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China now has a railway mileage of about around the inclosure. Then he seemed to get 9,000 miles. Of this 1,330 miles is in operation over his hysterics and set his wits to work. Soon and the rest under construction, except 930 miles he began systematically to dig a spiral groove "in abeyance.” Last year the Chinese imperial round and round the inner surface of the hole, railways, 529 miles, paid 26 per cent on the cap- which was several feet deep. Night and day the ital outlay.

busy little captive worked away digging little poc

kets here and there as his improvised staircase The common sunflower, a native of Peru and

got farther from the ground, so that he might Mexico, is gaining favor in Europe as a febrifuge.

rest from his hard labors. The workmen kept In Russia, where the plant is extensively culti

him supplied with food, and after the third day vated for its edible seeds and its oil, fever pa

the indefatigable little creature reached the top, tients sleep upon beds of sunflower leaves, and a

and enthusiastic cheering welcomed his freedom. Russian physician, experimenting upon 100 children between one month and twelve years of age, Oil and gas comes from strata of porous rocks has found that alcoholic extracts of the leaves and the supply is regulated by the thickness of and flowers cure fever as speedily as quinine. In the deposit and the nature of the rock. In rock Spain and France also the sunflower has proved that is very porous and where the strata is of as satisfactory as quinine in fevers.

great thickness, the flow is fast, and the produc

tion has in some cases exceeded 30,000 and 40,Certain spiders sail in airships made of silken

000 barrels of petroleum per day. Where the dethreads, and now an insect that travels in bal

posit is contained in rock not so porous, the proloons has been reported by two American natural

duction is slower. The latter are the wells, ists. Small balloons a quarter of an inch long

which are pumped for years without becoming and composed of tiny bubbles, having been ob- exhausted. Where the rock is only slightly porserved, it was found that each carried a fly re

ous, even when known to contain great quantities sembling the hornet-fly, with a dead fly, sup

of oil, the flow is so small that the wells do not posed to be food.

pay to pump. From a scientific point of view it It is true that the rattlesnake and the black is said there are no inexhaustible wells, but some snake are mortal enemies, and the black snake is in the Pennsylvania field have been producing for the victor in their battles, breaking the neck of forty years without much diminution in the outhis adversary before the rattler has time to strike. put. The theory is that gas lies in the same straThe black snakes of this country are as harmless

ta above the oil and is more easily exhausted. as frogs. On many of the large plantations in Many wells pour out gas at first and then become the south they are tamed and kept as a protection

oil wells. Where a large number of wells are from their enemy, as the warm climate prevents

driven close together in any locality, the gas supkeeping the houses closed so as to keep them out.

ply becomes exhausted in a short time. Where

only a few wells have been drilled, the supply of Slavemaking is a trait of ant life which has at

gas is comparatively steady and some in Pennsyltracted much attention. It is practised by differ- vania and Ohio have been supplying fuel for ent species, and while in some cases the slaves, towns and manufacturing houses for years withbelonging to different groups from their masters, out much decrease in pressure. The gas springs perform the ordinary duties of the rest, acting as of the Caucausaus have been burning for censervitors, in other cases there is a complete de- turies. pendence of the owners on the slaves. One ant, noted by Huber in 1810, was shown to be in dan

Obsidian is a natural glass. It is a variety of ger of actual starvation unless fed by the slaves.

lava and is hard, brittle and has a glassy luster, A British species makes slaves but is not depend

and is but partially transparent.

Its common ent upon them. It, however, carries off the pupae

colors are black, dark-gray, green, red and from the nests of the ants on which it makes its

brown, and may be striped or spotted. A speciforays and the strange ants born in the nest of

men usually contains but one of these colors, the conqueror take up menial duties.

however. It is used mostly for jewelry and or

namental purposes and in early times was emDuring the digging of holes for New York ployed for arrow heads, knives and mirrors. It telegraph poles not long ago the workmen noticed is found in Yellowstone park and in other locala mouse which had fallen into one of the cavities. ities in the United States. Iceland also has speciFor hours the tiny prisoner raced frantically mens of the obsidian glass, likewise Vesuvius.

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The Following Are Full and Accurate

Full and Accurate Reviews of AM the Important Books Lately Published

age 2c.


THE ART OF THINKING. BÝ Mrs. E. Eastwick. Pub- THE THEORETICAL SYSTEM OF KARL MARX. By lished by John Lane Co., New York. Price $.50, post- Louis B. Boudin. Published by Charles H, Carr & Co.,

Chicago. The Art of Thinking," by Mrs. Egerton Eastwick, is

Under this caption Louis B. Boudin gives us a new book a book, not on brain food, but of brain food. One who

that is hailed by thinkers and students of economic probreads this very neat little volume of vest-pocket size

lems, because it gives with the precision peculiar to Mr. allows his brain a treat that is bound to invigorate new

Boudin a lucid introduction of Marxian economic theory. and better action.

