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sprinkled with right dots. Flesh white, tender, juicy, pleasant, sub acid,

very good, Ripens in August. A promising market sort.


FANNY. Origin, near Strasburgh, Lan. Co., on farm iormerly owned by Jacob Beam. Tree vigorous, spreading very productive. Fruit large, deep rich crimson, moderately sprinkled with light dots. Flesh white, tender, juicy, pleasant, sub-acid,

very good, Ripens in August. A promising market sort.



Although not so largely attended as some of our meetings in recent years, the twenty-eighth annual session held at Bethlehem, Pa., lacked none of the interest usually manifested in our work.

The customary routine of business was promptly dispatched, and the various discussions were interesting and spirited. The president and vice presidents having failed to reach the city in time for the opening session, Colonel McFarland called the meeting to order and temporarily presided. The display of fruit was not large, but unusually fine. A collection of different varieties of oranges, contributed by Mr. E. H. Hart, Federal Point, Florida, was placed on exhibition by Mr. Van Deman, who explained some of their peculiarities. After some discussion and several ballots, Lebanon was chosen for our next place of meeting.

Among the distinguished horticultural visitors who were present and took part in our deliberations were Mr. Van Deman and Prof. Scribner, of the Department of Agriculture at Washington. Their presence added greatly to the interest of our deliberations, and they were cordially invited to meet with us again.

We are pleased to note the following additions to members for 1887:


H. E. Van Deman, Department of Agri- | Prof. F. Lamson Scribner, Department of culture, Washington, D. C.

1 Agriculture, Washington, D. C.


T. F. Bachman, Kreidersville, Pa.
J. Evans Brown, Cranberry, N. C.
E. C. Brinser, Middletown, Pa.
John L. Breinig, Allentown, Pa.
John C. Cullen, South Bethlehem, Pa.
P. D. Geiss, Bethlehem, Pa.
John S. Holtzman, Tulpehocken, Pa.

| F. Jaekel, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
| 0. S. Kerstetter, McKee's Half Falls, Pa.

S. S. Kindt, Reading, Pa.
David Kuehn, Allentown, Pa.
James P. King, Bethlehem, Pa.
James K. Moser, Allentown, Pa.

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