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Onaway: to authorize bonds for water works..
Ontonagon county, to purchase abstract of title.
Orion, village of, to detach certain territory from.
Otisville, to make president of, member board of supervisors.
Owners of estates, in remainder, to protect interests of.


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Palace cars, to provide for taxation of companies owning.
Pardoning board, to amend act relative to.
Partnerships, to amend law relative to.
Parole, to amend law relative to....
Parole of prisoners, indeterminate sentences, etc.
Pawnbrokers, incorporation, registration, etc., of.
Pawnshops, to fix rates for loans and to regulate.
Pawnbrokers, to amend act to regulate..
Paw Paw, to borrow money for public improvements
Peddlers, to license and regulate..
Peddlers, to amend law relative to
Penal institutions, board of charities, defining duties and powers.
Pension money, exemption of property purchased with..
Pentwater, to authorize village of to borrow money.
Pentwater, township of, to borrow money
Pepper, to prohibit adulteration of..
Perishable freight, to be sold by railroad companies
Personal property, filing contracts for sale of.
Personal injuries, to fix time for action ..
Personal actions, limitation of time for commencement of.
Peter White library, to mortgage property of.
Petoskey, to legalize certain bonds.
Pharmacy, to regulate practice of..
Pharmacy, to amend act relative to.
Physicians, to regulate practice of licensed.
Physicians, women, employment of in certain cases
Pine river, legalizing building bridge over.
Plank road, Detroit and Saline, to incorporate.
Plate glass and indemnity companies, to regulate business of.
Police, of Detroit, to establish government.
Police power over suburban railways...
Policies, insurance, issuing of by non-resident companies.
Policemen of city of Saginaw, to provide for disabled.
Pontiac, eastern asylum at, buildings for...
Poor, providing for support of, to amend law relative to.
Poor', superintendents of, to amend law relative to..
Poor, superintendents of, examination of records, etc
Portage township, school districts in, to disorganize.
Portage lake, trout hatchery at..
Portage, township of, school district and police force, etc.
Port Huron, to amend charter of.
Possession of fish, to amend law relative to.
Power and heating companies, formation of.
Power of electors to provide..
Preservation of public health, to amend law relative to.
Presque Isle county, to organize Ocqueoc township in.
Presque Isle county, to borrow money, etc...
Presque Isle county, Allis township, to borrow money
Presque Isle county, to authorize to borrow money for highways.
Primary elections, to amend law relative to.
Primary elections, to provide for holding.
Primary schools, to amend laws relative to.
Printing of supreme court reports, to provide for:

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Private property, filing contracts for sale of...
Private banks, to regulate business of.
Private secretary for auditor general, to fix salary.
Prize fighting, law to prohibit..
Probate judge, to amend law relative to salaries of.
Proceedings against corporations, to amend law relative to.
Probate, judges of, to amend law relative to.
Promissory notes, to amend law relative to..
Property, to amend law relative to offenses against.
Proprietors of livery stables, to protect..
Psychopathic ward at state university, to provide for.
Public documents, amending law of publication.
Public documents, to regulate the distribution of .
Public instruction and primary schools, to amend law relative to.
Public instruction, to amend law relative to.
Public health in public schools, to promote.
Public health, preservation of, to amend law relative to.
Public meeting to promote health in public schools.
Public moneys, to provide for safe keeping of..
Public nuisances, to amend law relative to.
Public works of Detroit, to amend law relative to.
Publication of legal notices, to fix rate.
Pure dairy products, to protect...
Pure food, amending law to compel manufacture of.
Pure food, to prohibit adulteration of...

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Rabbits, to prohibit use of ferrets in hunting ..
Railroad assessors, state board of, to provide for.
Railroad, suburban, to provide for closets and toilet rooms in cars.
Railroad and union station companies, taxation of.
Railroad companies, taxation of property of..
Railroad companies, to amend law for incorporation of
Railroad companies, incorporation and duties of...
Railroad companies, to sell perishable freight.
Railroad commissioner's report to auditor general.
Railroad franchise, to sell and convey.
Railroads, duties, liabilities, management, etc.
Railroads, incorporation and management, to regulate.
Railroads, to amend law regarding incorporation, etc..
Railroads, to maintain relief department for employes of.
Railroads, to provide taxes on...
Railroads of state, to acquire other roads.
Railroads, to amend act of incorporation, duties, etc.
Railroads, to fence and provide crossings..
Railway and bridge and tunnel companies, incorporation of
Railway companies, gas, electric, consolidation of..
Railways, electric, to provide serving legal papers on.
Railways, street, to protect persons from injuries.
Railways, street, to amend law relating to formation of
Railways, suburban, police protection for
Railways, to amend act of incorporation.
Railways, to amend act of construction.
Railways, street, to amend act relative to construction of

