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which I knew him, was one of the most instructivemen lever have known. He had a surprising memory and brilliant fancy; his mind was a storehouse of facts and useful observations ; he was full of lively anecdote, and ingenious original, pertinent remark upon almost every subject.

He was always charitable to the poor beyond his means, a sure protector and friend to all Americans in distress that he found in foreign countries. And he had frequent occasions to exert his influence in protecting them during the revolution in France. His writings will answer for his patriotism, and his entire devotion to what he conceived to be the best interest and happiness of mankind.*

This, Sir, is all I have to remark on the subject you mention ;-now I have only one request to make, and that would doubtless seem impertinent, were you not the editor of a newspaper ; it is, that you will not publish' my letter, nor permit a copy of it to be taken.

I am, Sir, &c. Kalorama, August 11, 1809. Joel BARLOW.

* Mr. Barlow might have added, in regard to Mr. Paine's religion, that as it was the religion of most of the men of science of the present age, and probably of three-fourths of those of the last, there could be no just reason for making it an exception in his character.

The people of the State of New York, by the

Grace of God, free and independent, to all to whom these presents shall come or may

concern, send greeting : Know ye, that the annexed is a true copy of the will of Thomas Paine, deceased, as recorded in the office of our surrogate, in and for the city and county of New York. In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of said office of our surrogate to be hereunto affixed.Witness, Silvanus Miller, Esq. surrogate of said county, at the city of New York, the twelfth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, and of our Independence the thirty-fourth.


The last will and testamentof me, the subscriber, Thomas Paine, reposing confidence in my Creator God, and in no other being, for I know of no other, nor believe in any other. I Thomas Paine, of the State of New York, author of the work entitled Common Sense, written in Philadelphia in 1775, and published in that city the beginning of January 1776, which awoke America to a Declaration of Independence on the fourth of July following, which was as fast

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as the work could spread through such an extensive country; author also of the several numbers of the American Crisis, thirteen in all, published occasionally during the progress of the revolutionary war-the last is on the peace; author also of Rights of Man, parts the first and second, written and published in London, in 1791 and 92 ; author also of a work on religion, Age of Reason, part the first and second. N.B. I have a third part by me in manuscript, and an answer to the Bishop of Llandaff; author also of a work, lately published, entitled Examination of the Passages in the New Testament, quoted from the Old, and called Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ, and shewing there are no prophecies of any such person ; author also of several other works not here enumerated, Dissertation on the first Principles of Government,-Decline and Fall of the English System of Finance,-Agrarian Justice, &c. &c, make this my last will and testament, that is to say: I give and bequeath to my executors hereinafter appointed, Walter Morton and Thomas Addis Emmet, thirty shares I hold in the New York Phoenix Insurance Company, which cost me 1470 dollars, they are worth now upwards of 1500 dollars, and all my moveable effects, and also the money that may be in my trunk or elsewhere at the time of

my decease paying thereout the expences of my funeral, IÑ TRUST as to the said shares, moveables, and money for Margaret Brazier Bonneville, wife of Nicholas Bonneville, of Paris, for her own sole and separate use, and at her own disposal, 'notwithstanding her coverture. As to my farm in New Rochelle, I give, devise, and bequeath the same to my said executors, Walter Morton and Thomas Addis Emmet, and to the survivor of them, his heirs and assigns for ever, IN TRUST, nevertheless, to sell and dispose of the north side thereof, now in the occupation of Andrew A. Dean, beginning at the west end of the orchard, and running in a line with the land sold to.- Coles, to the end of the farm, and to apply the money rising from such sale as hereinafter directed. I give to my friends Walter Morton, of the New York Phønix Insurance Company, and Thomas Addis Emmet, counsellor at law, late of Ireland, two hundred dollars each, and one hundred dollars to Mrs. Palmer, widow of Elihu Palmer, late of New York, to be paid out of the money arising from said sale ; and I give the remainder of the money arising from that sale, one half thereof to Clio Rickman, of High or Upper Mary-le-Bone Street, London, and the other half to Nicholas Bonneville of Paris, husband of Margaret B. Bonneville aforesaid : and as to the south part


of the said farm, containing upwards of one hundred acres, in trust to rent out the same or otherwise put it to profit, as shall be found most adviseable, and to pay the rents and profits thereof to the said Margaret B. Bonneville, in trust for her children, Benjamin Bonneville and Thomas Bonneville, their education and maintenance, until they come to the age of twenty-one years, in order that she may bring them well up, give them good and useful learning, and instruct them in their duty to God, and the practice of morality, the rent of the land or the interest of the money for which it may be sold, as hereinafter mentioned, to be employed in their education. And after the youngest of the said children shall have arrived at the age of twenty-one years, in further trust to convey the same to the said children, share and share alike, in fee simple. But if it shall be thought adviseable by my executors and executrix, or the survivor or survivors of them, at any time before the youngest of the said children shall come of age, to sell and dispose of the said south side of the said farm, in that case I hereby authorise and empower my said execu, tors to sell and dispose of the same, and I direct that the money arising from such sale be put into stock, either in the United States bank stock, or New York Phoenix Insurance company

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