisions of what is known as the Cullen bill of the last Congress, and urges upon the next Congress the passage of this or a similar act.

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