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Twenty pounds is the average weight of cab plant is placed in a glass jar just large enough bages grown in Cuba.

to cover it, the jar being sealed with a greased Cork if sunk 20 feet below water will not rise. glass plate. The jar is then put in a dark place Grass grows six feet high on pasture lands in for a time.

time. When opened a lighted match Alaska.

plunged therein will be extinguished, showing Electrical machinery to the value of $75,109,- that the plant has used up the oxygen in the jar. 200 was exported by the United States in 1904. Electrons are the divisions into which the

Twelve thousand varieties of potatoes are atom, formerly regarded as the indivisible basis grown by the "plant wizard," Mr. Luther Bar- of matter, have now been made. Electrons combank,

pose atoms. There is consumed annually in Norway $13,- The French government's monopoly of match000,000 to $15,000,000 worth of foreign grain. making brings in a profit of more than five mil

Weight for weigh, pure wood is stronger than lion dollars a year. All the six match factories steel.

are owned and run by the state, twice as many Insects are the cause of an $8,000,000,000 an- women as men being employed. It is a signual loss to farmers in the United States. nificant fact that the women working in the gov

The growing of cotton in Peru dates beyond ernment factories receive about double the averthe line of Spanish conquest.

age wages paid women workers in all private Terra Cotta was extensively used in the con- industries. The medical attendance is provided struction of homes by the inhabitants of ancient by the state, which also pensions every worker Gaul of France.

reaching the age of sixty. It is said by eminent authorities that the In reports of examinations for sanity or inNorth star is estimated to shine with a light 190 sanity, hallucination means a conception of obtimes that of the sun.

jects which do not exist. An illusion is a false According to a recent estimate London an- perception of objects which do really exist, while nually consumes 1.800,000 tons of foodstuffs. a delusion is an instance of faulty ideas or judg

Seaweed in Norway yields a greater revenue ment. than the fisheries—it is used as fuel.

Andrew Carnegie was born at Dunfermline, From the miscellaneous garbage of the cities Scotland, in 1837, and is therefore in his sevenis extracted an enormous amount of grease which

He was married in 1887 and has ultimately becomes glycerin, axle grease, and one daughter the like.

Many Greek tombs have been recently discovOld rubber is remelted and recast in an almost ered on the gulf of Taranto, southern Italy. The endless succession of reincarnations. Used pho- Greek Philosopher Pythagoras was buried at tographic films and print paper are burned to ex- Metapontum about 500 B. C., and as his tomb tract the gold and silver contained in their emul- still existed at the time of Cicero, who died 43 sions. If no other use can be found for them, B. C., it is hoped that it may be found. old granite building blocks may be ground up The hulls of cotton seed are a valuable cattle for the potash they contain.

food. Cotton seed meal is used for the same From blood is made 'albumen, commercial fer purpose and as a fertilizer. Oil is also extracted tilizer, and substances used by printers. tanners which is put to a hundred valuable uses. Fully and others. Hides make leather, and hair is one-third of it is exported, and comes back as used for making small brushes and to mix with olive oil; it is used in the manufacture of soap, plaster. Bones are boiled and gelatine results, for illuminating, and as a substitute for butter and later the hones do service as knife handles, and lard. The agricultural department asserts umbrella handles and as various other "ivory” that it is only a question of time and popular articles.

education when cotton seed meal will be extenIsotherms are lines drawn through places with sively used as human food. the same average temperature. Suppose five Old rags, whether of silk, wool, linen or cotplaces have an average summer temperature of ton, are used in unnumbered ways. 60 degrees, the five all varying in their latitude. pets are ground and remade into rugs; old wool They would all be on the same isothermal line, and cotton make the shoddy from which cheap which would zigzag from one to the other across clothing is constructed; linen and cotton rags the chart.

make paper and packing. Plants give off carbon dioxide just as a man Postal development in China has necessitated does when breathing. Professor J. R. A. Davis a revision in the spelling of Chinese city names, describes an experiment in which a growing The healthiest persons are born in the spring.

tieth year.

Old car

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How Do You Fight?

did not accomplish half as much as the fellow Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

who works quietly, systematically and steadily. With a resolute heart and cheerful?

Getting things done is the secret of success in Or hide your face from the light of day

this century, and the fellow who fails to get his With a craven soul and fearful?

task done will be found way back in the everOh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce, swelling ranks of the "might-have-beens,” the Or a trouble is what you make it,

"came nears," and the "tried but failed" class of And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts, people. Don't be that kind.-Exchange. But only how did you take it.

Do More Than Duty You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that?

