The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Volumen3

C. Ackers, 1734

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Página 260 - NO glory I covet, no riches I want, Ambition is nothing to me; • The one thing I beg of kind heaven to grant, Is a mind independent and free. With paffions unruffled, untainted with pride, By reafon my life let me fquare ; The wants of my nature are cheaply
Página 167 - come to pafs, if thou wilt not hearken unto the Voice of the Lord thy God, to obferve to do all his Commandments and his Statutes which 1 command thee this Day ; that all thefe Curfes
Página 201 - this Year, but, by this unprecedented Device, lays a certain Foundation of a greater Load upon the Land, which the Nation may be reduced to pay off, with Intereft, next Year: And we cannot omit this Circumftance, That the Money voted this Year exceeds the Supply to the Amount of above one Hundred Thoufand Pounds.
Página 448 - are a Sign of Peace in our Land, and • have been carried from Town to Town ' there, and we have brought them over to '• leave with
Página 162 - That each of the three Members of the Legiflature are endowed with their particular Rights and Offices ; that the King by his royal Prerogative has the Power of determining and appointing the Time and Place of the Meeting of Parliaments. That the Confent of King, Lords, and
Página 117 - of that Liberty. I am fure I can have no other Defign in it but your Good; for I know very well, this is not the Method to ferve any Ends of my own. I therefore throw
Página 205 - that frequent new Parliaments will produce frequent new Expences, but I think quite the contrary ; I am really of Opinion, that it will be a proper Remedy againft the Evil of Bribery at Elections,
Página 278 - Even without Doors People are generally pretty free in their Remarks upon them; and I believe no Gentleman that hears me is ignorant of the Reception the Speech from the Throne at the Clofe of laft
Página 206 - the decayed Authority of Parliaments, and will put our Conftitution into a natural Condition of working out her own Cure. Sir, upon the Whole, I am of Opinion, That I can't
Página 117 - in this Life, and of eternal Glory in the Life to come. But if you will go on in your Sins, the Judgments of God will probably

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