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Il. 393


I. 1.99

III. 333.

Beam. The Beam in our own Calling. An unlawful Calling
Eye. IV. 34, &c. 50.

to be abandoned. II. 273.
Bearing the Cross. How rare. And unlawful Acts in lawful

Callings. II. 274.
Beatitudes. The purport of Calmness. Inward Calmness. I.
them. I. 63, 64.

The Beatitudes particular Vir Candle. How the Gospel is a
tues. 221.

lighted Candle. I. 454,&c.
Opposite to Mens carnal No-

Care. A principal and secon-
tions of Christ's Kingdom. dary Care. III. 327.

Our chief Care not to be about
The Promises annexed to

inferior things. 372.
them, all distinct. 183, &c. What sort of worldly Care is
Behold the Fowls of the Air, &c.

allowed. 328.
Explained. I. 102.

Care for the future, how far
Beneficence. A Part of Mercy. allowed. 422.

Cases of our Duty to our Neigh-
Beneficence and Friendship to bour. How they may be
an Adversary. II. 193.

decided. IV. 186.
Blindness. A wilful Blindness. Caufe. Without a Cause. Ex-
IV. 202.

plained. II. 105.
Body. Our Bodies Machines or Cenforiousnefs. Of the Pharifees,
Clocks of God's Invention. IV. 2. 4. &c.

Against Chrift. 52.
The Resurrection-Body fitted Censoriousness described, 12,

for Immortality. IV. 228. &c.
Body, how improved in the In some Cases lawful. 16. 39.
future State. 230.

Attended with severe Judg-
Bounty. A Property of Charity. ments from Men. 20, &C.
I. 204. 365.

Judgments of God againft it
Bowels of Compaffion. I. 198. in this world. 23. and in
Bread. How it depends on
God. III. 336.

Aggravations of this Sin.
Brevity, of the Rule of doing as 26, c.
we would be done by. It

Evil Effects of it. 37.
helps both Understanding Arguments against it. 44.

and Memory. IV. 188. This a common Vice. 57.
Bribes, to be guarded against. Censoriousness to ourselves

commended. 78.
The Broad Way. IV. 212. The Cenforious Man, blind as to
Brotherly Love. III. 414.

his own Faults. 38. 42.
Builder. The wise Builder. IV. Ceremonies are left under gene-
327, &c. 329.

ral Rules, and are alterable.
The foolish Builder. 340.

Charity. (See Mercy).


Manner of thewing Chari-

ty. I. 203, &c.
Alamities. Incident to hu Stirring up others to it. 199.
man Nature. I. 194, &c.


the next. 25

II. 274

I. 254:

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IV. 307.

III. 214;

Charity doth not impoverish Capacity, taught in the
us. I. 212.

Sermon on the Mount. 343.
To be in Charity, necessary Christians should exceed others
in order to the Acceptance

in all Virtue. 434.
of our other Services. II. Many Chriftians take up with

low Degrees of Virtue. II.
Without it no Piety. 179.

Charity and Meekness in or., How Christianity contributes
der to Devotion. 181.

to ease us of all Troubles,
Charity in doing good. III. external, internal, and e-

ternal. JII. 356.
Charitable Foundations. 415. Christianity a practical Science.
A Regard to Christ in Cha-
rity. I. 205.

Church. The Degeneracy of
Cheerfulness. In suffering. I.

the modern Church. I. 441.

Church of England vindicated
This described. 338.

from countenancing Pro-
The Benefits of Cheerfulness.

phaneness. II. 370.

The Security of the Church.
Cheerfulness as opposite to

Anxiety, a Remedy against The fourishing State of it
all the Disasters of Life. prayed for. 141, &c.
III, 350, &c. 357.

Our Relation to any particu-
Christian, and Christianity.

lar Church, not sufficient to
Christian Religion com-
mended for it's Purity. I. Circumstances. Our Circum-

ftances to be complied with.
Christians compared to the

Spirits Chemists extract Our former Circumstances to
out of Flowers and Herbs. be confidered, to find out

our present Duty. IV. 194.
The effects of Christianity in City on an Hill, explained. I.

the primitive Times. 415. 445
Christianity the last Dispen Civil Governments. Their

Power in Externals of the
Christians without the Spirit
contemptible. 424.

