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Telegraph companies, assessment by state board of assessors.
Telegraph companies, to tax..
Telegraph operators, to amend act relative to.
Telegraph, telephone and express companies, tax on.
Telegraph and telephone companies, tax on.
Telephone and telegraph messenger service, to regulate.
Telephone charges, to regulate.
Telephone companies, to provide tax on.
Telephone companies, assessment by state board of assessors.
Telephone, telegraph and express .companies, tax on.
Telephone, to regulate charges.
Term fees, to abolish...
Third judicial circuit. salary of stenographer.
Thirty-seventh judicial circuit, Calhoun county, to organize.
Thirty-first judicial circuit, to amend act relative to.
Thirty-eighth judicial circuit, to organize..
Threshing, to provide a lien for.
Titles, land, registration of..
Titles, land, registration of, in Lenawee county.
Toilet rooms on railway cars, companies to provide.
Tontine insurance, to prohibit..
Town hall for township of Decatur, to provide for.
Township officers, to amend law relative to..
Torch Lake, township of, to attach territory to.
Tracks of railway companies, construction of
Trading stamps, to prohibit use of..
Training and normal school at Muskegon, to locate.
Transfer and sale of railroad franchises.
Transfer of stock in bulk, to regulate.
Transportation of fish, to amend law relative to.
Traveling and state libraries, purchasing books for.
Traverse City asylum, improvements for.
Trustees for Michigan insane asylums, women on board of.
Trusts, to amend act of incorporation.
Trusts, to amend law relative to.
Trusts, to prevent and punish..
Tuberculosis, state sanitarium for treatment of
Tunnel companies, incorporation of...
Twenty-ninth judicial circuit, to reorganize.

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Union station companies, taxation of.
United States senator, election of by popular vote.
University of Michigan, science hall at, appropriation for
University of Michigan, to define appropriation each year,
University, state, psychopathic ward at.
Upper peninsula experimental station, appropriation for.
Upper peninsula hospital for insane, appropriation for.
Upper peninsula hospital for insane, women on board of trustees.
Upper peninsula mines, specific tax on...
L'pper peninsula prison, appropriation for.
Upper peninsula prison, to amend law relative to.
Upper peninsula, to prohibit clipping horses in.

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Veterans of civil war, exemption of certain property of.
Veterinary surgeons, to protect title of..
Villages, incorporation of, to amend laws relative to.
Villages, to amend act of incorporation...
Villages of certain size to bond for certain purposes.


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Waldron, Benjamin, relief on account of death of...
Water power in Grand Rapids, to improve.
Waterford, to regulate school boundaries in.
Waterworks companies, incorporation of..
Wayland, village of, to amend charter of.
Wayne county, to fix salaries of officials of.
Vayne county, repeal act relative to superintendents of poor in.
Wayne county, to provide jury commissioners for.
Wayne county, to provide sinking fund for.
Wayne county, to regulate sheriff's fees in..
Wayne county auditors, bill relative to..
Wayne county, amend act relative to auditors of.
Weeds, to provide for the destruction of noxious.
West Bay City, to amend charter of.
West Indian exposition, state to pay freight on exhibit.
Wills, land bequeathed by, sale of in certain cases.
Wisner, to attach territory from Akron township.
Wilkinson, J. M., relief relating to G. W. Freeman.
Wives and children, to protect from desertion..
Women, appointment as factory inspectors.
Women on board of trustees for state asylums.
Women physicians, employment of in certain cases.
Women on board of managers at soldiers' home.
Women, reformatory prison for...
Women, to establish state sanitarium for.
Writs of error, to amend law relative to.
Wyandotte, to attach certain territory to.




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Zilwaukie, appropriation of state swamp lands, etc.
Zilwaukie, to consolidate school districts..
Zilwaukie, to improve highways in..





