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Did I say new? Yes, but as old as the hills, A for inside the bright new covers are “Heart

Throbs”—tender sentiments of humanity from the time of Christ down to the present day. Such a book as this, for real heart interest, has

never before been conceived Not one man's compiling, nor one hundred, nor one thousand, but over fifty thousand people have unbosomed themselves in lending their tenderest sentiments to the publishers.

What an unfolding is here, O ye of pessimistic faith and discouraged mein! A realization of the spirit found personified in this book will cure you for all time.

"Heart Throbs” was not planned as a book. It was simply the effort of an editor to learn something of the little poems or stories of heart sentiment, which the people are treasuring. Fifty thousand responses came, and the book, like Topsy, “just growed.” It demanded to be a book and it is.

Here's an incident:

The copy for the book was placed in the hands of eight printers who had no knowledge of the work. Every one of the eight has placed an order. "I want that book," they said.

But why? Printers are surfeited with such things.

If you could see the book you would know just as everyone who has seen this volume knows. It is a treasure trove. The heart strings of fifty thousand people, attuned to all that is high, noble and cheerful, playing in one grand sympathetic symphony, will strike a chord in your own soul. Get a book and see if it does not.

convenience, here's a coupon. USE IT.



Please send me one volume of "HEART THROBS" bound in cloth and gilt with illuminated cover, for which I agree to pay $1.50 on receipt of book.



For your

City or Town


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By applying a little science to your farm.

THE SCIENTIFIC FARMER Is devoted to scientific soil cul

ture, and scientific soil culture means simply that you make every hour's work count

for the production of crops. Its editor is Prof. H.W. Campbell

of Lincoln, Nebraska, the best known soil expert in America to-day. Its departments and special articles are handled by men who know, and also know how to tell you what they

kuow. There is an idea for the farmer on every page of every issue. Send 10c for a Sample Copy. SPECIAL OFFER: Send One

Dollar and get The Scientific Farmer for one year and one copy of Campbell's Soil Culture Manual, the best book on soil culture ever printed. It

sells for Fifty Cents per copy. You get it for nothing if you

subscribe to The Scientific Farmer. THE SCIENTIFIC FARMER, 1715 California St.,

Denver, Colo.


FAIRPLAY wishes every boy and girl without fall

to send a story, drawing or both, becauseEvery story, poem and drawing in the magazine is the work of those under nineteen. You do not comipete with anyone older than yourself. Over twenty stories and drawings appear each month, so why not yours? HERE IS

A magazine willing to

print over your name and YOUR GOLDEN to pay for your compo

sitions and drawings. OPPORTUNITY! A magazine entirely the

work of young people of

your own age. A magazine that recognizes and develops literary and artistic talent.

Fairplay presents bright, interesting stories and clever illustrations, representing the best work of our young people. Everyone enjoys them. The stories serre as models. Educators endorse Fair. play because of the powerful stimulus to literary and artistic endeavor.

See Our Special Offers for

Penmanship and Drawing Address FAIR PLAY, 501 A Fifth Avenue

New York City


Appleton's Cyclopedia,

Muhlbach's Historical Romances, Webster's International D!ctionary, Ridpath's History of the World, Home Library of Law, The Old Farm, Bible Reference Library, and other standard works. Particulars free. Address Dr. H.A. Mumaw, Elkhart, Ind.

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A Cover by Howard Chandler Christy


The New Deer Creek Edition In four beautiful volumes, entitled Songs о' Cheer, Child Rhymes, Love Lyrics and Farm Rhymes, have been published the favorite Riley poems, profusely illustrated by Will Vawter and William Buckingham Dyer.

The illustrations number over three hundred. The books are printed on heavy plate paper and are bound in silk-finished cloth stamped with gold.


A yearš subscription to The READER,
The new Deer Creek edition of James Whitcomb Riley.

