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Lantz Bros., 614 Arch street, Philadelphia, tack-lifter and holder combined, is a very convenient, cheap article.

A. G. Elliott, 30 South Sixth street, Philadelphia, parchment paper, is made of finest linen and cotton fibre, and is air-proof, water-proof, and oil-proof; is tasteless and odorless, and prevents evaporation and shrinkage, and is indestructible in hot or cold water, or brine; and, when wet, is flexible as vellum; can be washed like muslin, and possesses great strength, and is purer, cheaper, and cleaner than cloth for dairy, creamery, and many other purposes. We recommend a diploma.

A. L. Butz, 212 Market street, Philadelphia, cork and cork-cutting machine, an interesting exhibit.

Auburn Mineral Water Company, 910 Race street, Philadelphia, Auburn spring water, an excellent water for family use, especially for invalids.

A. J. Williams, Marshallton, Delaware, metal polish, was severely tested, and its great value proven in every case. With little labor, rusted and tarnished cutlery, tinware, &c., were made new again. Diploma.

S. E. Clark, 734 Market street, Philadelphia, harmless gun, is a neatly finished toy gun that fires hollow rubber balls. There is no danger in its use.

George A. Moore, 668 North Broad street, Philadelphia, carriage gearing springs, an improvement in carriage springs.

H. N. Black, 1238 Ridge avenue, Philadelphia, lever bar springs, are a great improvement over the old springs, and no doubt will soon come into use by carriage builders.

G. F. Ford, Roxbury, Philadelphia, patent milk strainers, a real improvement in strainers. It can be easily taken apart, kept clean much easier than the old style, and it is just the strainer to use in making jellies and in general household use. It is made up in a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for different uses. Diploma

Lane Brothers, Poughkeepsie, New Jersey, patent door hangers, is a practical and useful article, and is strong and durable.

Allen G. Moyer, Danboro', Pennsylvania, patent butter shipping cases, are a convenient article for shipping butter.

R. A. Humphreys, 1006 Girard avenue, tool bags, very strong, durable and convenient, and well adapted for its use.

Jas. R. PIPER,


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State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania.


ARTICLE 1. This Society shall be entitled the “Pennsylvania Fruit Growers' Society," * and its object shall be the advancement of the science of pomology, and the art of fruit culture generally.

ARTICLE 2. Any person may become a member of this Society by a vote of a majority of the members present, at any meeting, and by paying into the treasury the sum of one dollar annually; or the pay. ment of one dollar to the treasurer, at any time, shall constitute membership, and entitle said member to a copy of the proceedings. The payment of ten dollars, at one time, will constitute life membership.

ARTICLE 3. Its officers shall consist of a President, three Vice Presidents, a Recording and Corresponding Secretary and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected annually by ballot.

ARTICLE 4. The following standing committees shall be appointed : A Committee of five on Nomenclature; a Committee of three on Insects, of whom the professor of entomology shall be chairman; an Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer; † and a General Fruit Committee, consisting of one member from each county represented, with a general chairman of the whole; each member of the Local Fruit Committee to have the privilege of appointing two assistants.

ARTICLE 5. The Society may, at any time, elect honorary members.

ARTICLE 6. The Society may, from time to time, appoint professors on Entomology, Botany, Horticultural Chemistry and Geology.

ARTICLE 7. This constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, at any regular meeting, notice of the proposed amendment, in writing, having been previously given.

ARTICLE 8. Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

* Name changed at annual meeting, January 1, 1881, by vote of two-thirds of the members present to State Agricultural Association of Pennsylvania,

7 Amended at annual meeting, January, 1881, to read: The Executive Committee shall consist of all the elective officers of this Association, and three of said comimittee (of which the President of the Society shall be one) shall constitute a quorum to transact any business relative to the interests of the Association.

1 HORT. Ass.


ARTICLE 1. The Committee on Nomenclature shall collate and decide the standard and synonymous names of all fruits known in the Society, with the authorities for each, and report, so far as practicable, at each regular meeting, and record the same in a book kept for that purpose.

ARTICLE 2. The General Fruit Committee shall carefully and thoroughly investigate the subject of fruit culture in general. Each local committee of three shall collect such useful and interesting information in relation to the subject as may be in their power, and embody the same in monthly reports, to be made to the general chairman; such reports to be by him examined and embodied in his annual and semi-annual reports. Also that the said county committee shall form ad interim committees for their respective counties; and further, that said ad interim committees are hereby authorized to publish the reports in the “ Gardener's Monthly," or such other paper as they may select, the same having been first submitted to the chairman of the General Fruit Committee for his approval: Provided, That said publication shall be free of expense to the Association.

ARTICLE 3. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held on the third Wednesday of January of each year, at such a place as the Executive Committee may appoint, at which time the election for officers shall take place; said officers to serve from the close of the meeting at which they are elected to the close of the succeeding annual meeting, at which an exhibition and discussion of fruits shall take place, and other business transacted in the following order :

1st. Reading of minutes of previous meetings.
2d. Roll call and dues collected.
3d. Election of officers.
4th. Reports of officers.
5th. Reports of standing committees.
6th. Reports of special committees.
7th. Unfinished business of former meeting.
8th. New business.

The nomination and election of new members shall be in order at any time during the session.

ARTICLE 4. Other meetings may be convened by the Executive Committee at such time and place as they may appoint.

ARTICLE 5. No member who is in arrears for dues shall be eligible for any office, or serve on any standing committee; and any member who shall neglect to pay his dues shall cease to enjoy the privileges of membership.

ARTICLE 6. A library shall be established for the benefit of the members of this Association, and a Librarian elected annually with other elective officers.

Section 1. The Librarian shall keep an alphabetical record of the books, &c., and may loan to any member of this Association any books contained therein without cost: Provided, That it be returned within three months, and in as good condition as when received.

Section 2. Any member refusing to return to the Librarian books or reports from said library, shall pay their equivalent, or forfeit his membership.



CALVIN COOPER, Bird-in-Hand.


JOSIAH HOOPES, West Chester.
H. M. ENGLE, Marietta.


E. B. ENGLE, Waynesboro'.


W. P. BRINTON, Christiana.




THOMAS J. EDGE, Harrisburg.


THOMAS MEEHAN, Germantown.


S. S. RATHVON, Lancaster.


S. B. HEIGES, Shippensburg.

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