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· Port Tobacco parish, Charles county, . . .

St. Mark's parish, Frederick county, you
St. Paul's, Prince George's,
All Hallows, Anne Arundel, bit:
Zion, Prince George's county, a s
Christ Church, Queen Caroline Parish, Anne Arundel. &
Trinity, Prince George's county, omela COMO
William and Mary parish, St. Mary's county,
St. Andrew's parish, St. Mary's county, S
King and Queen parish, St. Mary's county,
Durham parish, Charles county contain
Christ Church, Georgetown, 061.2.
St. John's, Georgetown, cough
St. Ann's, Annapolis, Anne Arundel county,
Zion Church, Frederick county,
Stepney parish, Somerset county,
St. Martin's, Worcester county, 12 .
Queen Ann's, Prince George's county,
St. Paul's, Kent county,

on ë
St. Peter's, Talbot county, on

Addison Chapel, Prince George's county,
Christ Church, Calvert county, . .
Christ Church, Anne Arundel county,
St. Paul's, Sharpsburgh, Frederick county,
Emanuel parish,
St. George's Harford county,
Havre de Grace, Harford county,
St. Augustine, Cecil county, i
St. Mary Ann's, Cecil county, a bep BCBIOLC
St. John's, Queen Ann's county,
St. Luke's, Queen Ann's county, .
Christ Church, Queen Ann's county,
St. Mary's, White Chapel, Caroline county,
Dorchester, Dorchester county,
Somerset, Somerset county,

Rev. Lemuel Wilmer, .

John L. Bryan, .
L. I. Gillis,
W. Rafierty, D. D.
B. P. Aydelott, .
Stephey H. Tyng,

vaéant, : :
- Robert B. Mitchell,
Noble Young,..
Charles P. Mcllvaine,

W.D. Addison, .
- H. L. Dasis, D. D.
- W. Arinstrong, Jr.
- William M. Stone,
... vacant, . .
LI, Gillis, .

vacant, .
Thomas Bayne,

• yacant,
- vacant,

- vacant,
|-- Vacant,
- vacant,

yacant, ..::
W. Duke, ..

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The treasurer of the convention was directed to pay to each of the delegates from the diocese of Maryland, who attended the late general convention, the sum of 50 dollars, and to each meinber of the stand. ing committee, the amount of bis expenses during the last year. · The following preamble and resolution, baving been moved and seconded, was passed by the convention. We insert it at length ibat our readers may see the manner of legislation, in the convention of Maryland, which, though it approximates nearer to civil, than to ca. non law in form, strikes us agreeably : Whereas, at the session of the convention in 1820, a petition was presented by sundry inhabitants of St. John's parish, Prince George's and Charles counties, praying that they might be permitted to separate from said parish, and form a distinct congregation under the act of 1802, à report was presented favourable toʻsaid petition, but the subject was not acted upon by the convention; and whereas it is represented by the rector of said parish, that the petitioners still wish to separate as aforesaid,

Be it therefore enacted and ordained, by the convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maryland, that Coleman Beanes, William Marshall, Thomas H. Claggett, Thomas Mundell, and other members of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maryland, residing within the limits of the parish aforesaid, be, and they are hereby authorized to form themselves into a separate congregation; and upon the formation of said congregation, and compliance with the canons and regulations of the Church, the said congregation shall be received into the Church, and entitled to all the privileges and immunities secured by law, and the constitution and canons of the Church, to separate con. gregations.?!.

, For the same reason also, we insert the following resolution. Much time is lost in our conventions, by a want of regularity and despatch, in the performance of ordinary business. '« On motion, resolved, That the following form of proceeding to business at the opening of each session of the convention, be adopted that as soon as the president takes the chair, the names of the clergy shall be called over by the secretary of the preceding meeting; or in case of his 'absence, by a secretary pro. tem. to be appointed by the president." The lay delegates shall lay their certificates of appointment on the table, and subscribe the declaration required by the constitution. Upon which acts being done, if a constitutional quorum be present, the president shall thereupon declare the fact, that the convention is organized and ready for business; and the following committees shall then be appointed by the chair :-One of elections, one on the state of the Church, and one on accounts. And the president is hereby authorized and empowered to conform the proceedings of the convention to this order." ; . om i

The standing committee appointed were, for the ensuing year:Rev. H. L. Davis, D. D. Rev. E. D. Barry, D. 'D. Rev. W. D. Addi. son, Rev. W. E. Wyatt, D. D.-Western Shore.

Rev. Thomas Bayne, Rev. George Weller, Rev. William Jackson.-Eastern Shore..