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Railways, to provide for running and management of.
Rapid River, township of, to detach certain territory from.
Real estate, amending laws relative to holding, selling, etc.
Reapportionment of senatorial districts..
Reapportionment of state into twelve congressional districts.
Rebating, to prohibit rebating by insurance companies.
Rebellion, Michigan soldiers' record in, publication of.
Receiver, for certain corporations.
Records of abstracts, taxation of.
Record, Michigan soldiers, publication of.
Recording of deeds and mortgages, to amend law relative to.
Reform school for girls, to amend law relative to.
Reformatory prison for women, to establish.
Reformatory for inebriates, to provide for..
Register of deeds, to report mortgages to tax commissioners.
Registration laws, to amend..
Registration and licensing of barbers, to amend law relative to.
Registration, to amend law relative to marriage license.
Registration of grange libraries..
Remainder of estates, to protect owner.
Reports of state officials, to amend law of publication, etc.
Review, board of, tax on express companies, etc., by.
Rivers, improvement of for logging purposes.
Roads, good, to amend constitution relative to.
Rural high schools, to establish..

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Safety device, to be applied to steam boilers.
Saginaw county, additional judge for...
Saginaw, city of, to provide for policemen inri.
Saginaw, county of, state to pay for insane persons.
Saginaw, electric roads to sell surplus steam, etc.
Saginaw, city of, to amend charter of..
Sale of lands in chancery cases...
Salaries for members and officers of legislature
Salaries of state officials, to provide tax to meet
Salaries of county officials of Wayne county.
Salaries of bank employes, to regulate..
Salaries of judges of probate, to amend law relative to.
Salaries of members of legislature, to amend constitution.

lary of chief of vital statistics, to fix..
Salary of police and others in Detroit, to provide for.
Salary of private secretary to auditor general, to fix.
Salary for game and fish warden, to provide. .
Saline and Detroit plank road, to incorporate..
Salt and other manufactures, to amend incorporation of.
Salt, to amend act for inspection of.
Sanilac county, schools in Marion and Bridgehampton.
Sanitarium, state, to establish for nervous diseases.
Sault Ste. Marie, appropriation for fish hatchery at.
School building and site at Escanaba, to bond for .
School commissioners, county, compensation, etc.
School district No. 1, of Ishpeming, to borrow mones,
School examiner, county, compensation, etc.
Schools, free, in Grand Rapids, to amend law relative to
School houses, to restrict sale of liquor near.
Schools, rural high, to establish.
School visitor, appointment of..
Secretary of state, to provide salary for deputy
Security companies, to amend law relative to..
Senators, United States, election of by popular vote.

