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Lost People of the World

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An all-around Magazine for all around women and the up-to-date family. In culture, thorough; in treatment original, iucisive, spontaneous; in outlook broad. An epitome of the best doing and thinking of the present day.

Departments Home, Education, The Stage and BookWorld, Club-Land, New Thought, and other Departments are in the hands of specialists and the Editorial Writers are well known to the reading public.

One of the best productions of the age; caters to no class, but is a Magazine for Everybody.

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By what strange fatality is it, that having examples before our eyes, we do not profit by them? Why is our experience with regard to the misfortunes of others of so little use?

In a word, why is it that we are to learn wisdom or prudence at our own expense, yet such is the fate of man. Surrounded by misfortunes, we are supplied with means to escape them, but blinded by caprice, prejudice and pride, we neglect the proffered aid, and it is only by the tears we shed in consequence of our own errors, that we learn to detest them.

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Fasten your thoughts on the bright side of life,

When you make an error don't try and cover be an optimist, become absorbed in your work.

it up-to do so, proves the coward, but try and Concentrated energy will help push you to the

avoid a repetition. front.

You as a man know absolutely whether or not Merit is a sure passport to success. To thine

you are doing your best, and after you have gone own self be true, and then it follows, as the night into counsel with your inner being-consciencethe day, thou canst not then prove false to you can answer the question. You alone will any man."

know how far you come from doing your best.

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Thrift and industry, with a residence in this It is our duty and our happiness to feel for United States of America, and a man has noth- others and take an interest in their welfare. ing else to ask for.


The action of life is desire; as is the desire and A square deal is the thing. Give every man a delight with its consequent actions. Such is life. fair chance. Do not wrong any one and do not allow any one to wrong you.

Your problem in life is to find the natural

law which will move you along the way of progDon't always have the sign "lucky dog" before you. Dig in and make your own luck. The one who waits for luck to come and drag him to success will have a merry time of it.

The material used in the construction of character needs surveilance and incessant invigora

tion. Any person of intelligence finds it impossible to remove himself from the influence of advertising. He is confronted daily by this great and eth- There are more men who have missed opporical problem. It plays an important and insistent tunities than there are who have lacked them. part in every relation of life.

“If a man look sharply he will see fortune, for

though she is blind, she is not invisible." When you say to yourself, "Well, I'll never be anything but a clerk,” you will never become manager or proprietor until you change your Confidence is inspired by thoroughness to go conviction. If you lack confidence and push, it to the bottom of things—to make a good finish is not circumstances that hold you down.

-indicates power and honesty. Those two vital forces the world is looking for. Do you possess

them? Envy no man's good or truth, seek not to be him. If less than thee, give that which he asketh of thee, at all times; if more than thee, envy not. Think of the grief, the misery which is caused Neither seek to depreciate and beware of rashly each year by carelessness, the cripples and those condemning what is above thee, lest thou mate- who have met premature death because someone rially hurt thyself.

was not honest, and the man or woman is a

coward who does not put honesty into his work. In some men there is a blind unreasoning faith which will suffer itself to be flouted by contra- Be correct in orthography—the use of correct dictory facts, trampled on by damning and in- English is a valuable asset. Every word you use disputable evidence, defied by testimony in no is either right or wrong, and nothing gives the wise to be impeached, and yet will hold as un- lie to good breeding as quickly and surely as the waveringly to its object as the compass to its use of the wrong word, either in the office, place pole.

of business, the home or in public.

James B. Forgan

President of the First National Bank of Chicago



“Who is that stately man?" I asked of a friend home town. This was his first real business exthe other day as we stood in the corridor of perience. America's greatest bank building, chancing to In the growing age, at the time when boys glance up at the giant frame of an impressive seem all hands and feet, young Forgan had the figure with measured steps, appearing with much added advantage of being exceptionally tall. But grace and bearing from the massive marble stair- in spite of his somewhat awkward appearance way that leads from the

there was a calm and restDearborn street entrance

ful nature within that and forms part of the

gawky frame which won largest bank rotunda in

for him friends in the the world. The colossal

senior members of this structure of the stately

banking concern; and his edifice lent suitable

faithfulness to his trust background to the excel

earned him prolent frame of humanity

motion. At the end of that proved to be James

three years' apprenticeB. Forgan, the central

ship he went to London figure in Chicago's fin

and there secured a posiance.

tion with the British Bank Mr. Forgan is a Scotch

of North America, which man by birth, a gentle

institution after learning man by nature and an

of his ability sent him to American by choice. De

Montreal, Canada, where liberate in action and firm

he was chosen for a more in decision he rules with

important position with the power of skill and

the branch office. It is grace. He is domestic in

considered strange by his tastes and democratic

some that

Mr. Forgan in his ideas.

should at this early age be Imagination can form

able to choose with such no idea of his boyhood.

decision. his life work; Yet he was a boy-a play

yet it does not seem so ful boy—and one who

strange when we look inplayed his games just as

to the lives of many of our he to-day attends to busi

greatest men and find that ness, with all his might

their success also is due and main, only his boyish

to the fact that they chose games required physical

their vocation wisely from energy, while his present A LATE PHOTOGRAPH OF JAMES B. FORGAN the very outset and then capacity calls up the

placed untiring efforts forces of mental action. St. Andrews, Scotland, along that particular line, positively refusis his birthplace. He was born in the year of ing to allow anything to subordinate their ideal. 1852. His father and mother were kind, hard- A wise lesson stands out plainly in this working people and reared their children in the background, and when spelled out it looks Christian faith. They were brought up on sub- something like this: "Have an ideal in life. Exstantial food—the kind that builds bone and ert your highest powers first in finding out what brawn. Such was the foundation of this mental that ideal is. Then under no circumstances fall structure that now stands high in the estimation below this standard. If you have ambition enough of all those who know him.

to find that ideal you will have ambition enough Young Forgan was educated at Madras Col

to promote it." lege, St. Andrews, and Forbes Academy, Forres After filling various positions in its Montreal, Scotland. At the age of seventeen he entered the New York and Halifax offices, Mr. Forgan joined employ of the Royal Bank of Scotland in his the service of the Bank of Nova Scotia as paying


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