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114, &c.

Eraftianism destroys Church The low Degrees of it. III.
Discipline. I. 251.

Error. Our erring Neighbour, Faith, necessary in Prayer.
our Duty to him. 194.

IV. 146.

Faith, ought to be well
Error and Superftition. 435. grounded. 264.

Simplicit Faith in Teachers
Evil. Taken for the wicked

condemned. 264.
one, or the Devil. II. 368.

Faith in Chrift. 332.
Example. The Light of good Fafting treated of. III. 245, &c.
Example. I. 439.

Abuses of it. 248, &c.
Christians have the best Ex Fafting, a Duty among Chri-
ample. 482.

ftians. 254, &c.
Example to go before teach-

Father in Heaven. Explained.
ing. II. 66.

III. 108, &c.
Examples for Imitation and Several Duties deduced from

Caution, how to be used. God's being our Father.

Bad Example contagious. IV. Comforts and Encouragements
217. and 220.

from it. 118.
Caution against evil Example. Favourite Opinions how to be

treated. II. 175.
Examples of others, a good Fighting. Against private fight-

way to find out our own ing and itriking. II. 134.
Duty. 198.

Flatterers. The Danger of them.
Examplariness in Virtue required IV. 46.
in Christians. I. 451. 466.

The Difference between them
476, &c. 490, &c.

and Friends. 103,
Exhortation. Suffering the Forgive us our Debts. Explain-
Word of Exhortation. 417.

ed. III. 178.
Externals of the Church. Sub Forgiveness of Injuries. Explain :
ject to Civil-Government.

ed. III. 184.

Recommended. 189.
Extremes. The contrary Ex Consistent with publick Ju-
tremes of Sin recommended. ftice, not with private Re-

venge. 221.
Eye. Sins that enter by the The Excellency of this Spirit.
Eye. 262. Viz. Unclean-

ness, Covetousness, Ambi From what Principles it pro-
tion, Vanity, Luxury, Pro-
digality, Drunkenness. It is a complication of Chri-
The fingle and the evil Eye. ftian Virtues. 238.

The Difference of it from
The single Eye explained. Hypocrisy, Cowardice, and

Laziness. 236.

Forms. Set Forms of Prayer.

The Lawfulness and Use-
AITH. Patient Suffering fulness of them. III. 89.
a Sign of it. I. 292.


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II. 152.

ceeds. 237:

III. 287.

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339, &c.

505, &c.

I. 513:

Forwardness in Charity com-
mended. I. 203, 204.

Foundation. Sandy Foundations
described. IV. 347, &c.

Eneral Expressions in Scrip-
Fowls of the Air. They low ture, how to be limited
• not, &c. Explained. III. and interpreted. II. 347.

Give to him that asketh thee,
Chearfulness, not Idleness to Explained. II. 385. 396.

be learned of them. III. Glorifying our Father in Heaven.

Explained. I. 425:
Fraternal Correption and Admo The Glory of God to be intended

nition. The Duty of it. in all our good Works.

IV. 10. 95, &c.
How difficult it is. 66.

What things make for it.
Rules as to the Practice of it.

II. 102, &c.

It does not interfere with our
Esom bad Principles con Happiness. III. 214.
demned. 67, &c.

The aiming at God's Glory,
A general Description of Fra no Hindrance of Business.

ternal Admonition. 97.
A more particular Descrip-God's feeing in Secret. How
tion of it. 97, &c.

unsuitably we act to this
How to be adminiftred. 102, Belief. III. 67.

Wrong Notions of God in
Particularly recommended. Prayer. 80.

God free from the Imper-
Who are excepted from it. fections of earthly Parents.
109, &c. 117, &c.

Freedom and Openness in Chri God loves to be asked for
ftian Profession. I. 451.

good things. IV. 165, &c.
Friends. The Difference betwixt His love to us like a Father's

the Love of Friends and to a Child. 161.
the Love of Enemies. II. All the Duties of the first

Table consequent upon our
Good Men God's Friends. Belief of God's paternal

Affection to us. 166, &c.
Directions for the Choice of

God's Justice. 174.

