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This small book has in substance already appeared in a series of articles contributed to the 'Scotsman,' entitled the “Municipality of Berlin.” It has been represented to me that the information given is fitted to be useful to persons who, like myself, are engaged or interested in different branches of Local Government. In the hope that it may be so, I have yielded to the suggestion of friends to cast the articles into the present handy form.

In all branches of civic administration I have found the Berlin Corporation eager to learn from other towns on the Continent and in Great Britain, and to adopt whatever improvements they can apply to their own affairs. In many

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· respects I humbly think we in this country may in turn learn much from them, and I hope we shall be ready to follow their good example.

In the following pages I have sought, with as little comment as possible, simply to record the actual condition of things as I found them, leaving those concerned to judge for themselves how far the facts suggest instruction which might be bettered here.

The figures given are taken chiefly from the municipal estimates for the year ending 31st March 1893.

I beg to acknowledge my indebtedness to the 'Scotsman' for permission to republish the articles, and to Dr James Stalker of Glasgow, and Mr Charles Lowe, late 'Times' correspondent in Berlin, for friendly assistance in revising the proof-sheets.


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