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have not, at least, been published to the author's knowledge ; and for these he alone is responsible. To some, the chapters on the mode of evolution of the higher forms will appear too hypothetical; but they are presented only as hypotheses, and the reader will be enabled to judge how far the facts referred to in corroboration of the views expressed justify them.

The author has endeavoured to give the theory of evolution from the point of view of a physiologist as well as of a naturalist. He has attempted (it is to be feared insufficiently) to acknowledge his obligations in a list of works referred to as well as in footnotes, but would not omit on the present occasion to thank those numerous friends who have for years aided him in the prosecution of his favourite studies. Acknowledgments are especially due to Sir James Paget, Mr. Savory, Dr. Hooker, and Professor Flower, for their past teaching and ever ready advice.

Colville Gardens, W.

May 12, 1873.


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