Business men are appreciative of the assistant Come up with a smiling face

or employe who can do some thinking and reIt's nothing against you to fall down flat,

membering for them. The man who must plan But to lie there—that's disgrace.

and execute momentous enterprises cannot posThe harder you're thrown, why the higher you

sibly endure around him any one for whom it is bounce;

necessary to provide reminders. The head of Be proud of your blackened eye!

the firm or executive of the company does the It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts,

original thinking; it is the duty of all associated

with him to execute. The associate who exerts It's how did you fight—and why?

his faculties, gets in touch with the chief's line And though you be done to the death, what then?

of thought, understands his policy and keeps

closely abreast of it is a helper indeed. If you battled the best you could, If you played your part in the world of men,

The clerk, secretary, department head and so

on along the line should not only perform with Why, The Critic will call it good. Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a

dispatch and accuracy such routine matters as

come within their exact sphere, but should enpounce, And whether he's slow or spry,

deavor to do some original thinking, and whenIt isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,

ever possible, offer a timely suggestion to the But only how did you die?

chief. Also, they should be quick to correct inOpportunity

advertent errors made by those above them, but

always unostentatiously. Matters that are to be The Secret

attended to in the future should be remembered The secret of success lies in turning the cir- by the alert subordinate. In fact, he should be cumstances that surround you to the best ac- the memory, the right and the left hand and the count. Once you learn how to this, includ- ward of small things for his emplover. In this ing the self-discipline which it brings about in- way he not only becomes indispensable as an asevitably, you have learned the important lesson; sistant, but he develops the executive faculty. and this lesson perhaps is learned best where op- That's the thing that brings its own reward later. portunities are fewest. In any place a young

-Shoe Retailer. man can exert his individuality and his most vigorous exertions for his own interests, as long

Little Attentions Count as he respects the rights of others he will be Did you ever notice how pleased a woman advancing faster than he knows. The best evi- shopper feels when you are able to remember her dence that a person can have of his ability to do name and address her as Mrs. Robinson or Mrs. well elsewhere is to succeed where he is.- The Smith? It is really worth while cultivating the New York Commercial.

memory in this direction. She's not only flat

tered-somehow she gets an idea that as you Getting Things Done

nave remembered her name, you have also taken By leaving your desk clear and everything up an interest in her wants, and will know her rein good shape each night-leaving the work at quirements. She will at once have confidence in a definite point-you can take hold in the morn- you and rely on you to help her in making her ing without loss of time. Some people when they purchases. And how much easier you will find start to work in the morning have to go over it to sell her the goods! Here's where your work the entire business of the preceding day in order may tell in the way of introducing novelties that to find a place to take hold. This results in a have just arrived. You may think that she has loss of energy, as it were, and in a day or a no need of them and yet can very easily, in week or a month you cannot get as much work the course of her shopping, introduce the subject done as would be possible by a better system. by simply telling her that you thought she might Merely keeping busy is not sufficient. You have like to see them. Such courtesies often result in seen many people who appeared to be always added sales and grateful, confiding customers.busy—usually in a grand rush-and yet they Pen Prophet.


As a

Despite Their Name, Nearly All of Them Are Made of Pulverized Graphite and Clay

Germany and America Manufacture Most of Them. The first lead-pencil was made in England away and the graphite heated over a light to almost two hundred and fifty years ago.

soften it, after which it was drawn to a point matter of fact, it was not a lead-pencil at all, with the fingers. but a graphite pencil, like those we use today, In 1795, Conte, a Frenchman, came on the but which we still persist in calling lead-pencils. idea of using pulverized graphite and binding Graphite was discovered in England during the clay. This discovery resulted in pencils of varyreign of Queen Elizabeth, and hardly were the ing hardness, according to the amount of bindmines in operation than the idea of making pen- ing clay added, and each pencil was of exactly cils was conceived.

the same hardness throughout its length. As graphite so greatly resembles galena, the Soon after this discovery improvements folGerman name for which was bleiglanz, it was lowed in mixing, rolling and sharpening the given the name of blei, or lead. In the early graphite composition, which was cut into lengths, days of lead-pencil-making the graphite was placed in a warm oven to harden, and finally sa wed into thin sheets and cut into strips smaller incased in wood, as seen today. and smaller until they were of a size to be cov- It was not until 1860 that so-called lead-penered with light wooden slips, and thus serve as cils were manufactured in the United States. pencils.

Once started, however, the growth of the indusThe first pencils created much excitement, try was rapid, and now it is estimated that there The graphite mines of England were considered are more than four million dollars invested in it. of inestimable value and were protected by law. Today American lead-pencils are sold all over But there was great waste-first, in digging, for the world. many of the pieces were too small for cutting, Lead-pencils were made in Germany in early and again in the manner of cutting the graphite, times, and from that country came to America which was so crude that half the material was many of the fathers of the pencil industry in lost. So, a binding substance had to be invented. the United States, among them being T. Faber,

Glue, gum, isinglass and other substances were Reckendorfer and Baulzheimer. The center of tried, but the graphite was only rendered hard the pencil industry in this country is in New and brittle and of uneven hardness. Its marks York City and its vicinity. The daily output of were faint and indistinct, and in those days if lead-pencils from American factories is estimated the point broke it was quite an undertaking to at more than five thousand gross.-The Scrap sharpen it again. First the wood had to be cut Book.

DON'T WASTE TIME Are you really living, or are you letting the day, even though you may only have ten minutes precious days slip by with nothing in them of to devote to it. interest?

