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ance of selling, and he may make a profit. The and a man among men. He must know how to expert salesman may understand selling so well feel the pulse of the public, that when he sends that even with poor advertising he can make the public something it will not only represent money.

the goods he advertises but will find public acLiberality, and even large expenditures of ceptance.

ceptance. He must have a certain amount of money, if they are wise, are not extravagance, originality, and know how to regulate his origand are not chargeable to carelessness. The suc

inality. He must be a man so easily adaptable cessful advertiser must be a liberal business man.

to conditions, and of so much ability, that he can, He must not be extravagant. He must under- by printed word and original method, spread the stand the value of a dollar. He must exercise a table of merchandise before the public so that general supervision over essential conditions, and the public will eat from it and want to keep on not give his time to hunting into the corners of eating. Such a man must have a broad and elashis counters and consuming more time than the tic mind that is capable of winding around anysaved article is worth.

thing and penetrating everywhere. Such a man Economy is always to be practiced; but fool

is never a fool, and he never will work for less ishness, meanness, and unnecessary saving are

than he can conveniently obtain. not economical.

The time has arrived for every great advertiser The principle of saving is all right, but a prin- to employ expert talent in the management of ciple can be worn threadbare by over-practice. advertising, and to encourage the creation of In the handling of advertising, the cheapest

such talent. man is the best man; for if he understands his There is as much need of a school of adverbusiness, he will save more than his salary, and tising as there is of a school of art, science and will further save the time of his employer. He language. will make every dollar bring in all that it ought The good advertising manager must have the to bring

professional talent of the doctor, of the lawyer, The successful manager of advertising is worth and of the minister; and he must combine with from one thousand to twenty-five thousand dol

these the principles of successful business manlars a year, and the store that cannot afford to agement, making of himself a man who ought to pay a thousand dollars a year for its advertising stand far atove the majority of mankind. manager might just as well get along without Opportunity and conditions have often failed one.

to produce advertising managers. Ninety-nine Any concern spending one hundred thousand per cent of the so-called advertising experts, addoliars a year cannot afford an advertising man- writers, ad-siniths, and business promoters under ager who cannot command from five to ten thou- different names, are but charlatans and quacks sand dollars a year. And any house expending attempting to live by the wits they do not postwo hundred thousand dollars for advertising will sess. find it the best economy to get the best man for The field is open to woman. Will she enter any price not exceeding twenty-five thousand it? A few have led the way, but there is room dollars a vear. He is an outside-inside man, rep- for hundreds and thousands. resenting the inside and outside of his business; and he goes further, for he must connect the business with the buyer. He must strike a medi

“One of the most insidious enemies with whon. um between what the advertiser wants to say- advertisers have to cope is the retailer who enwhich is generally too much; what the public cleavors to palm off on his customers something wants to read which is very little.

He must they do not want when they call for a well-known stand between the two as a double-sided buffer, advertised article. By insisting upon getting receiving the blows from each side, equalizing, what they call for purchasers could soon bring connecting, and making profit out of them. He the substituters to terms. The retailer who offers must know enough about business to buy adver

some unknown article which is "just as good” is tising space as merchandise, and to conduct his generally lining his own pockets at the expense department in a businesslike way. He must be

of the customer.” enough of an artist to know how to make artists produce business art. He must add the element

Getting the right start is the first step of business to the art of the artist, that the pic

toward success; and the beauty of it is that tures may be artistic enough to please the public,

it's never too late to stop and start all ovei and businesslike enough to bring business. He

again. must see how his advertisements are going to Pure gold has no commercial use; the harlook before they are made, and understand typo- diest cattle are the result of cross-breeding; graphical display far better than the average the best business ideas are those strengthened printer. He must be a student of human nature, by a diversity of opinions.




THE TRUE ANDREW JACKSON “Glenister took from his clothes a bundle of

bank notes, so thick that it required his two No volume belonging to the "Great Bio

hands to compass it. On-lookers say that the graphy Series” issued by the J. B. Lippincott bills were mainly yellow. No one spoke while Company can have been more welcomed

he counted them rapidly, glanced at the dealer read with more intense interest than this bio

who nodded, then slid them forward till they graphy of Andrew Jackson by Cyrus Town- rested on the king. He placed a 'copper' on send Brady. Mr. Brady has made a close and

the pile. A great sigh of indrawn breaths sympathetic study of the life of our seventh

swept through the crowd. The north had president for a period of years that warrants never known a bet like this-it meant a forthe assumption that his work is authoritative

tune. Here was a tale for one's grandchildren and just. He has carefully sifted many docu- —that a man should win opulence in an evenments, gathering evidence in the way of opin- ing, then lose it in one deal. This final bet ions and anecdotes that reached back to au- represented more than many of them had ever thentic sources, and offering conclusive proof seen at one time before. Its fate lay on a of every point made.

single card. This paragraph gives a pleasing insight into

“The stakes were laid at last and the deal Andrew Jackson's kind of hospitality:

about to start when Glenister spoke. "Wait! "In an establishment so restricted, General What's this place worth, Bronco ?' Jackson and his good-hearted wife continued "'What do you mean?' to dispense a most generous hospitality. A

“'You own this outfit?' He waved his hand lady of Nashville tells me that she has often

about the room. "Well, what does it stand been at the Hermitage in those simple old

you?' times, when there was in each of the four

"The gambler hesitated an instant while the available rooms not a guest merely, but a fam

crowd pricked up its ears, and the girl turned ily, while the young men and solitary travelers who chanced to drop in disposed themselves

wondering, troubled eyes upon the miner.