All Forms of Civil-Govern-
Chriftians without Practice, ments to be submitted to.

unfavory and useless. 423. 257
Christians by Birth described. Civility and Friendship. The

good Consequences of it,
Christianity a Mystery of
Godliness. 484:

Commandment the Third.

It's Advantages beyond the plained. II. 311, &c.

Jewish Religion. II. 91. Wrong Interpretations of it,
It's Care of the present Peace

and Happiness of the Commandment the Sixth. The
World. II. 183.

Jews their interpretation
Christians in their private of it. 100, &c.


Salvation. 409.


III. 363

fation. 422.

Church. 257

II. 117.

326, &c.

D da

2 I 2.

II. 245

Christ's Interpretation of it. Contentment promised to Ho-

nefty. I. 182.
Commandment the Seventh, Ex Context to be carefully minded.
plained. 210. &c.

I. 32. Preface.
Christ's Improvement of it. Contrition and Penitence. 133.

Contumely and Reproach. II.
Opinions of the Jewish Doc-

101. 118, &c.
tors about it. 211.

Conversation. Our Conversation
Commandment the Ninth. (See should be fitted to make
Judge nat.)

Men wise and good. I.
Commandments the Eighth and 410. 416.

Tenth. (See Poor in Spirtt, Conversation when dangerous.
and Hungering after Righ-

Fraternal Admonition makes
Complements and Flattery. II. Conversation useful. IV.

Communicativeness of Know Corrupting of others. The great
ledge, a Duty. I. 464.

Sin of it. II. 50.
Communication. The same with Corruption of our Nature. IV.
Speech. II. 358.

Confessors and Martyrs. The Courage annexed to Suffering. I.
great Awakeners of Man-

295. 302.
kind. I. 385.

Courage and Patience required
Conscience. A good Conscience of Christians.


and IV
the best Preparation for 220. 323.
Persecution. 329.

Covenant. The Gospel-Cove-
Acting against Conscience to nant explained. II. 41, &c.
fave our Estates. III. 270.

Conscience, how to be kept Covelous and Covetousness. How

clear and unprejudicate. Covetousness ensnares us in

divers Sins. 276. III, 259.
Not to go against the Dictates
of Conscience. 300.

Covetoufness disguised under
Consequences. The Consequences several Virtues. 261.

of Sin to be answered for. Covetousness described. 267.
JI. 298. 307

It obscures the inward Light
Evil Consequences of exceed of the Mind. 293, &c.

ing a Plainness in Speech. How it marrs Men in several

Employments. 296.
Confideration, recommended. IV. How it is inconfiftent with

Christ's Doctrine and Ex-
Constancy and Perseverance, in ample. 380.
cluded in patient Suffering. Courteousness and Affability. I.

Contempt of holy Things. IV. Creation of the World by God.

Contentions. The Evil of them. Creatures. Their Preservation

and Şubsistance. III. 367,
Contentment. III. 266.


to 432.

I. 295:

III. 370.

II. 203,

fwered. I. 370.

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III. 7.

D Amning, Sins

, which have

III. 313

II. 205

III. 68. 71.

them. 277:

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Cross. The Cross foretold by Objections against this an-

Chrift to all that entred his
School. I. 70.

Delaying to make Peace with
Cruelty inconsistent with the

God condemned. II. 205..
Gospel-Spirit. 217.

Cruelty of Masters and Mi Deliver us from Evil explained.

ftreffes condemned. II. 134. III. 198, &C.

Dependence on God for Necessa-
Cubit. A Cubit to the Stature ries. 383, &c.
explained. III. 347. Defign. A good Design, the

Soul of every good Work.

Deftruction. Not meant Anni-
which have hilation but the height of
the of

Misery. IV. 227.

Devils. God's Jailors. Are to
Darkness. . Several Ways we are punish according to his Or-
in Darkness. I. 434.

ders ; not their Pleasure.
Darling Sins. Compared to a

Right Eye, and Right Devotion. Blessings attending it.

