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" There is a land of beauty bright,

The clime of love, the home of light,
With gems and fragrant lilies dight."

If the reader is a stranger to the New England village and its picturesque scenery, it will be a dificult task to strengthen the mental eve, though aided by a vivid imagination, to look upon its lofty mountains, clothed with the richest verdure, which

have nursed the gigantic oak and towering pine, amid whose branches the forked lightnings have held their midnight dance, while the deep-toned thunder strove in vain to chant the requiem of centuries past; and against whose impregnable sides the frenzied whirlwinds have dashed in quick succession the electric balls, unextinguished by the rolling torrents falling from cleft to cleft, until the shattered crag loses its strong hold, and the unimpeded element finds a safe deposit in the bosom of some deep ravine, where it leaves its maddened roar, and mingles with the purling stream or babbling brook. There is beauty, as well as sublimity, mingled with mountain scenery. The eye cannot rest with indifference upon the distant east, while the King of day raises his golden lid, and with his irradiating lashes forming the glorious network

of the purple morn, causing the valleys to unfold their dewy pearls.

In one of these deep ravines on the banks of the beautiful * Roselle,” stood a plain white cottage, unadorned by ancient or modern architecture. The weeping willow and a spreading elm furnished an ample shade, while the blooming honeysuckle and luxuriant woodbine formed a floral arch over the doorway of Captain De Van's hospitable dwelling. This gentleman was of the Puritan race, with stereotyped principles, and a native of Connecticut-was reared among the Blue Laws of that state, and was married in early life to a Miss Jane Williams, after which he inoved to the state of Vermont, and settled with his young wife near the spot above described, where they, by their industry and economy, acquired in a few years a comfortable competency.

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