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17. 36.

II. 172.

Left-Hand not knowing what another. An effect of Peri
the Right-Hand doth. III.

fecution. I. 300.

Love due to an Adversary.
Length in Prayer. Blamed. 73,
&c. 84, &c.

Luft. Better dealt with at a Di.
Leffer Sins incident to good stance than at Hand. I.
People. 188.

Liberty of Conscience. Mode Luftful Thoughts not to be
ration in use of it. I. 254.


Life and Youth. Anxiety hurt Luft and Uncleanness intoxi-
ful to them. III. 346.

cating. II. 218.
Life ; meant of an happy Life. Who are fittest to be addres-

sed against them. 220.
Eternal Life described. 230. The spiritual Dangers of them.
Good Life recommended.

The temporal Dangers of
Light. Christians the Light of them. 230, &c.

the World. I. 432, &c. Dangers of them to the Pab-
Light of Christians how sup lick. 236.

pressed. 456, 462. Luxury and Drunkenness de.
The Light within. III. 290. scribed and reproved. I.
Obscured by every Sin. 291,

140. III. 175.
&c. 298.

Luxury prevailing. 257.
Looking on a Woman to luft after Luxury in Clothes and Furni-
her. Explained. II. 212.

ture. 362.

IV. 229;

223, &c.

239, &c.


Looking, seeing, and considering,
all used in the fame Sense.

Looks. Sinful Looks. 215.

A D or melancholy Per-
The Lord's-Prayer.


fons; our Duty to
Observations on it. III. 88.

them. I. 196. 202.
and 216.

Magiftracy. The Necessity of
The Shortness of it. 92, &c. it. IV. 8.
A Model for all our Prayers. Magistrates. Not to use their

Power for private Resent-
The general Charity of it ; ment. III. 220.

a good Mark of it's Divi- Magistrates Office ; Lawful to
nity. 111.

Christians. II. 381.
Love of God. Recommended. | Malefactors; lawful to punish
I. 225, &c.

them. 380.
Unlawful Pleasures, great E Malice described and forbid. II.
nemies to it. 231.

The Love of God and Christ Malice and Hatred against
included in Suffering. 294.

an Adversary forbid. III.
The Love of God." The in-

ternal and external Part of A Freedom from Malice re-

quisite to Prayer. IV. 149.
Love of the Persecuted one to


it. III. 304.

194, &c.

Mammon. God and Mammon, Mercifulness described. I. 193,

their Service inconsistent. III. &c. 197, &c.

301,&c. 305. 307, & c. 314. The objects and Acts of it.
What it is to serve Mammon.

All Mercies of this Life and that
Manslaughter condemned. II.

which is to come promised

to the Merciful. 207, &*c.
Marks of God's true Servants.

215. 217

Mercies external promised them.
Marriage ; when necessary. II. 207.

Mercies internal promised them.
Marriage in the Christian Way 210.

how reasonable. 290, &c. Eternal Mercies promised them.'

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III. 305

304, &c


about. 295

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I. 402.

II. 438.


II. 157

How deliberately it is to be gone Merit and Supererogation. III.

Martyrdom muft be for a good | Messengers. God's Mefiengers,
Cause. I. 277:

a Respect to be paid to them.
Three good Causes to suffer for.

Ministry. A Gospel-Ministry af-
In suffering we must be purely

serted. I. 250.
passive. 281.

Invaded by the Quakers. 250.
Masters and Mistresses; their | Ministers, how to be encou-

Duty to their Servants. II. raged III. 145

Miracles. Not for the ordina.
No Man can serve two Masters, ry Government of the Church.

explained. III. 302. 312.
Means. The necessary Means Moix etw. The Meaning of it.

are required, when Duty is
commanded, or Vice forbid. Monarchy. Absolute Monarchy

not the only Government al-
Means of Grace, Christians have lowed by God. I. 257.
the most. I. 483.

Monitor. Like a wise Physician.
Meekness described. I. 143, &c.
It is commonly joined with Hu. Morals. Good Morals necesa

mility, Resignation, Content fary to a good Christian. I.
ment, and other sociable good 402.
natured Virtues. 150.

