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II. 377

121, &c.

It is to be taken as out of God's Holy Practice requisite to

Hand, not from the imme Prayer. IV. 148.

diate Instruments. 329. Praise for good Works how far
It is the usual Fate of the beft to be admitted. III. 5.
Men. 346.

Prayer. For our Neighbour in
Persecutions Breaches of the

Diftress. I. 199.
Sixth Commandment. II. 133. Prayer and Devotion an Effect
The Unreasonableness of Party-

of Persecution. 299.
Persecution. IV. 202..262. Prayer and Thanksgiving recom-
How few hold oụt against Per-

mended. II. 166.
secution. 218.

Prayer for an Adversary, 193.
Perfecution of Monitors. IV.114. Prayer and Devotion recom-
The perfecuting Temper of falle mended. III. 44. 56. 6o.
Prophets. IV. 260.

69. 200. IV. 322.
Persecution when to be born. Publick Prayer annexed to the

ministerial Office. III. 62.
Petitions of the Lord's-Prayer. The true Grounds of Prayer. 81.
The Method of them. III. Intenseness of Affection in Prayer

recommended. 86.
Pharisees. Their Behaviour to The Difficulties in Prayer. IV.
Chrift. II. 96.

Plainness of Speech. Or Inge- The Seafons for it to be em-
nuity. II. 362.

braced. 138.
Pleasure. The evil Fruits of un Affiduity in it recommended.

lawful Pleasures. I. 231, &c. 140.
Plucking out the Eye, and Endeavours to make it effectual.
cutting off the Hand. II.


Prayer the great Secret of Sancti.
Poor in Spirit. Explained. I. 110.
Different from outward Poverty. The Qualifications for Prayer.
How far Humility falls within The Manner of asking. 153, &c.

this Description. 114. Preparations and Difpofitions for
The Christian Church made


Prayer. III. 97, &c.
of the Poor in Spirit. 117, &c. Preaching. Good Moral Preach-
Several Vices contrary to this ing is good Chriftian Preach.
Beatitude. 119, &c.

ing. II. 92.
Pope. His Invasion of the Gof Precepts. The Gospel-Precepts
pel-Ministry. I. 251. 425.

are not bare Counsels of Per-
Pounds. The Parable of the

Pounds, Luke xix. I. 365. What we do with an Eye to
Power and Dominion. God God's Precepts is designed for

acts not from a Principle of his Honour. III. 23.
Power, but of Goodness. IV. Prejudices to be removed out of

Peoples Minds. II. 16.
Pra&tice. A regular Practice of | Presbyterians. Their Directory.

Piety. I. 429.
Practical Errors less justifiable Presence. The Exercise of the
than speculative. II. 49.

divine Presence. II. 165.


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255, &c.


fication. 142.

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I 12.

143, &c.

fe&tion. 97

III. 91.

Preservation of the World by It is every one's Business to guard
God. III. 371.

againit them. 240, &c.
Pride from good Works to be Prophets fignify Teachers. 241.
suppressed. I. 508.

The destructive Doctrine of false Spiritual Pride described. II. 95. Prophets. 253, &c. 255. Pride and Vain-glory to be a Several of these false Doctrines in

voided in our good Works. stanced. 257, &c. Particularly, III. 1, &C.

(1.) All such as weaken the BePride and Vanity is a robbing lief of a future State. 257.

God of his Honour; like a (2.) Such as deny revealed Re-
General's feducing an Army, ligion. 257
or a Master of a Ship running (3.) Srch as prohibit the Use of

away with Ship and Cargo. 8. the Scriptures. 258.
Pride and Self-conceit. 1V. 50. (4.) Such as limit the Interpre-
Primitive Church. A Character tation of the Scripture to
of it. I. 441. 477, &c.

themselves. 258. Princes. Earthly Princes can't (5.) Such as make the Precepts ; reward all that suffer for them, only Advices of Perfection. as Chrift doth. I. 379.

258. Probation. This Life a State of (6.) They who reftrain them to Probation. I. 357.

Apoftles. 258. Profeffion. An open Profession (7.) Such as deny the Neceffity of Christianity. I. 465.

of Grace. 259. Promises. Temporal Promises (8.) Such as supersede our own

subordinate to eternal. I. 158. Endeavours. 259 The Promises in the several Bea (9.) Such as set up Soundness of

titudes distinct; as the Duties Opinion before Holiness. 259. to which they are annexed. The Fruits by which we may 183.

know false Prophets. 273. They result from the Virtues re. Providence. An Acquiescence

commended in them. 231. therein. III. 150, &c. The great Equity of the Pro An implicit general Acquief

miles and Threatnings. III. cence in Providence. 150. 232.