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Abbott voting machine, to provide for use of...
Abstract books, Jackson county, to provide..
Addison, village of, changing sites for schools.
Adjutant general, authorizing to complete war records.
Administrators, sale of lands by and to borrow money.
Administrators, to give new bonds, judge of probate.
Administrators, to license by judges of probate.
Adrian, city of, to amend charter of.
Adulteration of ground feed, to prevent.
Agricultural college, appropriation for.


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Agricultural college, to extend aid to..
Agricultural land in Eaton Rapids, to fence.
Agricultural society of Bay county, to borrow money.
Alpena, to amend act of incorporation.
Alpena, to incorporate public schools of .
Algoma township, relief of R. H. Dockeray
Algonac, legalizing issue of bonds for water works.
Algonac, legalizing issue of bonds for electric light.
Alliance Marquette, incorporation of.
Alma, village of, to borrow money.
Almshouse, to regulate admission of persons to.
Ancient Order of United Workmen, to amend act relative to.
Animals, birds, children to protect.
Ann Arbor, to purchase water works.
Ann Arbor, to bond for city hall..
Applegate, village of, to incorporate
Appropriation for soldiers' home..
Appropriation for board of public health.
Appropriation for Pioneer and Historical society
Appropriation for school for the deaf (supplemental)
Appropriation for Michigan school for the deaf..
Appropriation Michigan asylum for insane, for detached buildings, etc.
Appropriation for northern asylum for insane at Newberry
Appropriation for home for feeble-minded and epileptic.
Appropriation for house of correction at Ionia.
Appropriation for agricultural college.
Appropriation for asylum at Traverse City.
Appropriation for state prison at Jackson
Appropriation for improvements state prison at Jackson
Appropriation for horticultural interests:
Appropriation for school for blind.
Appropriation for asylum at Pontiac.
Appropriation for industrial home for girls.
Appropriation for industrial school for girls.
Ippropriation for home for feeble-minded and epileptic.
Appropriation for (supplemental) normal at Marquette.
Appropriation for asylum at Pontiac.
Appropriation for industrial school for boys.
Appropriation for normal school at Mt. Pleasant.
Appropriation for Michigan state naval brigade.
Appropriation for cleaning Au Gres river.
Appropriation for fish commission..
Appropriation for Pan-American exposition.
Appropriation for normal college at Ypsilanti.
Appropriation for monument for E. May Tower.
Appropriation for medals for Spanish-American soldiers.
Arenac county, to pay certain fees to clerk of...
Asylums, transportation and temporary care of certain poor persons.
Asylumis, to amend act relative to government of.
Assignments and mortgages, against garnishment.
Associations for erecting buildings, etc.
Assistant prosecuting attorney for Oakland county, to provide for.
Assessor for city of St. Clair, to provide for.
Assessor for East Tawas, to provide for...
Attorney general, to provide money for clerks and office expenses.
Auditors of Wayne county, to provide for election of..
Auditors of Wayne county, publication of list of claims of.
Auditor general, to transfer certain land in Grand Rapids.
Au Gres river, appropriation to clean out.
Au Sable river, to protect trout in..
Automobiles, to regulate running on highways.

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Bad Ase public schools, to organize.
Banking, to amend law relative to.
Baraga county, to build breakwater in
Barker. E. C., relief of..
Barlow, George, relief of.
Barry county, to regulate fishing in Wall lake in.
Bass, to regulate catching of in Indian lake.
Bass, to regulate catching of in state.
Battle Creek, to amend charter of.
Bay City, to amend school laws of city of..
Bay City (West), to amend charter of..
Bay City; to pension disabled policemen, etc
Bay City, sale of certain tax lands in..
Bay (ity, to reincorporate..
Bay county, board of supervisors to levy tax for paying mortgage.
Bay county supervisor, to fix salary of chairman of.
Bay county roads, to regulate traffic of.
Bay county, to bond for good roads..
Bay county, to regulate electric cars in..
Bay county, to build bridge over Kawkawlin river
Bear lake, to regulate fishing in.
Ben Stresen Reuter, for relief of.
Bertillion system of measuring convicts, to provide for
Birds and game, to protect..
Blind, school for, appropriation for.
Blissfield, to borrow money.
Board of education of East Saginaw, to incorporate.
Board of public works, to abolish at East Tawas.
Board of public works in Detroit, to establish.
Boards of supervisors, general duties of.
Bonds of Mecosta township, to legalize.
Bonds of New Baltimore, to legalize...
Bonds, to amend act relative to giving bonds in probate court.
Bonds, to record by county clerk.
Boorman, to change name to Howard.
Bottles, to protect owners of.
Boyne City and S. E. railroad, to regulate rates.
Breakwater, to build at Baraga and L'Anse road.
Breitung, to detach territory from..
Bridge companies, to regulate.
Bridges, highways and private roads, to amend law relative to.
Buffalo, appropriation for exhibition at Pan-American exhibition.
Building and loan companies, to regulate....