Chrift a great Encourager of
The Meek their inheriting the good Morals. II. 17. 57.

Gospel-Graces Promoters of
Meekness, Patience, and Good them. 18.
humour. II. 119.

Advanced by Christ beyond
Melancholy and Despondency to what they were before. 19.
be avoided. 163.

Several Opinions and Practices
Mercenariness contrary to Cha inconsistent with Christian

rity. I. 203.
Mercies. Common-Mercies no Morals of Christianity leat

Signs of God's Favour. II.



IV. 115:

Earth. 151.

Morals. 23.

minded. 32.

Law. 35.

An Error in Morals more dan His Anxiety the Occasion of his

gerous than a speculative Er Melancholy and Death. 349.
ror. II. 48.

Nature and Art. The Difference
The Practice of good Morals of their Works. III. 365.

described. 62, &c. 92. Necessaries of Life, we are to
The greatest Promoters of them pray for them. III. 164.

come nearest the Spirit of We are not to expect that they
Chrift. 91.

will be laid in all at once ;
The Underminers of them to but are to depend on Provi.
be guarded against. 92.

dence for them. 167, &c.
Good Morality, good Chriftia We need not fear the want of
nity. 92.

them. 385
A good Moral Life a sign of Our Duty in this Respect. 386,
true Faith. 92.

The Purity and Perfection of Negroes and Indians ; how to be

the Chriftian Morals. III. 12. treated in order to their Con.
Moral Law. The Jews thought version. I. 218.

the Messiah would difpenfe Neighbour. Consideration of his
with it. II. 6. III. 156.

Circumstances. I. 197.
The Moral Law binding upon How to carry on our Neighbour's

Christians. II. 33, 34, &c. Good. I. 495, &c.
The Perpetuity of the Moral The Word Neighbour reftrained

by the Jews, to one of the
The Morrow. Anxiety for it fame Nation or Religion. II.
forbid. III. 419, &c.

399. 402.
Mortifying the Senses and Mem The Sum of our Duty to our
bers. II. 256. 261.

Neighbour. IV. 175. 184.
Mortification described. 266, &c. How it flows from the Love of
Mote in our Neighbour's Eye.

God. 177. 183.
IV. 34, &c.

Our Duty to our Neighbour
Mourners. Explained. I. 126,&c. explained. 179, &c.
Multiplicity of Words. II. 361. Our Duty to him made more
The Multitudes. Their Circum easy. 191, &c.

stances when the Sermon on

the Monnt was preached. I.54.
Their Hopes from Christ's tem-

poral Kingdom. 57.
They were Hearers of the Ser ATH. (See Adjuration.)

mon on the Mount. 69, &c. An Oath described. II.
88, & c.

Murder condemned. Il. 131.

The Conditions required to an
Considerations to diffwade from

Affertory and promissary Oachs.
Murder and Manslaughter. The 315
Occasions of them. 138.

What falves from the Perfor-

mance of promiffary Oaths.

Abal's Covetousness. How Judicial Oaths not prohibited.
it milled him. III. 294.



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314, &c.

it. 135.



dience. 159

dience. 159

I. 251.

But honourably mentioned in Sixth Commandment.

Scripture. 346.

Rash Conversation Oaths forbid. Original Sin. III. 179.

Oftentation of Devotion. III. 51,
Voluntary Oaths on grave Oc-

&c. 78. casions allowed. 349.

Over-ruling the Actions of wick-
Elufory Oaths forbid. 353-355. ed Men, and bringing good
Obedience. Universal Obedience out of them, prayed for. 131.
required. II. 36.

Exactness of Obedience required.

AIN and Sickness. Our
Obedience of the substantial mo Duty to our Neighbour in

ral Duties, fincere, universal, them. I. 196. 202.

conftant, chearful. 62. Parables. Gospel-Parables and Temporary Obedience. III. 9.

Similes commended. I. 431. Obedience to God's Laws pray

Pardon of Sin. The Conditions ed for. 156, &C.

on which it is to be obtained. The Imperfectness of our Obe III. 182, &c.

