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[blocks in formation]

truth from his, prevailed, 397.

are near, make love to the, 521.

love, far from the, 521.

ti Te, glass of, 457.

notes, 251.

List list O list, 131.



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Te te four red roses on a stalk, 97.

cro red and one was thin, 256.

Kispering with white, 513.

id dew of youth, 129.
lapse of murmuring streams, 237.

light, sparkling and bright in, 678.
Liquors, hot and rebellious, 67.
Lisped in numbers, 327.

of friends, enter on my, 422.
ye kandsmen all to me, 672.

when she speaks, angels, 279.
wla ere thou art sitting, 246.
with credulity, ye who, 367.

as like a three years' child, 498.
Lister deci to a lute, 589.

ear of night, 610.
th, nightly to the, 300.
mood, in, 490.
still they seemed to hear, 315.
Listeth, wind bloweth where it, 842.
Litol gold in cofre, 1.

onthe Bible, his studie was, 2. Literary men are a perpetual priesthood,

Literature consoles sorrow, 590.

parole of, 374.
failed in, and art, 609.
grazed the common of, 376.

on a little oatmeal, 160. Litigiou

ternis, 253.

ided to a little, 739. and

- he great, between the, 424. bette

than one of the wicked, 83. boats

should keep near shore, 360.
can a

moment show, 186.
contented with, 451.

of kindness, 642.
drops of water, 612.
earth for charity, 100.
employment, hand of, 143.
finger, more goodness in her, 293.
fire kindleth, 819.
folding of the hands, 825.
for the bottle, 136.
foxes that spoil the vines, 832.
gold i

n coffer, 1.
my kingdom for


82. hands

were never made to tear each oth

er's eyes, 302.

if I could say how much, 51. have, and seek no more, 22.

and there a little, 834. his stu dy on the bible was, 2.

s own pocket, 789.

r than nothing, 710. m, like to a, 111.

hou that hast not tried, 29. Xttle upon a, 694.

langerous, 323.

Little, leaven leaveneth, 816.

love ine, love me long, 10, 41, 202.
lower than the angels, 818.
man, there was a, 519.
man wants but, 308, 402.
month, a, 128.
more than a little is too much, 86.
more than kin, 127.
needed to make a happy life, 754.
of this great world can I speak, 150.
one become a thousand, 831.
one's chair, sits in iny, 657.
one's cradle, lies in my, 657.
said is soonest mended, 200, 787.
shall I grace my cause, 150.
sleep a little slumber, 825.
soul let us try, 519.
talk too much and think too, 208.
things are great to little man, 334.
too wise never live long, 172.
valiant great in villany, 79.
we see in nature that is ours, 476.

wise the best of fools, 177.
Live all the days of your life, 293.

alone, why should we fear to, 569.
alway, I would not, 678, 816.
and learn, 700.
but linger, do not, 188.
by bread alone, man shall not, 838.
by bread only, inan doth not, 813.
by one man's will, 31.
cleanly, leave sack and, 88.
dare to die bear to, 318.
disgraced, better not to live than, 697
good men eat to, 738.
good world to, in, 279.
in brass, men's evil manners, 100.
in deeds not years, 654.
in hearts we leave behind, 516.
in peace, adieu, 334.
in pleasure when I live to thee, 359.
in snuff, rather than, 26.
it matters not how long you, 713.
means to, 43.
means whereby I, 05.
more virtue than doth, 178.
not in myself, I, 513.
one day asunder, 279.
or die sink or swim, 530.
past years again, none would, 276.
peaceably with all men, SH.
so may'st thou, 240.
so wise so young never, long, 97.
taught us how to, 313.
teach him how to, 4:35, 774.
thus let me, 334.
till I were married, 51.
till to-morrow, 423.
to be in awe of such a thing, 110.
to be the show and gaze, 126.
to eat, bad men, 738.
to fight another day, 216, 403.
to, is Christ, 847.
to please must please to live, 366.
true as I, 173.
unblemished let me, 333.
unseen unknown, let


331. we must eat to, 363.

