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Copyright 1906 by Common-Sense Publishing Co.

(Not Incorporated)
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88 WABASH AVENUE, CHICAGO 150 NASSAU ST., NEW YORK 195 OXFORD ST. W., LONDON 149 “A” CASHEL ST., CHRISTCHURCH, N. Z. C. U. Johnson, Representative Thomas Dixon, Representative

James Rodger, Representative NOTE:-Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING Co.. 88 WABASH AVENUE: CHICAGO. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will be supplied on application. Send money by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.




Vacation Season


“See America First" Spend your vacation in Colorado which is brimful of attractions—where the exhilaration of the pure dry air enables you to live the genuine outdour life, where game is plentiful, where the streams are teeming with trout, and where you will see the most famous mountain peaks, passes and canons in America.

During the tourist season the

Denver ® Rio Grande
Railroad - Scenic Line of the World”

will make special low rates from Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou and Pueblo to all the scenic points of interest in Colorado and Utah. Our bookiet "Vacation estimates'' tells you about the many wonderful places in Colorado-Colorado Springs, Manitou, Pike's Peak, Royal Gorge, Marshall Pass, Ouray and Glenwood Springs—and the cost to see them.

Greatly reduced rates to San Francisco account National Educational Association, July 9 to 13, and

to Denver account Elk's Convention, July 16 to 21.

Open Top Observation Cars, SEATS FREE
ROYAL GORGE Through the Canons During Summer Months

Write for free descriptive literature to
RAILROAD S. K. HOOPER, Gen'l Pass. Agt. R.C. NICHOL, Gen'l Agt.

Denver, Colo.

242 Clark St, Chicago, Ill.

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Facts Worth Knowing

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Coprrighted. 1906. by Common-Sense Publishing Co. (Not Inc.)


JUNE, 1906

Subscripion price, $1.00 per year in advance. Foreign subscription.. $1.50

The only hopeless condition is idleness. A man who laughs heartily can be guilty

of no great evil. A brilliant idea, like a silvery cloud, often loses its glory by an interposing one.

Business integrity is not like a rubber band

-valued by its stretching propensities. Active ignorance is one of the greatest powers for evil.

Your instinct will guide you aright if you

give it a chance. The right books well mastered insures an intelligent mind.

The finest thing in all the world is disin

terested friendship. Diligence and skill form a team that can pull the heaviest load up the steepest hill. Make the best of all that you have experi

enced a part of yourself. Intense desire for a certain attainment is the first step towards its realization.

A person who takes all and gives nothing To admit that you are defeated is to com

is like a sponge that is of no use even after it is

dead. plete your own defeat.

Take a lesson from the bee—sip the sweet When Hope vanishes Fear takes her place. and pass lightly over the chaff.

These are two guests seldom entertained at

the same time. If knowledge is power then ignorance is weakness; and yet many pride themselves on

What is the object of your existence? Untheir ignorance.

less it is pretty well defined, you will not ad

vance far beyond your present position. The man who possesses an intense nature holds a key to success in either business or Arrange your work systematically and you social life.

will find that the business day is quite long

enough to attend to its demands. Learning without thought is of little value; you might as well stow volumes away in your Opposition is a mighty good thing-when library.

you beat it; good for you and good for the

public. You have no right to act as judge unless you are capable of hearing both sides courte

No person is called upon to put up with an ously and deciding impartially.

environment in which he cannot develop the

best that is in him. We set to work for the very thing we covet ; and in working we often lose taste for that Be careful in your judgments—you may thing to attain which we began to work; finding know what has been done but you have no interest in other things of greater value.

way of knowing the things resisted. Russell Sage is at last taking his first vaca- It never pays to say mean cutting things; tion! What a lot he has missed during his they may be passed over lightly at the time, 90 years spent in this old world of ours! True, but they are remembered, they rankle, and he might have done worse with his money, they may be the foundation of a disagreeable but how infinitely better he might have done! "come back” years hence.

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