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Ediciones Hidalguia, 2007 - 358 pages
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PLease add book's summary to "About this book" page: A powerful eclectic work of art, Fear Not reveals Lisa Bell's sound answers to some of life's perplexing questions and painful emotions from a Biblical holistic perspective. The tutorial structure of Bell's book provides easy to understand examples that make you feel you are not alone and there is help out there for you. A truthful, gritty, and eye-opening comparison of the certainty of God's way and the uncertainty of man's path provides peace of mind for the thirsty mind, body, and spirit of many. Unfortunately, many people today have been reduced to merely existing in this present world and void of having a true peace of mind. We have grown to believe that a happy, positive, and free of fear lifestyle is unobtainable. Yet our lives continue to be filled with questions about how to live that promote fears: "How do I fix my marriage?" "How do I get my wife to listen to me?" "How do I get my husband to support my concerns?" "How can I handle my troubled teenager?" "How can I make my parents believe me?" "How can I fit in with my friends without giving into negative peer pressure?" "How can I feel more secure on my job?" "How can I avoid the sabotage at work?" "How can I improve my financial situation?" "How can I find the right relationship?" Learn how to overcome your fears by embracing the idea of placing faith in God and not in the power of your own attributes and abilities. Author Lisa Bell's engaging style, coupled with the easy to apply self-help diagrams, will readily encourage you to trust God and learn how to obtain His blessings. You will discover how to conquer self-defeating behaviors and increase your productivity. Her timely message will clear up your confusion, concerns, and questions about the future. You will become equipped possibly for the first time to answer your own questions: "Why do I act so differently from the person I really am on the inside?" "Will I ever be able to overcome my past mistakes?" "Can I trust in God's promises for my life?" "Who will take care of me if I let go?" "Can I live with God's will for my life?" "How can I overcome my fear to give up the driver's seat to God?" "Why do I make choices that lead to self destructive results?" "Why do I fear the things I cannot control?" Lisa's book, Fear Not will also reveal the need for the reader to give up the mask of, "I'm in control, "I'm doing just fine," or "I'm all powerful." In doing so, answers to some unanswered "why's" of life are unveiled. Ultimately, the author hopes readers will leave realizing God's way is the best way to live a safe and secure life without fear. Accepting that man's path to a happy life is limited, flawed, and unreliable; filled with fear of the unknown. Bell's easy-to-understand explanations will open your eyes and hearts that God's way is the only way to live.

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