Read the newspapers, and such magazines as Remember that life is not long and that this you can get hold of. But especially read books beautiful old world is full of wonderful things that are worth reading. Once you cultivate a for those who take the trouble to look for them. fondness for good reading, the most delightful Not a day passes but that we do not have a world will open to you. If you watch the papers chance to learn something if we keep our eyes you will see many good free lectures advertised open.

where men and women of the greatest culture The dreamers must wake up, for, while they are to be found. are building their air castles life is hurrying by. Cultivate a fad of some sort that will at least

Youth is the time to learn—the mind is eager keep you wide awake and interested. and plastic.

The more you know the more interesting you Keep your eyes and ears open. When you are will be to others. It is only necessary to be intraveling in the train don't go into a day dream telligent. over the new hat you are going to buy; watch Any intelligent face is better than one which the people, they are far more interesting than has only prettiness to distinguish it. the grandest clothes that parade the street. Men are fond of declaring that girls can talk

Whatever you do, don't stagnate. Try and of nothing but admirers and clothes. That is learn something from every one you know. not so, of course, and it is every girl's duty to be

You may work all day and be dead tired by a living contradiction to that theory. nightfall, but try and do a little reading every

Chicago E.xaminer.

Legal Department

ures, receivers, forfeited recognizances, execu

tions, mechanic's liens (county or circuit). In this department will be found many legal Sheriff's office for-Executions, sales. County subjects of interest to business men and women.

or Probate courts for-Deceased estates, deeds Each month we will give, in a brief form, the

with defeasances, wills, trusts, insolvent assignlegal side of vital points of interest to business

ments. U. S. Marshal's office for—Sales, U. S. men.

C. C. A., Circuit and District courts for-JudgAn execution is the writ of the court putting ments and decrees, criminal fines and judgments, into effect the judgment.

petitions in bankruptcy. Proceedings for taking land upon execution The statutes of Indiana provide that a widow, are stricti juris, and no title passes unless the remarrying, cannot convey property inherited statute is exactly pursued.

from her former husband where there are chilBill of sale of personal property made by a dren by the former marriage. Under this stathusband to his wife, while living together, and

ute it was held that a mortgage given by a acknowledged before a notary, is void.

woman and her second husband upon property Caveat emptor applies to all purchases of land, inherited from her former husband is void, there Let the purchaser beware. Applies particularly being children by the deceased husband. to purchasers at judicial sales.

Polley vs. Poque, Appellate Court of Indiana. Coverture is the state of a married woman. Bill of sale, contract making absolute or conFemme sole is an unmarried woman.

ditional transfer of title to goods as security for An executor or executrix is appointed by the

debt. testator in his will to manage the estate.

An attorney is one empowered by means of a Mortgage is a conveyance by deed of lands document called the "power of attorney" to act by a debtor (called a mortgagor) to his creditor and sign on behalf of another (called a mortgagee) as a pledge and security

Annuity fixed amount, payable each year for the payment of money borrowed, or the per- either in one sum or by installments. formance of a covenant.

It is a wife's legal duty to abide by her husMerger estate is the absorption of a lesser es- band's selection of a home and to follow him to tate by the greater when they meet in one and wherever he chooses to establish his residence, the same person.

even though he sets up the matrimonial domicile Tax deed is the instrument by which the offi- in the home of his mother. cers of the law transfer the title of the right- Birmingham vs. O'Neil, Supreme Court of ful owner, for non-payment of taxes, to a pur

Louisiana. chaser at the tax sale.

Negotiability and transfer of a promissory Days of grace are extra days (usually three) note. A note to be negotiable that is to pass allowed the drawer or maker of a bill of ex- from hand to hand before maturity without bechange or promissory note in which to meet the ing open to defense on the part of the maker payment. They originated in the distance of should be payable to "order" or "bearer." It travel consuming delay in presentation. They will not be negotiable unless these words or are being abolished in most of the United States words of similar legal meaning are found in the as unnecessary, owing to rapid transit, telegraph

note. and telephone communication.

The rule is otherwise, however, in Illinois and A draft is an inland bill of exchange.

some other states. To be on the safe side, vou Non-negotiable paper is payable only to the

should take care to examine notes you accept payee and mentions no "order" or "bearer.” and see that these words are in them. It is not

To examine a title the county registers or re- necessary to have the words “value received" in corders' office should be searched for mortgages

the note, though this is common. -deeds, agreements, power of attorney, assign

Before accepting a note made out to "myself" ment of mortgages, leases, surveys, trusts by

be sure the maker endorses his name on the back deed. For forfeited taxes and bonds of tax col

of it. lector make your investigations in the County

“This note is not transferable" should be Clerk's office-search the County Treasurer's

written on the back of any note given, where office for inheritance taxes, taxes not delinquent the party to whom you are giving it

, agrees to special assessments—bonds of collectors of taxes, hold on to it. This will guarantee his not trying Circuit Court for— Mechanic's liens, City and

to discount or sell the note. Village Treasurer's offices for Special assess- Signatures in lead pencil are good in law, ments, Criminal Court's office for-Fines, etc., although ink should always be used. City or Village Clerk's office for-Water taxes, An act of one partner bind all the others. various courts for- Judgments, notices of lis Contracts made on Sunday cannot be enforced. pendens, assignments of judgments, foreclos- A contract with a minor is void.

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