Management in Latin America: Threats and Opportunities in the Globalized World

Springer Science & Business, 2014 M03 12 - 163 páginas

The aim of this book is to analyze the quality of entrepreneurial management and economic development in the Latin American region from a microeconomic point of view. It seeks to explain the Latin American way of business management as well as envision ways in which Latin American businesses can increase productivity and innovation in order to successfully compete in the global market.

Latin America comprises nearly 8.5% of the global population and represents over 8% of the global GDP, yet it is home to only 12 (or less than 2.5%) of the world’s 500 largest companies. In this volume, the author analyzes the unique dynamics of Latin American corporate culture to consider the particular obstacles to more successful performance. Drawing evidence from dozens of companies across the eight largest Latin American economies, he notes that Latin American companies have evolved in the context of a highly aristocratic and oligarchic society, dominated by patriarchal families from the upper classes. Corporate structure, especially in family-owned companies, is based largely on patronage and privilege and often characterized by unnecessary hierarchy, redundant responsibilities and poor communication and information management systems. Operating in relative isolation, with little incentive to invest in innovation to compete against foreign products has reinforced this conservative culture.

Taking a fresh perspective that focuses at the firm level, with an emphasis on corporate administration, the author presents a compelling explanation for Latin America’s delay in economic development and offers insights for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, identifying promising industrial sectors and improving productivity and competitiveness on the global stage.



Culture Geography Wealth in Natural Resources and Technology Ingredients That Could Make Latin America More Developed and Innovative
The Latin American Economy and Its Main Countries from the Point of View of Economic Representativeness The Industrialization Process of the R...
The Business Environment in the Eight Most Important Countries Economically
Management in Latin America Where Are the Problems?
The Sectors That Concentrate the Largest Companies in Latin America and Their Respective Business Environments
The Importance of Large Companies for the Rise of Innovation in the Continent
Technological Panorama of Latin America
How Latin American Companies Could Become Innovators
Biotechnology Latin Americas Big Chance
Succinct Description of the 100 Largest Companies Mentioned
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