Department Reports of the State of Ohio: Containing the Decisions, Opinions, Rulings of the Supreme Court, Attorney General, Public Utilities Commission, State Treasurer and Several Other State Departments, Volumen3

Department Reports Publishing Company, 1916
Reports included in each volume vary; may contain the decisions, opinions, and rulings of the Public Utilities Commission, Attorney General, Industrial Commission, State Banking Department, Tax Commission, Bureau of Inspection and Supervision of Public Offices, Insurance Department, State Highway Department, dockets and syllabi of the Supreme Court, State Treasurer, and other department reports.

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Página 258 - To what purpose are powers limited, and to what purpose is that limitation committed to writing, if these limits may at any time be passed by those intended to be restrained ? The distinction between a government with limited and unlimited powers is abolished if those limits do not confine the persons on whom they are imposed, and if acts prohibited and acts allowed are of equal obligation.
Página 715 - What the company is entitled to demand, in order that it may have just compensation, is a fair return upon the reasonable value of the property at the time it is being used for the public.
Página 863 - Queretaro, and every male naturalized citizen thereof, who shall have become such ninety days prior to any election, of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a resident of the State one year next preceding the election, and of the county in which he claims his vote ninety days, and in the election precinct thirty days, shall be entitled to vote at all elections which are now or may hereafter be authorized by law...
Página 415 - ... commission as qualified after such non-competitive examination, he may be appointed provisionally to fill such vacancy until a selection and appointment can be made after competitive examination, but such provisional appointment shall not continue for a longer period than two months, nor shall successive temporary appointments be made to the same position under this subdivision.
Página 219 - Trustee shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three years...
Página 12 - ... interest at the rate of six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, on the first days of January and July in each year, at...
Página 660 - ... for the due execution or performance of any contract, obligation, or requirement, or the duties of any office or position, and to account for money received by virtue thereof, where a premium Is charged for the execution of such bond. (d) Insured. For purposes of section 4371(1), the term "insured...
Página 814 - Laws may be passed establishing a board which may be empowered to classify all occupations, according to their degree of hazard, to fix rates of contribution to such fund according to such classification, and to collect, administer and distribute such fund, and to determine all rights of claimants thereto.
Página 113 - January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, no person in any such prison, penitentiary, jail or reformatory, shall be required or allowed to work while under sentence thereto, at any trade, industry or occupation, wherein or whereby his work, or the product or profit of his work, shall be farmed out, contracted, given or sold to any person, firm, association or corporation.
Página 425 - The county highway superintendent shall cause the rules and regulations so furnished to him by said highway commissioner to be published, at least once each week, for two consecutive weeks, in a newspaper published and of general circulation in...

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