Little ac


here a,

in one is bette kingdo knowes lay up learning

Live, we never live but hope to, 799.

well what thou liv'st, 240.
while ye may happy pair, 233.
while you live, 339.
with me and be my love, 40.
with the gods, 753.
with thee and be thy love, 25.
with them less sweet, 521.

without thee I cannot, 569.
Lives a prayer, making their, 618.

all that, must die, 1:27.
along the line, 316.
and dies in single blessedness, 57.
and sacred honour, 434.
as he ought to do, 181.
buying inen's, 493.
contentedly, 424.
had all his hairs been, 156.
how a man, 371.
join, oft a scar two, 048.
longer, competency, 60.
may last but never, 672.
inost who thinks most, 654.
nine, like a cat, 16.
of great men all remind us, 612.
other heights in other, 615.
pleasant in their, 815.
sublime, make our, C12.

to build not boast, he, 354.
Lived and loved, I've, 504.

and loved together, we have, 611.
in Settle's numbers, 331.
in the eye of nature, 468.
in the tide of times, 113.
to-day, I have, 273.
unknown, she, 469,

without him, tried to, 175.
Livelier iris, 625.

plaything, some, 318.
Live-long day, 110.
Lively sense of future favours, 304.

to severe, grave to gay, 320,
Liveried angels, a thousand, 245.
Livers in content, with humble, 98.
Livery of heaven, stole the, 588.

of hell, the cunning, 48.
shadowed, of the burnished sun, 62.

twilight gray in her sober, 233.
Living, art of, 754.

as though no God there were, 645.
dead man, 50.
dog better than dead lion, 831.
high hopes of, 254.
house appointed for all, 817.
land of the, 817.
might exceed the dead, the, 219.
mother of all, 812.
plain, and high thinking, 472.
will it not live with the, 87.

with thee nor without thee, no, 300.
Llewellyn's lay, 383.
Lo the poor Indian, 315.
Load a falling man, a cruelty to, 101.

ass will not carry his, 792.
life thou art a galling, 448.
of infamy, any, 462.
of sorrow, wring under the, 53.
would sink a navy, a, 99.

Loads of learned lumber, 325.
Loaf, hali a, is better than po bread, 15.

to steal a shive of a cut, 104.
Loan oft luses itself and friend, 130.
Loathe the taste of sweetness, t.
Loathed worldly life, 19.
Loaves, half-penny, 94.
Lobby, hear a lion in the, 352.
Lobster boiled, like a, 213.
Local habitation and a name, 59.
Lochaber, farewell to, 671.
Lochow, far cry to, 857.
Lock, cryin' at the, 679.

such rascal counters, 114.
Locks, fainiliar with his hoary, 588.

hyacinthine, 232.
in the golden story, 104.
invincible, 24.
knotted and combined, 131.
left you are gray, the few, 306.
never shake thy gory, 12.
nor doors nor, 638.
pluck up drowned honour by the, 84.
Bo aptly twined, 191.
time his golden, 24.
were like the raven, 449.
whoever knocks open, 123.

ye auburn, 636.
Locked lettered collar, 447.

up from mortal eye, 258.

up in steel, naked though, 94.
Locusts, luscious as, 151.
Lodge a friend, house to, 289.

in a garden of cucumbers, 832.
oh for a, 418.
thee by Chaucer, 179.

where thou lodgest I will, $14.
Lodges, where care, 106.
Lodging-place of wayfaring men, 835.
Lodgings in a head unfurnished, 210.
Lodore, this way the water comes down

at, 506.
Loftiness of thought, 270.
Lofty and sour, 101.

designs must close in like effects, 646.
rhyme, build the, 246.

scene, this our, 112.
Log, tough wedge for a tough, 712.
Logic and rhetoric, 168.
Loin, the ungirt, 646.
Loins be girded, let your,

Loiterers and malcontents, 05.
Loke who that is most vertuous, 4.
London bridge, arch of, 591.

habitation of bitterns, 592.
has all that life can afford, 373.

monster, 201.
London's column pointing, 322.

lasting shame, 383.
Lonely, I am very, now Mary, 611.

so, it was, 499.

want retired to die, 366.
Lonesome road, like one on a, 499.
Long after it was heard no more, 473.

be the day never so, 19.
choosing and beginning late, 238.
dull and old, 454.
has it waved on high, 635.

