The Meaning of Words: Analysed Into Words and Unverbal Things, and Unverbal Things Classified Into Intellections, Sensations, and Emotions

D. Appleton, 1854 - 256 páginas

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Página 200 - And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: 21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Página 249 - I am all that has been, that shall be, and none among mortals has hitherto taken off my veil.
Página 171 - ... directions, and prevail equally during the time of high and low water. But the most remarkable circumstance is, the uniformity of the time of high and low water. During the year, whatever be the age or situation of the moon, the water is lowest at six in the morning, and the same hour in the evening, and highest at noon and midnight. This is so well established, that the time of night is marked by the ebbing and flowing of the tide ; and, in all the islands, the term for high water and for midnight...
Página 191 - The children of Holland take pleasure in making, what the children of England take pleasure in breaking.
Página 251 - The consideration then of ideas and words, as the great instruments of knowledge, makes no despicable part of their contemplation, who would take a view of human knowledge in the whole extent of it. And perhaps if they were distinctly weighed, and duly considered, they would afford us another sort of logic and critic, than what we have been hitherto acquainted with.
Página 62 - It is stated- in the table of the planets, that the distance of Neptune from the Sun, is 2,850 millions of millions of miles. On this subject, a curious calculator says, " Had Adam and Eve started on a railway, to go from Neptune to the Sun, at the rate of fifty miles an hour, they would not yet have arrived there, for this planet, at the above rate, is more than 6000 years from the center of our system.
Página 214 - Every one that has any idea of any stated lengths of space, as a foot, finds that he can repeat that idea; and joining it to the former, make the idea of two feet...
Página 234 - ... orders of phenomena are identical; which is the point from which the question set out. Again, M. Fourier, in his fine series of researches on Heat, has given us all the most important and precise laws of the phenomena of heat, and many large and new truths, without once inquiring into its nature, as his predecessors had done when they disputed about calorific matter and the action of an universal ether.
Página 180 - To compel all men to employ the same collocation of words, is impracticable. The attempt has filled the world with controversy, and not brought us to the desired uniformity. I am so confident that nearly every general proposition is true, in the manner intended by the speaker, that I never contradict : — Cullen asserts, " that when an external cause produces in us a morbid action, Nature exerts an opposite process to counteract the evil.
Página 90 - The whole zest of the proposition consists in the sensible duality of each of the nominal units table and diminution. That the sight...

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