Parents their Duty to season the The Chearfulness of our Obe

Minds of their Children with

good Principles. I. 417. Obedience described. IV. 293, Parity the Mother of Confusion.

&c. 306. 308, &c. 338. Sincere, universal, conftant. 343) Particularity, too much of it a

fault in Prayer. III. 96. Object of divine Worship. God Parting Man and Wife. The only. III. 105;

evil Consequences of it. II. Against the Papifts worshipping 300. 309. Saints. 106.

Party. Kindness to our own Occafions of Sin to be avoided. Party, a very low Degree of II. 265

Virtue. II. 428. Persons occafioning Sin how to Addictedness to Party. IV. 51. be abandoned. 270, &c.

The Evil of Party-quarrels. 205.
Offences. Our Neighbour of Party-quarrels to be avoided. IÍ.

fending, our Duty to him. I. 174
195. 200.

The Spirit of Party. ibid.
Old Perfons. Their Duty. II. 71. Pasions. Mens Passions not to
Open Wickedness worse than any be provoked. IV. 125.
other. II. 50.

Paffive Obedience. The right
Opinion. The various Opinions

Notion of it. I. 239. in Religion, how to be esti Paftors. Their Duty to their mated. II. 56.

Flocks. I. 417 Our Opinions how to be pro The Necessity of Pastors, and posed. 176.

outward Ordinances. II. 180. A better Opinion of our Neigh- The sad Condition of those

bour, and a worse of ourselves, Countries that are without
than each deserves, is the them. ibid.
fafest of Errors. IV. 42.

How Pastors may inveigh againk
Ogreffion. A Breach of the

Vice. IV. 10.
Ee, 2


& C.

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IV. 325

Mind. 319:

kind. 319.

Patience. Several Helps to Pa It includes all Christian Virtues.
tience. I. 281, &c.

Patient suffering a true Cha How it is an Imitation of God.
rader of a genuine Disciple

of Christ. 291.

Advices to go on to Perfection.
Patience learned by Sufferings.


The Quaker's Doctrine of finless
The Patience and Resolution of Perfection. III. 187.

Christians. I. 467, &c. Perjury. How many Ways
Patience and Forgiveness recom committed. II. 315.
mended. II. 376. III. 116. The Inducements to Perjury.

Peace. How we may contribute It is a Proof of an Atheistical

to the Peace of the World. I.

It is highly injurious to Man-
Peace-Makers described. 234.
What they are not. 235.

The best way to avoid it. 324.
What they are. 236.

Perfecution. A persecuting Spi-
The general Rules of Peace ma-

rit condemned. I. 402.
king. 237.

Our Duty to our Neighbour un.
Peaceablenes as we are Mem der Persecution. 196. 200.

bers of the Church. 247, &c. The Kingdom of Heaven pro-
Peace-Makers how the Children mifed to them that are per-
of God. 26!.

fecuted for Righteousness fake.
Peace-Makers highly honoured 290.
in the Church. 261.

Persecution the Lot of Christ's
Peace-making a Mark of a Child Disciples. 290.
of God. 263.

The Spirit of Chriftianity with
Peace-Makers have a large Mea Relation to Perfecution. 303.

fure of Christian Graces. 263, Persecution foretold to Chri-

They shall have the Childrens It is the natural Result of the

Portion in Heaven. 267. Tempers of both good and bad
Peaceableness makes us resemble
God. 26S.

It is the Effect of worldly Inte-
Disposes us for Heaven. 269.
Penitential Sorrow confitent It is beneficial to good Men.

with spiritual Joy. I. 137. 313
The ruits of it. 138.

The Predi&tion of it a Discou.,
Pinuriousness. In with-holding ragement to Hypocrites. 316.

Neceifaries, a Breach of the It is appointed by God for our

Sixth Commandment. II. 133. good. 326.
Penuriousness condemned. III. Persecution fovereignly medici.

Perfeflion. Christian Perfection. It is no Sign of God's Anger.
II. 440, &c.

Several Virtues belonging to it. It is always to be expected.

The Difficulty of it. 446.


ftians. 307

Men. 309.

tereft. 312.

nal. 327

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