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4 God of all grace, we come to Thee,

With broken, contrite hearts ;
Give what Thine eye delights to see, –

Truth in the inward parts ;
5 Faith in the only sacrifice,

That can for sin atone,
To raise our hopes, and fix our eyes,

On Christ, and Christ alone.

PEACE OF MIND. 'HOU hidden love of God whose height,


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I see from far Thy beauteous light ;
In secret sigh for Thy repose ;
My heart is pain'd, nor can it be

At rest, till it find rest in Thee. 2 Thy secret voice invites me still

The sweetness of Thy yoke to prove ;
And fain I would ; but though my will
Seems fix'd, yet wide my passions rove;
Yet hindrances strew all the way,

I aim at Thee, yet from Thee stray.
'Tis mercy

all that Thou hast brought,
My soul to seek its peace in Thee ;
Yet while I seek, but find Thee not,
No peace that wandering soul shall see.
Oh! when shall all my wanderings end,

And all my steps to Jesus tend ? 4 Is there a thing beneath the sun,

That strives with Thee my heart to share?
Ah ! tear it thence, and reign alone,
The Lord of every motion there.
Then shall my heart from earth be free,
When it hath found repose in Thee.

5 Each moment draw from earth away

My heart, that lowly waits Thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and

“I am thy love, thy God, thy all."
To feel Thy power, to hear Thy voice,
To taste Thy love, be all my choice.



CIS sweet to work for Jesus,

To spread around “the joyful sound,”

As those forgiven may ;
To tell His loving-kindness,

His promises so true ;
To urge the young, that they may come,

And trust this Saviour too. 2 'Tis sweet to work for Jesus,

For Him who loved, and gave,
Himself for us, an offering thus

Our ruined souls to save.
Glad service we would render

For grace so rich and free;
Yet, Lord, we mourn, that we have borne,

So little fruit to Thee.
3 'Tis sweet to work for Jesus,

Be this our one desire,
Our purpose still to do His will,

Whatever He require.
No action is too lowly,

No work of love too small;
If Christ but lead, we may indeed

Well follow such a call.

4 'Tis sweet to work for Jesus,

While our weak spirits rest,
In His own care, safe sheltered there,

And with His presence blest.
In such calm, happy moments,

No greater joy we know; Redeemed from sin, we live for Him

To whom our all we owe.
5 'Tis sweet to work for Jesus,

Oh! weary not of this;
But onward press with cheerfulness,

Tho'rough the pathway is.
Hold on, unmoved and patient,

Till He shall call thee home,
With joy to stand at God's right hand,
To serve before His throne.

From Pietas Poetica."




KNOW that my Redeemer lives,

What comfort this sweet sentence gives ; He lives, He lives, who once was dead,

He lives, my everlasting Head.
2 He lives, triumphant o'er the grave,

He lives, eternally to save,
He lives, all glorious in the sky,

He lives, exalted there on high.
3 He lives, to bless me with His love,

He lives, to plead for me above ;
He lives, my hungry soul to feed,
He lives, to help in time of need.

4 He lives, to grant me fresh supply,

He lives, to guide me with His eye ;
He lives, to comfort me when faint,

He lives, to hear my soul's complaint. 5 He lives, to silence all my fears,

He lives, to stop and wipe my tears ;
He lives, to calm my troubled heart,

He lives, all blessings to impart. 6 He lives, my kind, wise, heavenly friend,

He lives, and loves me to the end ;
He lives, and while He lives I'll sing,

He lives, my Prophet, Priest, and King. 7 He lives, and grants me daily breath,

He lives, for me to conquer death,
He lives, my mansion to prepare,

He lives, to bring me safely there. 8 He lives, all glory to His Name !

He lives, my Saviour still the same !
O the sweet joy this sentence gives,
I know that my Redeemer lives !



Y God, how endless is Thy love,

Thy gifts are every evening new ; And morning mercies from above,

Gently distil like early dew. 2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,

Great guardian of our sleeping hours ; Thy Sovereign Word restores the light,

And quickens all our drowsy powers.

3 We yield our powers to Thy command,

To Thee we consecrate our days ; Perpetual blessings from Thy hand, Demand perpetual songs of praise.



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The weight of blessing from above ; A spirit gifted to reveal

The mercies of a God of love! Then doubt and fear would fly away,

Before Redemption's day-spring driven, And Faith would bring us whilst we pray,

A foretaste of the bliss of heaven.

2 O for a humble trust in God,

Our Heavenly Father and our Friend ! Whether we bow beneath His rod,

Or peace and joy our steps attend. For that blest hope, whose radiant star,

Bright herald of the Saviour's birth; Still pours its healing beams afar,

And cheers the fainting soul on earth.

3 O for a thankful heart, for all

The blessings on our lot bestow'd ! For gifts that on our dwellings fall,

For bounties scattered on our road !
Shall I not render whilst I live,

Some portion of God's grace to me ;
And, like a faithful steward, give,
My all to Christ who died for me.

P. M. James.

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