A particular explicit AcquiefPropagation of the Gospel prayed

cence. 152. for. 138, &c.

The Danger of observing ProProphets. The prophetick Spi vidence by halves. 212.

rit of our Saviour. I. 316. Providence in preserving and The Example of the Prophets re sustaining the several Creacommended. 390, &c. 400, &c.

tures. 344: The Prophets persecuted. 392, &c Prudence and Circumspectness Their Exemplariness in Virtue. required. I. 450.

Publick Persons in publick Truft, 395. Their pretended Crimes. 396. their Duty. III. 71. Their Sufferings : wherein like Purity in Heart. Described. I. the Apostles. 397, &c.

221. and recommended. 233. Who are meant by false Pro It prepares the Soul for the phets. IV. 238, &c.

Knowledge and Love of God.
Several Instances of them. 242, 231,




IV. 17.

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Rejoicing under Persecution ;

Helps to it. I. 339, &c.

Religion a Cloak to Vice. Abo-
Vakers. Their Invasion of

minable. III. 79.
the Gospel-Ministry. I. Reparation of Injuries. III. 220,

Quakers and Anabaptists their

Repentance. I. 133. 140. 225.
Opinions of judicial Oaths.

II. 279. III. 388. IV. 293.
II. 343, 348, &c.

Quakers and other Enthusiasts Requisite to Prayer. 148.
described. IV. 263.

Slight Notions of Repentance.
Quarreling. A quarrelsom, hec 216.
toring Temper. II. 140. Repetition, and inculcating of

good things. III. 377.

Reputation. How tender we

should be of our Neighbour's
Aiment. Against Anxiety Reputation and good Name.

for Raiment. III. 360,&c.
Rajh Judgments from our own Refifiance. I. 336. 347.

partial. Observations ; how Resolution. Resolutions without
cured. IV. 82, &c.

Prayer how weak. III. 200.
From Ignorance. IV. 85, &c.

Holy Resolutions. IV. 319.334.
From Inconsideration. 87. Resolving to be rich condemned.
From Aversion to the Person. 88. III. 268.
From Opiniastreté. 88.

Reftitution. I. 176.
From the Reports of others. 89, Refraints of Grace and Provi-
& C.

'dence to keep us from aiming
From Party. 92.

at ill things. III. 128.
The Difficulty of avoiding rath Retaliation of Injuries condem-
Judgments. 91.

ned. II. 371, &c.
Charity in pardoning them. 93. How Retaliation was abused by
The Benefits of avoiding raih

the Scribes and Pharisees. 373.
Judgment. 125.

Revenge forbid to private Men.
Rebellions and Insurrections con II. 103, &c. 131. 170. III.
demned. II. 132.

Reconciliation with our Neigh- The bad Consequences of private
bour. 169.

Revenge. III. 242.
Advices in order to it.


&c. Rewards and Punishments, in
Our Saviour's Method for it. this World, unequal. I. 359.

Why Heaven called a Reward.
Redemption. Universal Redemp 360.
tion. IV. 247. 305.

It is for Christ's Honour, that
Reformation of publick Abuses, Sufferers for him should have
is our Business only in our a diftinguishing Reward. 377.
own Station. I. 256.

Rewards of the future State little
Reformation to begin at Home. known, till revealed by the

Gospel. II. 435
Mad Reformers ; not for amend Eternal Reward described. III.
ing but destroying. II, 179. 396.


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IV. 53

III. 306.

Peace. I. 249.

II. 73.

&c. 93. 95:

Rich. The rich Man enlarging Ignorance owing to their Ob his Barns. III. 426.

ftinacy. II. 89. Riches. The Difference betwixt Scribes and Pharisees false Prohaving and serving Riches. phets. IV. 242.

Scripture. All ' Errors in the Right-Eye and Right-Hand ex Interpretation of it, not plained. II. 258.

Breaches of the Church's Righteoufness. Several Senses of it. I. 162;

The Study of the Scripture reRighteousness imputed. 162.

commended. IV. 279. Moral Righteousness. 163. Seasoning is the tincturing Mens Righteousness : for Justice and Minds with good Notions and Honesty. 164.

