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vealed religion to the entire process of its development. Such use of language, however, is not uncommon. We read that General Washington was born in 1732, but the real meaning is that the person who afterwards became the General was born in that year. So, also, when we speak of the transformations of the butterfly, we refer particularly to the process by which it developed into a butterfly-passing from the larval condition into the chrysalid form and thence into the perfect state.

Evolution signifies literally the act of unrolling or unfolding. Le Conte defines the term as "progressive change according to certain laws.'

"2 George Sexton says: “What does the word mean, and whence is it borrowed? It means to unfold from within; and it is taken from the history of the seed or embryo of living natures. And what is the seed but a casket of prearranged futurities, with its whole contents perspective, settled to be what they are by reference to ends still in the distance?"3 While these definitions were given with reference to the doctrine of natural evolution, they nevertheless convey the proper idea of the meaning of the term- -a constant unfolding according to a fixed method.

p. 8.

2 Evolution and its Relation to Religious Thought, 3 Baseless Fabric of Scientific Skepticism (London, 1879), p. 36.

The norm of the redemption plan was not reached, however, in apostolic times; for the divine system of restoration is still unfolding, and its length, and breadth, and depth, and height will not be fully known until the end of time, "when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality.” 1 Cor. 15: 54.

1 Cor. 15:54. The golden age of the Christian lies not in the dim, distant past, but in the future; and already we seem to see the faint glimpse of the roseate dawn which will usher in the bright splendors of that glorious, everlasting day.

"Is there evil but on earth,

Or pain in every peopled sphere?
Well, be grateful for the sounding watchword,
Evolution here."

- Tennyson.

But natural evolution, morally speaking, has usually been evolution downwards; and it has devolved upon Christianity to supply that power of righteousness which exalteth the nations. Wherever the gospel of Christ has been preached, its principles have been gradually diffused, like leaven, throughout the whole mass of society, and they have been the most potent factor in elevating mankind and producing the highest state of civilization.

This progressive feature of the gospel was recognized in a beautiful comparison which a certain minister recently used while in conversation with the writer, given in about the following words: "Christianity is not, as many suppose, a polished diamond let down from heaven to earth, which shines brilliantly and undimmed in any part of the world; but it is a seed which requires planting and good soil.” In other words, the moral principles of righteousness implanted in the heart, like seed, have a gradual development. And this feature of Christianity is full of beauty and wisdom; for it is thus applicable to men in all conditions of life and in every stage of intellectual development.

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