Good to be rendered for evil.
Self-Love will carry us to be II. 386, &c.
kind to Friends. 429.

Good Life. Exhortation to it.
Friendship recommended by II. 24, &c.
the Gospel. 431.

Good Offices. Many Ways of
A Friend wanting to shew us dealing in them. II. 393,
our Faults. IV. 120.

Such a Friend is to be en Good Works naturally different
couraged. 121.

from bad. I. 487.
Fulfilled. Till all be fulfilled. The Aim we are to have in

Explained. II, 39.

105, &c.

Friends. 417

them. 493

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315, &c.

hended. 315:

To be so contrived that the Useful Lessons following from
Glory of them may re-

this Petition. 133, &c.
dound to God. I. 507. How this regulates all our
External good Works, how other Petitions. 135, &c.
useful for worldly Ends.

III. 20, &c.

Happiness eternal described. IV,
Gospel more perfect than the

Law. II. 40.

Hasle. . Making Haste to be
Grace. Encouragements to rich. III. 269.

Growth in Grace. I. 367. Hearers. The right Hearers of

Christ's Doctrine. IV.
How vastly Grace may be
improved. III. 160.

Several bad Hearers repre-
Preventing Grace to be pray-
ed for. 198.

Bare Hearers of Chrift's Doc-
Grace conveyed by the Use trine without a suitable
of Means. IV. 132.

Practice. 341. 344.
Not given all at once, but as Christ's Hearers commended.

we want ii, and by the 369.

use of Prayer. 132. Heart. To be set on the right
The right Dispositions for ob-

Object. II. 159.
taining it. 135

The Influence it hath on the
The Scantiness of it, our own

whole Man. III. 283.
Fault. 164

Heathen. What a good Exam-
The Irresistibility of it con ple is to be set to them.

III. 146.
And the Impossibility of lo Their Ignorance as to a future

fing it. 248.
Grace compared to a foreign Heaven described. III. 396.
tender Plant. 248.

The Inhabitants of it spiri-
Graces brightened by Persecu-

tualized. 399
tion. I. 290.

Heaven and Holiness to be
Graces are Signs of God's our principal Care. 401,
Favour. II. 422.

Gratitude to God a Property of No unregenerate Person capa-
Charity. I. 205

ble of the Joys of Heaven.
Christians have the greatest

IV. 291.
Obligations to it. 483. Heavenly Mindedness. III. 117.
Gratitude to Friends a com Heirs. The Folly of Anxiety
mon Virtue. II. 427.

for them. 358.

Hell. No Release from it. II.

206. 208.

Hell-Torments. Several Degrees
Allowing God's Name.

of them. II. 143. 146.
Explained. III. 123, &c. God's Justice as to them,
Particulars comprehended un-

vindicated. 148.

Objections against them an-
Why this the first Petition of swered. IV. 228. 234.
the Lord's Prayer. 132.


futed. 247

State. 379.


der it. 125

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Their great

State. 252.

1. 435

Chrift. 453.

175, &c.

III. 114

III. 189.

Herefies not to be extirpated with Idolatry. How Christianity has

Fire and Faggot. I. 236. delivered us from it. III.
A new Heresy, making the 113
Church a Creature of the Jewish Doctors.

Corruption. II. 90.
Hinnom. The Valley of Hin- Ignorance of spiritual Matters.

nom. II. 122.
Holy. Giving what is holy to Ignorance of the World before

Dogs, explained. IV. 112.
Trampling holy things under lgnorant Persons are not to di-
Foot. 113, &c.

spute with an Adversary.
Holiness and Happiness promised

IV. 265.
to them who seek them in Nor should they read their

the first place. III. 407. Books, or keep them Com-
Honesty. Moral Honesty. (See pany. 265.

Juice.) How neceffary to Imagination, and Members to
à Chriftian. I. 174.

be restrained from unlawful
Advices how to preserve it. Objects. II, 264.