[blocks in formation]

sy it wave, 317.
merry as the day is, 50.
mh ort and the, of it, 45.
that life is, 309.

time ago, 596.


Looks, fairest garden in her, 261.

full assurance given by, 23.
in the clouds, 111.
invites you by his, 415.
meagre were his, 108.
of love, sidelong, 396.
only books were woman's, 522.
praising God with sweetest, 584.
profound, statesmen with, 397.
puts on his pretty, 79.
quite through the deeds of


sadly upon him, 98.
the cottage might adorn, 398.
through irature, 320.
up friend and clear your, 466.
were fond and words were few, 537.

with despatchful, 235.
Looked, no sooner, but loved, 71.

on better days, if ever you have, 68.
sighed aud, 272.

unutterable things, 356.
Looker-on here in Vienna, 49.
Lookes, full assurance given by, 23.
Looking before and after, 142.

ill prevail, 256.

well can't move her, 256.
Looking-glass, court an amorous, 95.
Looming bastion, 631.
Loop, no, nor hinge, 154.
Looped and windowed raggedness, 147.
Loophole, cabined, 243.
Loopholes of retreat, 420.
Loose, all hell broke, 234.

fast and, 55.

his beard, 383.
Lord above, the eagle was, 474.

among wits, 309.
be thanked, let the, 452.
beloved, when Israel of the, 493.
descended from above, 23.
directeth his steps, 826.
dismiss us with thy blessing, 674.
Fanny spins a thousand such, 328.
gave and hath taken away, 816.
help 'em how I pities them, 510.
how it talked, 197.
knows where, Zembla or the, 318.
knows who, parents were the, 286.
lendeth unto the, 827.
my bosom's, 108.
my pasture shall prepare, 300.
of all the works of nature, 30.
of all things great, 317.
of folded arms, 05.
of himself that heritage of woe, 551.
of himself though not of lands, 174.
of humankind, 277.
of the lion heart, 392.
of the valley, 520.
of thy presence no land beside, 78.
once own the happy lines, let a, 324.
precious in the sight of the, 823.
present with the, 508.
secret things belong to the, 814.
shall hiss for the fly, 833.
Stafford mines for coal, 563.
till his, is crucified, 657.
vicar of the almightie, 6.

rawn aisle, 381.
qui, linked sweetness, 249.
Longest kingly line, 491.
Longin gaiter immortality, 298.

feeling of sadness and, 614.
lingering look behind, 385.

wavering, 75.

thus, CSO.
yet afraid to die, 614.

88, immortal, 159.

eyes abased, her, 512.
Longle Velled rule, 244.
Long-lailed words, 162.
Look a gist horse in the mouth, 11, 211.

amaist as weel's the new, 447.
before and after, we, 565.
before you ere you leap, 214, 789.
beneath the surface, 753.
brighter when we come,

drew a udience, his, 227.
ere thou leap, 9.
forward not back, 681.
give nea, give me a face, 178.
here la pon this picture, 140.

chronicles, 72.
into ha ppiness through another man's

into th

e seeds of time, 116.
into tha y heart, 31, 612.

d hungry, 111.
like the

innocent flower, 117.

lingering, 385.
men m at with erected, 269.
not the u upon the wine, 828.
on her face and you 'll forget, 325.
on it let it bear it, 641.
on sech a blessed cretur, 659.
out and not in, 681.
proudly to heaven, 514.
round the habitable world, 274.
so dull so dead in, 88.
that nat

ure wears, 613.
that thr

eatened insult, 410.

a milstone, 33.
to have,

I must not, 124.

