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Oregon Agricultural College and Experiment Station

, 1896.

Report of the President of the Board of Regents.

To His Excellency, W. P. Lord, Governor of Oregon :

Sir:- In compliance with the law, I have the honor to respectfully submit to you, this the eighth annual report of the State Agricultural College and Experiment Station of the State of Oregon.

This has been the most prosperous year in the history of this institution. The president, professors and teachers have one and all cheerfully worked with each other for the education and elevation of the young men and women who have attended this college.

The number of students enrolled during the year was 397, this is greatly in excess of the attendance during any preceding year, and has reached the limit to which this institution can accommodate the young people seeking to avail themselves of the education intended by its establishment, unless some provision is made by the state to increase the room in the college building.

I am of the opinion that the time has come when the Board should discontinue the preparatory department, and thus obviate the expense of making it necessary for the immediate future to increase the capacity of the school room. This would relieve this institution of about 80 pupils that now have been prepared for the collegiate course.

The retention of the number of professors and teachers now on our rolls would enable the President of the college to so distribute the work that we could extend the experimental work of the station and at the same time advance the work of teaching in the college branches. Should this course be adopted at this time, it seems to me that we could safely calculate, that we can maintain this college and station without asking the state for any appropriation for buildings at this time.

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