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This index is composed of the following parts:
I. Index to all bills and joint resolutions introduced in the Senate.
II. Index to all bills and joint resolutions received from the House.
III. History of Senate bills and joint resolutions.
IV. Senate history of House bills and joint resolutions received.
V. General index to Senate Journal,



(Figures at ends of lines give bill numbers.)


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Abstract records, taxation of..
Abstract of titles, Ontonagon county, to maintain.
Accident and fidelity insurance companies, to regulate.
Accounts of Manistee county, auditing of.
Accounts, keeping of, by municipal officers.
Acknowledgment of deeds and mortgages, to amend act
Addition to capitol building, to provide for.
Additional judge for St. Clair judicial circuit.
Administrators, appointment of, for incompetent persons
Additional judges for supreme court.
Adulteration of food, to prohibit..
Adrian, to amend act for incorporation of public schools.
Adrian, to amend act relative to St. Stephens' church in.
Agricultural college, appropriation for.
Agricultural society of Alpena county, authorizing to sell property
Agricultural college, to amend act to reorganize.
Alimony to husbands, to provide for..
Allis, township of, to borrow money.
Akron, to attach territory to township of Wisner
Alpena, to amend act of incorporation of city of.
Alpena, township of, to borrow money, highways.
Alpena county, supervisors of, agricultural society, etc.
Andersonville, monument of soldiers buried at.
Anti-trust law..

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Appeals, to create a circuit court of...
Appropriation for normal school at Muskegon.
Appropriation for state public school.
Appropriation for state asylum at Ionia.
Appropriation for northern state normal school..
Appropriation for buildings at insane asylum at Kalamazoo
Appropriation for trout hatchery at Portage lake.
Appropriation for state sanitarium for nervous diseases.
Appropriation for experimental sub-station at South Haven.
Appropriation for agricultural college..
Appropriation for upper peninsula experiment station.
Appropriation for industrial school for boys.
Appropriation for college of mines..
Appropriation for state prison
Appropriation for house of correction..
Appropriation for upper peninsula prison.
Appropriation for building addition to capitol, to provide for
Appropriation for state house of correction and reformatory.
Appropriation for normal school at Marquette.
Appropriation for fish commissioners..
Appropriation for industrial home for girls.
Appropriation for state prison at Jackson.
Appropriation for school for deaf..
Appropriation for state fish hatchery..
Appropriation for upper peninsula hospital for insane.
Appropriation for science hall at university of Michigan.
Appropriation for university of Michigan each year, to define
Appropriation for monument at Andersonville.
Arbitration in insurance cases, to amend law relative to
Assessinent of taxes on railroad property..
Assistant prosecuting attorney for St. Clair county.
Assistants for executive office.
Assignments in garnishment cases, to make invalid.
Assigninents, acceptance by state..
Assignment of error, by circuit courts.
Assessors, state board of, for railroad and union stations.
Assessors, state board of, for express, railroad companies, etc.
Assessors, state board of railroad..
Assessors, board of, to assess express, telephone companies
Associations for building and owning halls, lodges, etc.
Associations for building halls, etc., incorporation of.
Associations, to repeal act relative to formation of
Asylum, eastern Michigan, buildings for..
Asylums, state, women on board of trustees of
Asylum, state, appropriation for...
Asylums, state, tax to provide for disbursements.
Asylum at Traverse City, land, buildings, etc., for,
Auditors, board of, for Kent county.
Auditors of Wayne county, to amend law relative to.
Auditors, county of Wayne, act relative to...
Auditors, board of state, to sell certain state property in Lansing.
Auditors, board of state, expense of state officers to be allowed by.
Auditors, board of state, to amend laws relative to...
Auditor general, report of railroad commissioner, tax from railroads.
Auditor general, to fix salary of private secretary of..


3 32

40 44, 198

91 115 134 165 166 167 195 211 212

212 212, 253

245 248 251 276 306 307 322 331 332 375 378 497 284

15 345 83

7 30 309 101 141 448 554

54 135 289 16 23 40 246 354

43 172 522 423 501 553 382 407

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Badge of G. A. R., to prohibit wearing in certain cases.
Baldwin, township of, to provide voting precincts in.
Bank employes, to regulate salary of...

75 35 90

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