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PART III.--1330-1445.

Return to the old form of tax. The landowners take the whole

burden of a fifteenth and tenth in 1382. Other grants made

during the fourteenth century. New land tax of 5 per cent. on

large landowners in 1404. A similar tax, at l3rds per cent on

a wider basis, in 1411. Novel tax on inhabitant householders

in rural and urban parishes combined with a land tax on the

fee in 1428. Grant of fifteenths and tenths in 1431 supple-

mented by a land tax on the fee, lands of freehold not fees, and

rents seck and rent charges. The king, in 1432, releases the

grant. Grant of a fifteenth and tenth in 1435, and, in supple-


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Fifteenths and tenths as settled in 1334 continuid. Attempt, in

1463, to alter the tax. Failure of the atiempt. Grant, in
1472, of 13,000 archers for the expedition iv France and an


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