Principles. I. 410. Righteous moral and imputed. This the Study of all Christians.

ibid. Pharifaical Righteousness. 773 Sects and Parties. Their Partia.

lity to their own Sect. II. 179. Evangelical Righteousness. 81. Seeing God described. I. 227. 94

The felicity of it. 228, &c. Righteousness taken for all Du- Self-defence. When lawful. II. ty. III. 3.

380. God's Righteousness. 400, &c. Self-denial. Learned by sufferRome. The Cruelty of that

ing. I. 294. Church. I. 218.

Self-denial compared to a Ship That Church guilty of imposing that bears up well againft the new Doctrines. 248.

Wind. IV. 226. Inventions in that Church to Self-Examination. II. 149, &c.

feed Hopes without real Ho and IV. 79, &c. liness. IV. 248.

Self-Flattery. II. 33. 187.

Self-Love and Self-Interest, blind S

the Understanding, that we

can't see our Duty. IV. 193. ALT of the Earth. A Senses. The Senses to be watched.

Character of Chriftians. I. ÍI. 162. • 406.

Separation. When not to be Samaritan. The charitable Samaritan. IV. 200.

Sermon on the Mount. Chri. Satisfaction. Chrift's Satisfac ftian Duties plainly and pertion. III. 188, &c.

fectly taught in it. I. 20. Savouriness amorig Christians ; Dedication. how preserved or recovered. The Occasion of the Sermon on

the Mount. I. 51. Say. I say unto you. A mark The Key to it. 58.

of Christ's Improvement of a The Hearers of it. The MulPrecept. III. 316.

titudes and the Disciples. 68. Scandal. How free the Primi. Whether the same with that

tive Church was from it. I. Luke vi. 78. 467

All preached at once to one AuScribes and Pharisees. Their ditory, 88.

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made. I. 252

I. 427, &c.

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I. 249.

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It was designed to cure the com Means to be used for subduing mon Errors about the Mel

it. 265:
fiah's Kingdom, and the evil The small Beginnings and frange

Consequences of them. 91. Progress of it. 266.
All it's Precepts belong to all Sincerity, tried by Persecution.
Christians, and all the Ar f.

297. 314
guments enforcing them. I.

Sincerity much observed by 91. III. 376.

Chriit. 318.
The Style of it different from Sincerity and Hypocrisy, the

what is used to Apoftles. I. 92. Difference betwixt them. II. It belongs all to private Chri 158.

ftians, not Clergy, nor Ma Our own and others Sincerity, giftrates, nor Monastick Or how to be judged of. III. 48,

ders. 96, &c. 186. III. 62. &c. It is a general standing Rule to Slanderer compared to a disho all Christians. I. 98, &c.

neft Trader. IV. 22. It contains all things at that Small Faults to be born with in

time necessary to the Salva oihers. IV. 58. 81.

tion of the Hearers. IV. 299. Sobriety and Temperance. I. 130. It is a perfect System of Chri.

Chri- They are good Preparatives for ftian Morals. 304.

Troubles. 330.
All delivered at one Time. 357.

Socinians censured for impofing
All the People Hearers of it. 360. forced Senses on the Scripture.
The Frame and Contexture of
it. 362.

Solitude. The Advantage of it
It contains the choiceft Rules of for Devotion. III. 64.

Christ's Example in it. 65.
Sermons ought to be cloathed Solomon's Choice of a wise Heart.

with the Notion of the Text.
I. 21. Dedication.

Soul. How it is improved in
Sheep. The Sheeps Cloathing

the future State. IV. 231. explained. IV. 249, &c. Sounding the Trumpet. III. 16. Shining of our Light before Men, 32. is the giving a good Example. Spirit. The plentiful Effusion

of it by the Gospel. II. 437. Shortening Life. Unlawful Ac Strength. Spiritual Strength to tions occasioning it,

relift Temptations. III. 198. Breaches of the Sixth Com Stumbling in good People occamandment. II. 134.

fions greater Cautiousness. 199. Sickness. Our Duty to our Subje&ts. Practical Subjects not Neighbour in it. I. 196. 202.

all clear. I.


Preface. Simplicity and Veracity in Con Subfiftence. We are not to doubt versation. II. 357, &c.

of Subsistence we doing our Simplicity in Speech recom

Parts. III. 373. 385.
mended. 361.

Suffering. Our Saviour's Suf-
Christian Simplicity. III. 28. ferings voluntary. I. 318.
Sin. Several degrees of it. II. 147 The Sufferings of the firit Chri-
We are not to dwell near the Stians were not for Crimes,
Confines of it. 152.

but purely for Religion. 321.


Life. 371;

III. 405 424

I. 473

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