The report of the trustees of the theological seminary, established at the last convention having been read, the following resolution, by

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the Hon. C. Goldsborough, was finally adopted. “That the estab. lishment of the theological seminary, authorized by a vote of the last convention of this diocese shall be, and the same is hereby sus. pended, and that no resolution or other act of the convention, for the revival of the said seminary, or for the establishment of any other theological seminary, within this diocese, shall be bad or be deemed valid and effectual, unless the same shall be adopted at one convention, published among their proceedings for the consideration of the diocese, and afterwards ratified and confirmed by the next annual and regular convention, after a new election of lay delegates."

It was also resolved, “ That it is the sense of this convention, that the persons, who have subscribed to the diocesan theological seminary, are released from their obligation to pay their subscription."

We sincerely rejoice at this result; because we are persuaded that the establishment of one system of theological instruction, under the control of the general convention, will be found to be most conducive to the peace and good order of the Church. As branch schools may hereafter be established, whenever the united wisdom of the Church shall see fit to establish the same, the system appears to us, to be liable to fewer objections than any other. · Evils there inust be, because nothing in this world is free from attendant evils ; and objections there must be, because the views of men may be narrow, or comprehensive, and the motives of some more than of others, directed to the promotion of publick good.. On this subject, we are pleased to see the following remarks by the Bishop. .“ When by a special general convention, a system was finally settled for the education of candidates for holy orders, it was hoped, to use the language of our venerable presiding bishop, that there would be an undivided wish, and endeavour to support, an institution begun under such favourable prospects.' That this seminary, well supplied with learned and pious professors, would be completely sufficient for the purposes of the Church, for many years to come ; that a uniform mode of education, under the superintendance of the bouse of bishops, would be the most effectual way to preserye her integrity, to maintain her excellent form of worsbip, and to preserve the unity of her faith ; these are proposi. tions which seem to admit of no doubt. And it is surely true, that unity in the Christian church was viewed by our blessed Lord and his apostles as the main principle of her existence. ..' .'.';',

" Besides, it would be of great advantage for the students of theology, in every diocese, to finish their education at the great theological school of the Church. They would enter upon the duties of their ministry under more favourable circumstances; and to be educated at the same seminary, would unite them in the bonds of affection, while, at the same time, a laudable and valuable emulation would be created among the sons of the Church. id risien

" It has been said, however, and it may sometimes be the case, that young men of good talents, and pious dispositions may be inclined to enter the ministry, who have not the means of acquiring the ele. mentary parts of education, or of finishing their studies at the seminary.

“Let a society then be formed in every diocese, for the purpose of supplying pecuniary aid to young men preparing for holy orders, and all difficulties of this kind will be removed, while the union and har. mony of the Church will be preserved.

“In two dioceses, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, societies of this kind have been formed, and their efforts have been great. A similar society exists in this diocese, althougb its operations have been suspended, for reasons that need not be mentioned here. But agreea. bly to the constitution, it can be immediately brought into operation, and in all the parishes of the state, auxiliaries may be formed. This would yield in a way thal never would be felt, an annual supply of money for the good purposes of the institution. And at the present time it might commence operations under very favourable circumstances. Some money is now in hand. And the income of a legacy, now amounting to about 1400 dollars, and which may be considerably increased, if the debts be all recovered, left by the late Rev. Mr. Jackson, it would be in my power to add annually to their fund."

EPISCOPAL ACTS. During the past year, the Bishop has ordained 6 priests, and 2 dea. cons ; administered confirmation in 8 places to 169 persons, of whom 19 were blacks; admitted 2 candidates for holy orders ; consecrated one church ; and licensed I lay reader.

The number of the clergy, notwithstanding the abovementioned ordinations, has diminished by death and removals, being less by two iban last year. The bishop accounts for ibis, on the ground of the precarious and inadequate support of the clergy; and be proposes this subjec! for the serious consideration of the inembers of our communion. “ We humbly hope,” he observes, “that the Divine Spirit will inspire the hearts of our members, with such love for ber venerable apostolick character, such zeal for the promotion of her weltare, and such concern for the salvation of men, that they will apply their wisdom, and consecrale a portion of their wealth, to enable her to maintain a pious and respectable ministry.

- This is unquestionably, at the present time, the most urgent object that can be offered to the consideration of her members.' And I bave, and shall conlinue to avail myself of all suitable occasions, to bring this subject before the laity, until the Christian principle come into full ope. ration, that every man consider bimself as bound by his conscit nce to contribute part of his means for the support of the church of Christ."

We take the liberty of suggesting at the close of this abstract, that it would confer an obligation upon us, and we presume on all the distant members of our Church, if the committee on the state of the Church, or the secretary of the convention, would specify the number of parishes in the diocese and arrange them according to the geographical divisions of the state.

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We are indebted, deeply, and express our warmest thanks to P.P.P.S.
for his excellent article on Archbishop Laud. It will appear in our
next, and we hope to benefit our readers, often, by his communications.
“ Adversaria” is also approved and will be inserted.

Last No. p. 349, line 13, in some copies, for excused read accused.




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