Blackie's graded readers, ed. by M. Paterson, Parte2

Maurice Paterson

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Página 17 - THE NORTH WIND DOTH BLOW he north wind doth blow, And we shall have snow, And what will poor Robin do then, Poor thing? He'll sit in a barn, And keep himself warm, And hide his head under his wing, Poor thing.
Página 31 - Fortunately this strict diet of moral tales was considered too heavy by some English writers, who made an attempt to amuse rather than instruct or preach to children. William Roscoe inspired a host of imitations by writing a sprightly poem, The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast...
Página 47 - Oh, puss-y, will you tell me why At all the pret-ty birds you fly? The lit-tle birds that sing so sweet You sure-ly would not catch and eat. For...
Página 33 - ... patient every day, And mind what those who nurse me say; And grant that all I have to take May do me good— for Jesus
Página 33 - Clittcr, clatter ! clitter, clatter ! Tells the tale; Now the rain is turned to hail ! Soft and light, Pure and white ! On the ground Not a sound ! Now we know It is snow ! 1877.] £3 FLOWER-GIRL. = 3,E= _ « - AH. _=Sg=^ J6|$j . fftt gjri r |js\*w »»iiij-eo **> * 00 00 *• WATER-MELON. "— " "— " "BO" «-'¥u% «££• «v|» «gg»_ , "^k -^* «^» «^» «^» «^» -^ »R* «?!?
Página 35 - God lives on high beyond the sky, And angels bright, all clothed in white, The praises sing of heaven's King. This God can see both you and me, Can see at night as in the light, And all we do remembers too. 'Tis He bestows my food and clothes, And my soft bed to rest my head, And cottage neat, and mother sweet. And should not I for ever try To do what He has ordered me, And dearly love this Friend above ? I always should be very good ; At home should mind my parents kind...
Página 47 - To see if we can spare a crumb. Now pussy, dear, attend to me, And never, never cruel be ; Oh, do not harm the weak and small, For that's not being good at all. My dear mamma, so kind and true, Has often said that we should do To others, as we wish that they Would do to us, from day to day.
Página 19 - A POEM FOR A CHILD. SING, kettle, sing, Etty can hear ; Your kind song bring Nice tea-time near ; Nice toast and tea, Kettle, I know, Not far can be When you sing so. Sing father here, Now the room 's brightBright, snug, and dear, With warm firelight. Sing, bring him home ; We always know He soon will come When you sing so. Here 's his soft chair, Soon you will see Us sitting there, I on his knee; You, kettle, too, Your love must show ; What can you do ? Sing on just so. WC BENNETT. SONG OF LIFE....
Página 18 - I will there cleave off my little finger, and it shall be seen by my blood that I am not of the race of the Caqueux !' " Marie Tilli said to Jannik Kokard that day : ' The sun is hot, let us go and sit in the shade.' Jannik followed the young girl, and when he got up he did not know, unfortunate young man, what had happened to him. He did not know that, poor young man, he was infected, that he was leprous ! But as he returned home, swellings big as peas came out on his skin ; it was painful to see...

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