The book contains a complete outline of the great system

of thought of which the famous Karl Marx was the first THE LONG TRAIL. By Hamilton Garland. Published

exponent, and thus serves as a splendid aid to the under

standing of the doctrine. Those having but a bowing by Harper Bros., New York, Price $1.25.

acquaintance with the theoretical system of Mr. Marx, "The Long Trail" is a story of outdoor adventure re- often termed “Scientific Socialism," will find the work of lating the trials and tribulations of a boy, Jack Hen- Mr. Boudin a treasure, as it lucidates thoroughly the derson, who leaves his home on the broad plains of great problems embraced within the realm of Marxism. Minnesota to go to Klondike, taking the road leading over the old telegraph trail. The constant rivalry and 5,000 FACTS ABOUT CANADA. By Frank Yeigh.

Cathe desire and love for gold make the story deep and nadian Facts Publishing Co., Toronto, Canada. Price interesting. "The Long Trail" is not only a story for 25 cents. boys and young men, but older

A remarkable little booklet has readers will also enjoy reading this

been compiled under the above clear-cut narrative effectively por

self-explanatory title by Frank trayed by a man who knows well

Yeigh, of Toronto, the well-known the country of which he visits.

writer and lecturer on themes Ca

nadian. Perhaps no one in the THE MAYOR'S WIFE. By Kath

Dominion is better qualified to erine Green. Published

make such a compilation. Its value Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indian

is, as claimed, "worth its weight apolis, Ind. Price $1.50.

in Yukon gold or Cobalt silver.' Anna Katherine Green's latest

The idea is a clever one, viz., a book, “The Mayor's Wife," is one

fact in a sentence, giving a wonof the most interesting books upon

derful mass of information in the the market to-day. The author is

smallest compass on every phasse especially talented in the art of

of the commercial and industrial plot weaving, a fact an who have

life of Canada and her natural reread her books will instantly ad

sources. mire. "The Mayor's Wife' can easily be called a masterpiece of

PENROSE'S PICTORIAL ANpresent-day fiction. You need but

NUAL. By Wm. Gamble. Pubread it to realize the truth of

lished by A. W. Penrose & Co., these words. Well illustrated and

109 Farringdon Road, London, reatly bound in cloth.

E. C.

Penrose's Pictorial Annual is a THE GIANT'S STRENGTH. By

most valuable addition to the Basil King. Published by Har

library of any business man or adper Bros. Price $1.50.

vertising manager. It is replete This story deals with the life

with the latest devices and scienof millionaire, Paul Trofferd,

tific discoveries and


excepwho has ruined many families in

tional value to the printer, the order to acquire wealth, and

photographer, the engraver and through the noble character of his

the artist. Most beautifully and daughter, Paula, is forced to see

profusely illustrated. his wrongdoings. Paula falls in love with Roger Winship, a poor,

AS THE HAGUE ORDAINS. Pub. struggling artist, very strong

lished by Henry Holt Co. character, whose family has been

Price $1.50. ruined by her father. By her

This volume portrays a most purity and true conscience and


vivid life of brave Russian moral judgment Paula leads her

woman who, upon hearing that father to give away his fortune to those whom he has her husband has been captured at the Yalu and taken ruined. The story in itself well implies the name given to the military prison in Japan, leaves her home in St. to the book.

Petersburg and, disguising herself as a nurse in a mili

tary hospital, assumes a position, the dangers of which, CHINESE THOUGHT. By Dr. Paul Carus. Published by

amid trials and tribulations, hold the reader captivated Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago, III. Dr. Paul Carus in his book on “Chinese Thought" gives

to the very end of her story. Illustrated hy photographs, us a fair knowledge of Chinese life, Chinese history and

with word pictures equally as clear. Chinese religion, and a very practical key to the Chinese language. HOW DOTH THE SIMPLE SPELLING BEE.

GOOD HUNTING. By Theodore Roosevelt. Published by

By Owen Wister. Published by The Macmillan Co., New York.

Harper & Brothers. Price $1.50. This humorous little volume on “Reform Spelling" is

This book offers for young folks a series of fascinating written by Owen Wister, who tells how Masticator B. tales of big-game hunting and outdoor life in the Fellows, president of the Chickle University, in order West. It is written out of Mr. Roosevelt's personal exto give his college publicity, forms a committee on spell


periences before the beginning of ing reform. Owing to the fact that the subject was a

active political leading topic in recent current literature, the book has

career, when there was leisure to follow the lonely trail gained much popularity and likewise is worthy of a proper

of elk, wolf, or antelope in true sportsman fashion withcomment.

out a "gallery of newspaper men."





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By Lilian M. Voight Cherry



Cloth, 214 pages The entrancing beauties of wood and field are here set forth in a manner which is at once delightful and satisfy!ng. He or she who enters the home of the lowly and the gaudy denizens of nature's recesses thru this book will find in Miss Cherry a competent and charming guide,

Twenty-one families of plants are treated. There is a beautiful frontispiece in colors, and the book has numerous halftone illustrations from nature, by the author. The teacher and the lover of woodland and prairie will find this book a delightful companion.

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