What would he do now? on the piazza, or any other shelter about the house. "Put me down in your book,' said one

‘Counting bank rolls, fixtures and all, of General Jackson's oldest neighbors, that

about a hundred and twenty thousand dollars. the General was the prince of hospitality; not Why?' because he entertained a great many people, “ 'I'll pick the ace to lose my one half inbut because the poor, belated pedlar was as

terest in the Midas against your whole welcome as the president of the United States,

damned layout.' and made so much at his ease that he felt as

“There was

absolute hush while the though he had got home.”

realization of this offer smote the on-lookers.

It took time to realize it. This man was inJ. B. Lippincott Company, Publishers. Phil

sane. There were three cards to choose from adelphia. Price, $2.00.

-one would win, one would lose and one would have no action.

"Of all those present only Cherry Malotte THE SPOILERS

divined even vaguely the real reason which Mr. Rex E. Beach has written a story that prompted the man to do this. It was not sounds like his own experiences in the frozen 'gameness,' nor altogether a brutish stubbornland of Nome. It is pretty well understood

ness which would not let him quit. It was that he has not drawn on his imagination for something deeper. He was desolate and his the powerful story he has written. It is a

heart was gone.

Helen was lost to himtale such as is told by a man once in a life worse yet, was unworthy, and she was all he time, a tale of impetuous emotion, of brute

cared for. What did he want of the Midas strength and courage, of swift and passionate with its lawsuits, its intrigues and its tricklove and hate—a tale which tells itself without ery? He was sick of it all—of the whole game fine words-vigorous, forceful, mighty. It is

--and wanted to get away. If he won, very a story of greed for gold and hunger for a wo

well. If he lost, the land of the Aurora would man's love.

know him no more." These paragraphs show the strong vigorous Harper & Brothers, Publishers. Price, style:



Low Rate


The Missouri Pacific Ry.
and Iron Mountain Route

will sell round trip tickets to points in Texas and Louisiana for $20.00 from St. Louis, and $25.00 from Chicago on the first and third Tuesday of each month, proportional low rate will apply from other points; also one fare plus $2.00 to points in Indian Territory, Arkansas and Missouri and $25.00 from Chicago to Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver with limit of twenty-one days except to points in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Indian Territory which are are limited to thirty days, stop-overs going and returning.

MEXICO: Less than one fare on the first and third Tuesday. On certain dates, one fare, long limit, stop-overs going and returning.

CALIFORNIA: One fare for the round trip on sale certain dates.

HOT SPRINGS, ARK,: Commencing June 1st to Sept. 30th, one fare plus $2.00, good thirty days, on sale daily.

Remember the Missouri Pacific Ry. and Iron Mountain Route reaches the principal points in the above named states without change of cars.

For descriptive literature and other information, address ELLIS FARNSWORTH, D. P. A., 186 Clark St., Chicago, Illinois.

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Drawing Instruments

T Square and Triangle This beautiful set of drawing instruments is

The Triangle is made of thoroughly seasoned made of a high quality, fine grade German Silver

Cherry, framed, mortised joints, 30 degrees x 60 and consists of a 5%2 inch ruling pen, spring

degrees. The workmanship is of the best and blade, 6 inch compasses with fixed needle point,

absolute accuracy is guaranteed. pen, pencil point and lengthening bar, case of

The T Square is made of plain blade with leads, extra steel divider point; it is put up in an

fixed head, making it very serviceable. The elegant Morocco pocket case, lined with cotton

material in its construction is thoroughly seasoned velvet, fully warranted.

before being used and measures 18 inches in length. Drawing Board

Other Instruments This nicely finished drawing board made with

In addition to this are furnished thumb tacks, the best of care of selected pinewood, seasoned

erasure, 72 doz. soft pencils, 150 sheets of paper, by the latest process so as to insure hard service;

and one line rule giving the width of newspaper size 12x17 inches with side ledges clamped, two

and magazine columns in inches and ems, also surfaces.

number of words for a given space, comparative In making remittance do not send personal

sizes of type by points and ems, agate and inch check unless 15 cents is added for exchange.

measurement printed on good grade of celluloid, Money may be sent by P. O. Order, Registered

all for $3.75 (in United States and Canada only, Letter or Express Order.

foreign students $4.25). You cannot buy this outfit at any place in the United States for double the price. Send in your order to-day and the goods will be shipped immediately. This drawing outfit is used by and recommended to students of the Page-Davis School. Orders should be sent by Post Office Order or Registered Letter.

International Merchandise Co.

Room 52, 91 Wabash Ave., Chicago, II.


Dept. A.

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Vacation Season

“See America First"

Spend your vacation in Colorado which is brimful of attractions where the exhilaration of the pure dry air enables you to live the genuine outdoor life-where game is plentiful, where the streams are teeming with trout, and where you will see the most famous mountain peaks, passes and canons in America.

During the tourist season the

Denver @ Rio Grande
Railroad "Scenic Line of the World"

will make special low rates from Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou and Pueblo to all the scenic points of interest in Colorado and Utah. Our bookiet "Vacation estimates" tells you about the many wonderful places in Colorado-Colorado Springs, Manitou, I ike's Peak, Royal Gorge, Marshall Pass, Ouray and Glenwood Springs—and the cost to see them.

Greatly reduced rates to San Francisco July 9 to 13, and to Denver account Elk's Convention, July

16 to 21.

Open Top Observation Cars, SEATS FREE
ROYAL GORGE Through the Canons During Summer Months

Write for free descriptive literature to
RAILROAD S. K. HOOPER, Gen'l Pass. Agt. R.C. NICHOL, Gen'l Agt.

Denver, Colo.

242 Clark St., Chicago, Ill.

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