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Hearts and the Cross.

Harold Morton Kramer has written a very interesting book entitled “Hearts and the Cross."

The reader's interest deepens as the plot thickens, and each character develops into a genuine piece of humanity as the story grows.

Robert Wayne, a minister, is the central figure. He by chance reaches a village where his services to a certain family, owing to past facts, prove duty bound, and after many meditations in which his thoughts to stay and straighten matters out, almost give way to weaker ones, justice finally triumphs.

The story deals entirely with sweet, wholesome country life. Published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., Boston. Price, $1.50. The White Cat.

Since there are something like 3000 books of various shades of worth published yearly in the English language, it is with a sense of appreciation that we welcome a book or such an unusual character as "The White Cat." by Gelett Burgess. At first the name is a misnomer until one gets into the reality of the book.

It is a scientific novel dealing with multiple personality.

One of the leading factors is a crafty mercenary doctor, who has hypnotized a beautiful and wealthy young heiress.

It is she who is possessed with the divided individuality and who is under the complete influence of this unscrupulous man.

With the aid of her loved ones she finally masters and overcomes the evil infiuence and becomes her natural self.

Illustrated by Will Grefe.
Price, $1.50. Published by
Bobbs Merrill Co., Indianapolis,
The Lincoln Story Book.

The Lincoln Story Book, by Henry L. Williams, deserves a place in the library of every home. It is frighted with the very words and anecdotes of our martyred president; and the many incidents vividly recall to memory interesting historic periods.

This well bound book which so perfectly portrays the excellent character of our "honest Abe" is published by Street and Smith, New York. Price, $1.50. The Port of Missing Men.

Mr. Meredith Nicholson, the author of the delightful story entitled • The House the Thousand Candles," that caught the popular fancy, has given to the book-loving public another fascinating and entertaining novel, entitled “The Port of Missing Men."

A story so full of mystery into which is woven beautiful, yet intricate, romance is seldom heralded.

The courtship of John Armitage and Shirley Claiborne is of a very peculiar character. The book opens with an account of Miss Claiborne and her brother Dick's travels in Europe, where they meet John Armitage, who is the hero of the story, and who returns with them to their home in Washington, and then to Virginia, where the remainder of the story is set.

This book portrays excellent character drawings; illustrated by C. T. Underwood. Price, $1.50. Published by the Bobbs Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Quiet Talks About Jesus.

In "Quiet Talks About Jesus”—by D. S. Gordon, author of "Quiet Talks on Power," "Quiet Talks on Prayer"we see the Christ iife revealed to us as it really is and was.

In this book is clearly and simply told the object and purpose of Jesus' coming into the world.

We are carried with the "Man of Sorrows Through All His Trials."

He is shown as a Human Jesus-one that we can understand—and realize. We appreciate His strong personality, intense magnetism-lofty ideals—we see why it was necessary for His mission as a Redeemer because of the first sin in Eden. It is one of the rare books that treat this deep study—so confusing to great minds, as well as simple, with a clarity of purpose.

With study notes-analysis and reference-a valuable aid to Sunday School workers—and others. Published by A. C. Armstrong & Son. New York. Prics, 75c. what's So and What Isn't.

For the Socialist who is anxious to have his friend the capitalist read some good strong arguments in favor of Socialism he cannot procure a better book than John M. Work's little volume on “What's So and What Isn't.” The book brings out its points so clearly and uses such convincing arguments that the real socialist becomes absolutely absorbed in its pages. Published by Charles H. Kerr & Co., Chicago. Price, 50c. The Triumph of Life.

In the "Triumph of Life," by Wilhelm Bolsche, translated by May Wood Simons, we are entertained, instructed and interested in the life of the deep sea

inhabitants. This little book is intensely scientific-and technical-though not so much so that the latter proves puzzling.

We read in a sprightly way of the sea urchins-sea anemones Star fish—the beautiful glasssponge-of the noctiluca mitiaris which but shows the phenomenon of phosphorescence. All these wonders and beauties of the lower Animal Life are given out to us, with the hand of one who loved the task.

We get glimpse into a sphere of life so unlike that of ours on the terrestrial globethat it is enchanting and indeed fairy like. Published by Chas. H. Kerr & Co., Chicago. Price, 50c. The Turn of the Balance.





This book deals with the doings, the banterings

and bravado of the life of the small under world. The book could hardly be called a romance; it contains threads of narration interwoven with crime-privation and retribution of its several characters.

The story holds a spirit of questionable adventure and might serve the author's purpose, in pointing out a warning and saving hand at the commencement.

Illustrated by Jay Hambridge. Published by the Bobbs Merrill Company, Indianapolis, Ind. Price, $1.50.

Saul of Tarsus.

Saul of Tarsus, written by Elizabeth Miller, is a book of great interest which can easily be classed with the style of "Ben Hur." It also has something of the “Quo Vadis" strength.

The book relates the struggles of early Christians against Roman rule and Eastern opulence. Interestingly pictured is the life of the early scholars and philosophers, their teachings and their habits. There is a touch of human interest and sympathy aroused in the book's absorbing love story of a beautiful girl, “Lydia," who is one of the early Christians and was forced to flee and hide from one town to another.

Illustrated by Andre Castaigne. Saul of Tarsus, by Elizabeth Miller, $1.50. Published by the Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis.

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