Imitation, of God. II. 413, &c.
Promises made to it. 181, &c.
Honour. False Rules of Honour. Immorality. The Heinousness

of teaching it by Example,
Honouring God. 114.

and Doctrine. II.


Hope. False Hopes of Heaven. Taught by Advice. 51.
IV. 282, &c.

Importunity in Prayer. IV. 127.
Humility. I. 114, &c. 152.

136, &c.
Humility an Ornament of Inconfideration. I. 436. 438.
Charity. 203:

A great Cause of the Neglect
Increased by Perfecution. 298. of our Duty. IV. 200.
The Hundred fold at present Incumbring ourselves too much

promised to them who are with the World, condem-
persecuted for Christ. 332.

ned. III. 266.
Hungering and Thirsting after Indians and Negroes. How to be
Righteousness. I. 170.

treated in order to their
How they shall be filled. Conversion. I. 218.

Infallibility. There is no infal-
Hypocrif. I. 451. III. 9. 12.

lible Guide. IV. 272.
20. 40. 48. 54. 56. 250, Infidelity. II. 267.

Injuries. Small Injuries to be
Hypocrisy described. II. 187.

born. 378.
Hypocrisy in Prayer. III. 44, Inlets of Sin. All stopt by the

Gospel. 267
The Hypocrisy of rash Judg-Innuendo's to be improved into
ing. IV. 48, &c.

Accusations. IV. 122.

Infpeétion into our Neighbours

Lives. When lawful ; and

how to diftinguish it from
Dleness to be avoided. II. ralh judging. IV. 39, &c.


179, &c.

&c. 47• 53:

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23, &c.


I. 370:

II. 274.

Injurre&tions and Rebellions con Thy Kingdom come. Explained.
demned. II. 132.

III. 137, &c.
Intention. To be rightly fixed. Our Endeavours towards it,
II. 165. III. 129, &c.

which are to accompany
How to regulate our Inten our Prayers. 145, &c.
tion. III. 4.

6. 10. 22.
42. 211.
Marks of the Goodness of our

Designs and Intentions.

Abourers in the Vineyard.
Intereft. Not to be complied The Parable explained.
with against Conscience.

Last things. Meditation of the
Interpretation. Christ's compre-

four last things. 430.
hensive Way of interpre- Late Faith and Repentance. IV.
ting the Commandments.


Laws, Human Laws and Con-
Interpreter. Christ not only an ftitutions, how far the Rule

Interpreter of the Law, but of our Obedience. I. 258.
a Lawgiver. 295.

The Law and the Prophets
Joy in Troubles. How to be explained. II. 4.
attained. I. 349.

The Law, how fulfilled by
Judges. Their Office not forbid.
IV. 8.

How amended by Christ. 10.
Judge not. Explained. 7, &c. An Objection against this an-
Rash judging condemned. 1,

fwered. 12.

Of going to Law. 192. 200.,
Justice described. I. 167, &c. 382. III. 221.
God's Justice vindicated. II. Christ a Lawgiver ; not an

Interpreter only. II. 295.
Juftice due to an Adversary. Lay not up Treasures on Earth ;

III. 261.
The Standard of Justice. 183. Laying up for future Occa-

fions, how far allowed. 264.

Lead us not into Temptation.

II. 155

Christ, 9.

III. 191.

II. 45

III. 395

HE Key to the Sermon Leaf Commandment explained.

on the Mount. I. 58.
Killing. All killing not prohi- Least in the Kingdom of Hea-
bited. II. 128.

ven. 46.
Kingdom of God. Explained. Leafure or Tranquillity for De-

votion. III. 65.
It cannot be shaken. 215. Leavening is the lowring and
Kingdom of Heaven. Meant corrupting Mens Minds

thereby the Kingdom of with bad Principles. II. 218.

the Messiah. I. 116. Lectures. Extemporary Lec-
What excludes from the King tures. Some evil Effects of

dom of Heaven. II. 88. them. I, 30. Preface.


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