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Be ready always to give an Answer to every Man , than
asketh you a Reason of the Hope, that is in you.

1. Pet. 3. ř. 15.

Printed Anno 1721.
730. .116.

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To THE READER. Containing fome necessary Instructions re

lating to the Method observed in this second Conversation : as likevvise Some Remarks upon the Gentleman's unfair Dealing in the former.

He Case stated has of late Years been a ce

lebrated Title. For it has already appear'd 1 at the Head of four or five Editions of the

same Book, and several Changes have been yung upon it. As Case restated, Case truly stated , Cafe farther stated, c. But as Men, when they have gone round the whole Circle of new Fashious , return many Times to the old Mode, so I judg'd ir best to resume the old plain Title of Case stated : First, because the two Churches, and Disputants concern'd in this second Conversation are the very same they were in the former, 2dly , because not only the Subject of their Discourse, but the very Order and Dispo. fition of it is still the same. And 3dly, because the Genileman having here full Liberty to repeat every

Thing he said in the former Conversation, if the Case of the Church of England, whose Advocate he is, be there fairly stated by him, I am sure that of the Church of Rome (which is most shamefully mila represented in that Conversation ) is now fairly stated by his Lordship in this. And so I hope every Thing will fully answer the Title, I have chosen.

Some will perhaps tell me, I have taken a great Deal of Pains to no Purpose, since the Gentleman's Case stated (as I shall always call it to distinguish it from this ) has already been sufficiently answer'd, particularly by the learned Author of the Church of Christ shew'd, etc. and many will be ape to think we fer too great a Value upon the Gentleman's Performance by Answering it so often. But for my Part I can see no solid Reason why a Book should be valued the more for having been often confutęd; and all that can be inferr'd from it is, that there are more than one of Opinion, that the Gentleman's Cafe stated is very much overrated by those, who cry it up for an unanswerable Piece. I own it is already fufficiently answer'd by the foremention'd Author, and even more than sufficiently. For his Book may properly be callid a Magazine of Erudition ; where Plenty of all Şorts of controversial Arms both offensive and defensive is laid up. But to many 'tis as a Treasure lock'd up, and to these my Answer will serve as a key to let them into it. So that I stick nor to own here very frankly without Fear of being callid a Plagiary, thar I have borrow'd many of my choicest Materials of him, and ic has been my principal Business to put them together in such a Manner, as I judg’d would be best accommodated to the Capacity of those, whose Instruction I have principally in View." ;

But I had other Reasons to induce me to under. take this Work: and that particularly by Way of Dialogue betwixt che fame Persons; 1. to convince the Gentleman ( if it be possible) that Idiot , and Papich Lord are not synonimous Terms, as he seems to suppose in the whole Course of his Dialogue , in which his Popish Lord personates the Dunce to the Life. Nay his Lord'ship seems to be brought upon the Stage only to be laugh'd ac, and set off the ima. ginary Triumphs of his Adversary. 2. Because the Way of Dialogue is certainly the most easy and familiar Way of Conveying Truths to Vulgar Capacicies, and even the fairelt Way, provided no Partialicy be used to the Prejudice of either Side, and each Disputant be allow'd to say as much for his Cause, as iç will fairly bear, All which the Reader will find in this Conversation, wherein the Genoleman delivers his own Sense as he did before, and his Lordship is no longer under the Tutelage of his Protestant Master,

This inclincs me to think , that tho the Gentleman's Book had been answer'd by more Hands than it has, it would be no Objection against this Answer of mine by Reason of the Newness as well as Usefulness of it's Method. For it presents the Reader with two Books in one. When he reads the Gentleman's Parc in chis Conversacion, it will be the same as if he had chat Author's own Book before him : And when he reads his Lordship's Answer to him, as he now speaks the true Sense of his Church, it may come to put him in Mind of an old useful Proverb , Viz. ibar one Story is good till the other be told. In a Word, che Method I have confined myself to , seems to havę it's peculiar Advantage in putting me under a Necessity not only to lead cho

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