Sustainable Business

River Publishers, 2016 M08 21 - 244 páginas

The developments in our environment and society has made it clear that the way we run our businesses and govern our nations is not sustainable in the long run. This is also why more and more companies and organizations are pursuing sustainable business through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. However, many companies experience that although they facilitate a CSR strategy on corporate level, CSR is often not embedded in their business and/or integrated across their functions. If companies are to achieve the full business potential and performance impact of CSR, sustainability has to be operationalized, targeted and measured across the value chain through empowered employees and in alignment with the business strategy of the company. 

Though state-of-the-art CSR research, theories and models, the theoretical platform for sustainable business and CSR is presented in this book. However, CSR is carried out in practice, and not just in theory. This is why each chapter is supplemented with practical case examples explaining the way in which different companies and their managers have integrated sustainable business in their strategy and across the organizations’ different functions. As is evident both in theory and practice, the success of CSR integration is highly affected by industrial context, as the unique characteristics of the industry have an impact on the key sustainability challenges and business opportunities of the specific company and industry. In support of this evidence, the book also reveals how CSR can be implemented across private and public organizations as well as small & medium sized entities (SMEs) 

Theoretical and empirical topics discussed in the book include:  

Defining sustainable business and CSR CSR strategy integration Stakeholder managementSustainable innovation, management and productionChange management & change leadershipGreen business model innovationResponsible HRM and administrationCradle-to-cradleGreen procurementCorporate social innovationSustainable Communication and – SalesBusiness-NGO partnerships


Acerca del autor (2016)

Annabeth Aagaard (Ph.D., M.Sc.) has over twenty years of experience working as a manager, management specialist, and academic researcher across strategy, management, CSR/sustainability, business modeling, and innovation among numerous large and global companies and universities.

She is an associate professor at the Department of Business Develop- ment and Technology at Aarhus University in Denmark. She is the co- manager of the MBIT (Multi-Business-Model-Innovation & Technology) laboratory and of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. She holds a Ph.D. in Front End Innovation in Pharma and Biotech and has interests within the scientific fields of sustainability, innovation, business modeling, and strategic management drawing on her theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in the academic, public, and private sectors.

Through her elaborate network, she performs and provides empirical and applied research with the main objective to bridge the gap between theory and practice. She has authored and co-authored nine academic textbooks and management handbooks and several scientific journal articles on different innovation, business modeling, and CSR topics. Her research is published in many of the top-ranked scientific journals in management, sustainability and innovation. She is also an acknowledged public speaker and has published numerous public articles on key sustainability and innovation topics. 

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