Hand. II. 275, &c.
The Poflibility of conquering Diet ators. Their Spirit con-

demned. IV. 49.
The Difficulty of it. 278. Differences. The usual Dif.
Advices to facilitate it. 279, ferences how to be avoided.

David's Mighty Men. I. 369. Different Degrees of Grace and
Daily Bread. Explained. III. Virtue. I. 367.
165, &c.

Difficulties in Religion obviated.
A comfortable Subsistance

They may be
prayed for. 166.

overcome by Pains. 236.
This Day our daily Bread ex Dificult Duties. Greatest Re-
plained. 167. &c.

wards annexed to them. I.
Death-Bed Repentance. III.410. 366.

Diffidence of Providence. III.
Debauching in the Heart. II.



The extraordinary
Decay of Christianity, foreto! Diligence of the Primitive
by Chrift. I. 42!.

Christians. I. 469.
Decrees of God explained. III. Disappointments of our ill De.
410. IV. 244.

figns prayed for. III. 128.
How the Doctrine of Decrees Disciples. By them commonly

meant Chriftians. I. 73.
Defeating the Designs of ill Men When the Apostles are meant
prayed for. III. 129.

by that Word. 77. 81.
Defence. Just Defence against In the Sermon on the Mount
Injuries. III. 224.

the Word Disciples not li-
Degrees of Rewards in Heaven

mited to the Apostles. 77,
different. I. 365. II. 69. &c. III. 340, &c.



II. 175

IV. 221.

IV. 215:

is abused. 215.

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347, &c.

Disciples armed with Courage The exterior the Shell; the

by the Prediction of the interior the Kernel of Du-
Cross. I. 317,

ty. II. 158.
Discipline. The exact Discipline All common Duties due to
of the Primitive Chriftians.

Enemies. 420.

But not the particular Duties
Discontented Christians described.

of Friendship. 421.

Duty often left under general
Discretion. A Judgment of Dil-

Rules. III. 283.
cretion allowed. IV. 9.
Difiafte of the World. I. 136.

Divine Presence. The Exercise
of it. III. 68, &C.

ASY Inventions to creep
Divorces. Treated of. II. 283,

out of the Difficulties of

Religion. IV. 207. 214.
Explained. 286.

Effects. Remitting our Effects
Not commanded but permit to Heaven. III. 284.
ted. 288.

Election and Reprobation. IV.
The Christian Doctrine about

Divorces vindicated. 289. ‘HAIKI'A. Signifies Age, Vi-
Why permitted for Adultery. gour, and Youth. III.

293. 303.
Why denied upon other Ac Encouragements. Chriftians have
counts. 289. 293.

the greateft Encourage-
Doctrines. New Doctrines not ments. I, 483

to be imposed on the Ends. The different Ends of
Church. I. 248.

Virtue and Vice. IV. 224.
Bad. Doctrines that have a Enemies. The Love of Ene.
Tendency to wear off a se-

mies, II. 398, &c. 444.
rious Sense of Religion. How the Love of Enemies

understood by the
Doers of Christ's Sayings de Jewish Doctors. 400, &c.

scribed. IV. 319, &c. The Reasonableness of the
Dogs. Giving what is holy to Love of Enemies,


Dogs explained. IV. 69, Charity to Enemies. The A&s

of it, Love, Bleffing, doing
Not meant of publick Preach. good, and Prayer. 409, &c,
ing. 70, &C.

God's Enemies not to be pere
But of fraternal Admonitions.

No Enemy despicable. IV. 24.
Dogs and Swine, who meant England. An Objection against
by them. 72. III. 123.

the bad Lives of the Church
Diminion. Not founded in of England People answer-
Grace. I. 256.

ed. IV. 264.
Drunkenness and Intemperance The Enthufiaftick private Spirit
To be avoided. II. 162.

condemned. I. 249.
Duels condemned. 138.

Envy and Discontent. III. 269.
Puty. Better explained by the Epifcopacy. The antient Church
Gospel. I. 481. II. 436. Government. I. 251.



fecuted. 423

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