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Calhoun county, to detach from fifth judicial circuit.
Calumet, to incorporate public schools of.
Calumet, to provide for elections in...
Calumet, to regulate cattle running at large in.
Canvassers, county, to amend act relative to..
Capitol grounds, foundation for monument on
Car companies, to provide for tax on.
Cass county, to regulate fishing in.
Cass county, to regulate fishing in Indian lake in..
Castle by Michigan engineers and mechanics, base for.
Castleton, to organize new school district in..
Cedar Springs, relief of George Barlow.
Cedar Springs, relief of Sidney Starke.

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Central lake, village of, to borrow inoney.
Certificates, registration of death.
Chancery, to amend law relative to.
Charitable societies, incorporation of.
Charlevoix, bonds to build bridge over Pine river.
Charter for Detroit, to provide...
Children, animals, etc., to protect by incorporations.
Children, to amend act relative to protection of.
Children, to amend act relative to compulsory education of.
Children under 16, to regulate confinement of..
Chief deputy game warden, appointment of...
Christian reformed churches, to amend law relative to.
Church property, to be held by certain trustees.
Church, Wm. K., to change name to King.
Cigarettes, to prohibit sale of, etc..
Circuit courts, assignments of writs of error.
Circuit court commissioners of Kent county, salary for
Circuit courts, to define limit and jurisdiction of..
Circuit court in Petoskey, to provide holding.
Circuit court, security in certain cases.
Circuit court stenographer, to provide salary for.
Cities of fourth class, incorporation of.
City hall, Ann Arbor, to bond to build.
Claim of Ingham county against state..
Claims, publication of list of, by Wayne auditors
Clam lake, Antrim county, to protect fish in.
Clapp, to change name from Wilson..
Clark, Herbert, changing name to Teller
Clay, to detach certain territory from township of.
Cleon township, to restrict sale of liquor in.
Clerks and attorney general, to provide salary for
Clerk, county of Arenac, to receive certain fees.
Clerk of circuit court, sheriffs to file notice with
Clerk of house, to fix salary of...
Commissioners on claims against deceased persons.
Commissioner of county schools, to amend law relative to.
Commissioners of Mackinac island park, duties of..
Commissioner of railroads, appointment of..
Commissioners of schools, to provide for election of.
Commission to select soldiers' monument.
Commissioner of schools for Wayne county
Commissioner, special drain.
Commissioner of state lands, North Branch and Sunken lake.
Commissioners, board of Marquette.
Compensation of legislators, to amend law relative to.
Compensation of members legislature from upper peninsula.
Coal mines, to inspect, etc.
Concealed weapons, to amend act relative to.
Congregational churches, to amend act of incorporation..
Congregational churches, to amend act relative to protection of.
Congressional districts, to divide state into.
Consolidation of electric railroads.
Contracts, to declare certain agreements unlawful.
Convicts, paroling of...
Convicts, to provide for measurement of.
Corporations, for acquiring real estate, etc
Corporations for loaning money, to amend law relative to.
Corporation for protection of birds, etc...
County canvassers, to amend act relative to.
County clerk of Wayne county, to fix salary.
County clerk, to register bonds in civil cases.
County commissioners of schools, to provide for election of.
County school commissioners, to amend law relative to.


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