Both will be sent prepaid to any address for $6.00
Sent on approval to readers of this magazine. See order blank below

THE BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY, Indianapolis, Indiana

4K You may enter my subscription to THE READER for one year and send me, charges paid, a set of the Deer Creek edition of James Whitcomb Riley in four volumes.

I enclose $1.00 and agree to make five monthly payments of $1.00 each, a total of $6.00.

If the books are not satisfactory I am to have the privilege of returning them, charges paid, within ten days, and you are to return the first payment of $1.00

Magazine and books may be sent to different Name addresses, if desired

The ever readable ReaderAKUNTANKAR

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Subscribe for COMMON-SENSE. Read the sensible views of common-sense people. If you have some common-sense ideas of your own that you would like to express, send them along. This is YOUR magazine,- it is not run to give vent merely to some one individual's pet hobbies.

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That Bring in Money

How to Talk and Write to Win Success These books teach young men how to write original, forceful letters that win good positions and good salaries; - teach young women how to write entertaining, attractive letters that secure social prestige and a circle of admirers;- teach salesmen how to write convincing letters that sell goods;-teach credit men how to write tasteful letters that bring in money and give no offence;-teach correspondents how to write clinching business-bringing letters:--teach stenographers how to master correspondence;-teach advertisement writers how to write strong, pulling" copy. They form a complete college course in business English-to be read at leasure--to be put in daily practice at once. Many successful men are earning large salaries merely because they know how to state a business proposition clearly, tersely, concisely, forcefully. This set of books comprise the notable Sherwin Cody course in business English complete. Before being published in book form this course sold for $25.00.

Every business man, employer and employe should have this set ready for reference. If you want your letters and conversation to have the “vim” and “go' of words that win, if you want to embody in your correspondence and speech that "magic" touch, snap and personality, that sounds a golden echo in your cash drawer--Sherwin Cody's four little volumes will enable you to do it. The Study of Words

The Method of Master Writers Never before has the study of words been made so simple, so Volume III explains the tricks and the simple principle of clear, so concise as in the first of these compact, hip-pocket effective writing; the methods of writers who are masters. volumes. The novice is given a complete grasp of the use It discusses and analyzes diction, figures of speech, style, of words-their differentiation of meaning-their construc- humor, ridicule, the style of Macaulay, reserve. criticism, fiction, their spelling, their pronunciation, their definitions. tion, the narrative, description and dialogue style; epigramMany pioneer writers-even the heads of several colleges- matic style; the power of simplicity, harmony of style, imagihave adopted this book as a source of convenient reference. nation, reality,the use of models in writing fiction anda priceSimple Rules

less appendix which explains common errors in use of words, Volume II is no ordinary d y, upinteresting grammar.

Composition tells more in its few pages than the weighty volumes used The first essential of any successful composition is that it be by writers everywhere. Contains exhaustive chapters on interesting. This convenient volume explaines how English

Egnlish idioms pecul- may be made not only correct but interesting-and therefore
arities of the language, effective. It explains com
construction of seut- position in ad-writing, in

ences, parts of speech,

correspondence, in conver

ail explained so sim- sation, in story writing. WRITING ESPEAKING

ply and interestingly It deals with the construcGEC ENGLISH thatits study becomes tion of all forms of busLANGUAGE

a fascinating mental iness correspondence.


Your Last Chance to Secure a Set

Your chance to get Mr. Cody's books of us at the
special wholesale price of $2.00 is almost at an end.
But the offer will still hold good throughout next
month, at least How much longer we cannot say
just now But if you want to get in on this bargain
price-giving you seven complete home study courses
in English-in book form-you had better sign the
coupon and mail it with $2.00 to-day. Without coul-

pon price is $300.
Specal'SYSTEM Edition

The SYSTEM Company, Chicago

(For Desk 45) New York




The SYSTEM Company, Chicago

Desk 45

Enclosed fiind $2.00, for which mail
me a set of Cody Books all complete,
regular price $3.00. If I am not satis-
fied you are to return my money.



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