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Senatorial districts, to divide state into thirty-two.
Sheriff of Wayne county, to regulate fees..
Sheriffs, certificates, fixing time of expiration of.
Sixteenth judicial circuit, to amend act relative to.
Slander, to simplify actions in..
Sleeping car companies, to provide for levy and collection of taxes on
Sleeping car companies, taxation of..
Sleeping cars, to regulate charges.
Slot machines, to prohibit sale, etc.
Slot machines, to prohibit use of, etc.
Smallpox cases, to amend law relative to care of.
Stairway, fire proof, at Kalamazoo asylum...
State highway commissioners, board of, to provide.
State house of correction and reformatory, at Ionia, to change name of.
State institutions, regulations relative to.
State library, to extend its usefulness.
State normal school at Muskegon, to establish.
State normal schools, to amend act relative to.
State officials, to render statement of expenses.
State public school at Coldwater, to provide for management of
State public school at Coldwater, appropriation for.
State prison and reformatory, appropriation for.
State prison, Michigan, appropriation for.
State prison, to amend law relative to...
State property, to provide for inventory of.
State sanitarium for treatment of pulmonary tuber culosis.
State tax lands for forestry reserve.
State tax lands in Newaygo county, to take for military purposes.
State auditors, board of, to amend law relative to.
State buildings, to prohibit sale of liquor in..
State board of assessors, for telegraph, express companies, etc.
State board of health, to establish..
State board of health, to l'egulate transportation of bodies.
State board of railroad assessors, to provide for.
State dairy bureau, to establish.
State documents, amending law for publication of..
State fire marshal, duties of..
State auditors, board of, to pay Saginaw county certain claims
State, acceptance of bequests, donations, assignments.
State agency, care of juvenile offenders, to amend law relative to.
State and traveling libraries, purchasing books for
State asylums, women on board of trustees.
State asylum at Ionia, maintenance of certain patients at.
State asylum at lonia, appropriation for..
State board of education, to amend law relative to.
State to pay expenses of certain prosecutions.
State to pay for prosecuting defaulting state officers.
Statistics, commissioner of mineral, appointment of.
Steam boilers, safety device for...
Stenographers, certified reports as evidence
Stenographers, circuit court, salaries and duties of.
Stenographers, duties, salaries, etc...
Stenographer, of third judicial circuit, salary of
Stenographers, duties of, for circuit courts.
Stenographer for thirty-eighth judicial circuit.
Stewart, to change name from Garlinghouse.
Street railways, to provide for formation of.
Street railways in Detroit, to construct sub-lines.
Street railway companies, to regulate formation of.
Street railways, formation of, to amend law relative to.
Street railways, to protect people from injuries on.
Streams, formation of companies for improvement of.
Street and suburban roads, to fence and provide crossings.

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Smelting companies, to amend law relative to.
Soldiers' home, women on board of managers of.
Soldiers' home, to amend law relative to.
Soldiers' home, to amend law relative to discipline of.
South Carolina exposition, state to pay freight on exhibits.
South Haven, appropriation for sub-station at..
South Haven, to authorize to borrow money.
South Haven, to borrow money for jail, etc.
Sparring exhibitions, to prohibit..
Springfield, to detach certain territory from.
St. Clair county, assistant prosecuting attorney for.
St. Clair county, Fort Gratiot township, to disorganize.
St. Clair judicial circuit, additional judge for ..
St. Clair township, legalizing action of electors.
St. Clair township, to borrow money...
St. Clair county, board of jury commissioners for.
St. Stephen's church, to amend act of incorporation.
Stocks, bonds, produce, to regulate buying and selling of.
Storage companies, to regulate and fix rates.
Storage, pawnbrokers, to regulate and incorporate.
Street cars, to provide for closets and toilet rooms on.
Street railway, gas and electric light companies, consolidation of.
Street railway companies, formation of, to amend law relative to.
Street railroad companies, to sell and use electric current and surplus steam.
Suburban tracks in highways, construction of..
Suburban railways, police protection for.
Sub-station at South Haven, appropriation for
Suits against corporations, to regulate commencement of.
Summer resorts, formation of corporations to improve, etc.
Summer resort associations, extending of corporate life of.
Superintendent of poor, examination of records, etc.
Superintendent of poor', to amend act relative to.
Superintendent of vital statistics, appointment of.
Supervisors, boards of, to amend law relative to.
Supervisors of townships, term of office, etc.
Supreme court, additional judges for..
Supreme court, clerk of, to provide compensation.
Supreme court reports, to provide for printing, etc.
Survey of certain lake by land commissioner.
Swamp lands, appropriation of, for improvement in Saginaw county
Swanıp lands, to be sold by land commissioner.
Switching charges, to regulate..

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71 170, 171

477 525 185 165 482 38 63 520 519 110 346 547 68 80 351 159 363 327 440

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Tax commission to receive reports from register of deeds..

546 Tax law, to amend general, 4, 39, 86, 142, 143, 168, 317, 319, 334, 340, 343, 347,

405, 419, 456, 488, 521, 523, 529, 531, 540. Tax to meet amount disbursed by state for state asylums.

246 Tax to meet disbursements for general expenses of state government.

247 Tax on mortgages, to amend law relative to..

490 Taxation on farms, exemption in certain cases.

32 Tax on palace, drawing and sleeping car companies.

89 Tax on sleeping car companies..

17 Taxation on steam vessels, etc.

106 Taxation of abstract of titles and records.

14 Taxation of homesteads, to exempt.

81 Taxation of railroad property.

15 Taxation of railroads and union station companies.

101, 104, 141 Taymouth township, to issue bonds.

252 Telegraph charges, to regulate.


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