se nce of a thing, 755.
up and not down, 681.
ppon his like again, 128.
with this
your last

in the


lean ar

to the es

Looks a que

e ears, 148.

en, she, 337.
lear and doubt, 522.

commerciag with the skies, 249.

around in

clear you

Lord went before them, 813.

whom the, loveth he chasteneth, 848.
Lords, honoured at the house of, 330.

may tlourish or may fade, 396.
new, give us new laws, 200.
of hell, procuress to the, C32.
of humankind, 395.
of ladies intellectual, 555.
of the creation, 418.
stories, great, 454.
wit among, 309.

women who love their, 392.
Lord's anointed, rail on the, 97.

anointed temple, broke ope the, 120.
Lordly dish, butter in a, 811.

pleasure-house, 023.
Lordships' pleasures, on their, 101
Lure, Cristes, and his apostles, 2.

mystical, 314.

skilled in gestic, 395.
Lose good dayes, 29.

his own soul, 810.
it that do buy it with much care, 59.
no man can, what he never had, 208.
of no account what you can, 709.

the good we oft might win, 47.
Losers must have leave to speak, 297.
Losing office, hath but a, 88.

rendered sager by, 551.
Loss, choice of, 158,

is no loss if unknown, 708.
most patient man in, 159.
no note of time but from its, 306.
of the sun, 353.
of time, compliments are, 387.
of wealth is loss of dirt, 8.

though he promise to his, 851.
Losses, fellow that hath had, 53.
Lost a day, I've, 307.

all good to me is, 231.
all is not, 223.
all is, save honour, 807.
and won, when the battle's, 115.
and worn sooner, 75.
battle won and battle, 463.
being lacked and, 53.
count that day, 688.
him half the kind, 272.
in lexicography, 368.
in the sweets, 318.
in wandering mazes, 228.
my reputation, 152.
no love lost, 178, 790.
not, but gone before, 283, 714.
praising what is, 74.
the immortal part of myself, 152.
the mourned the loved the, 545.
thing not, if you have it, 765.
think that day, 688.
to sight to memory dear, 587.
to sight, though thy smile be, 587.
what though the field be, 223.
whatsoever thing is, 424.
when sweetest, 5:22.

woman that deliberates is, 298.
Lot assigned to every man, 750.

behold our, 475.
blameless vestal's, 333.

Lot, God wot as by, 404.

how hard their, 672.
is cast into the lap, 827.
of man but once to die, 204.
of man to labour, 339.
of man to suffer and to die, 342.
scot and, 178.
suit thyseli to thy, 154.
though bleak our, 676.
to tind no euemies, unhappy, 710.

to mark, has been my, 390.
Lot's wife, remember, 812.
Loth and slow, aged men, 492.

to depart, and often took leare, 288

to die, wandering ou as, 434,
Lothario, gay, 301.
Lotus, divine nectareous juice, 314.
Loud, curses not, but deep, 14.

hissing urn, 420.
laugh of the vacant mind, 330
roared the dreadful thunder, 53.

yet was never, 151.
Louder but as empty quite, 318.
Love a bright particular star, 13.

absence conquers, 679.
absence still increases, 581.
alas for, if thou wert all, 570.
all hearts in, 51.
all that life is, 497.
all the world in, with night, 107.
and dignity in every gesture, 237.
and light and calm thoughts, 512.
and then to part, 502.
and thought and joy, 469.
and to cherish, 850.
are of, the food, 238.
bashful sincerity and comely, 52.
be younger than thyself, let thy, 75.
begins to sicken, when, 114.
better than secret, 829.
bow before thine altar, 392
brief as woman's, 138.
Briton even in, 485.
bud of this, 106.
burns with one, 339.
business that we, 158.
but her forever, 452.
but love in vain, 261.
but one day, I dearly, 285.
but only her, 547.
can die, they sin who tell us, 508
can hope where reason despairs. 377.
can scarce deserve the name, 519.
change old, for new, 25.
cherish and to obey, 851.
choose by another's eyes, 57.
common as light is, 500
could teach a monarch, 387.
course of true. 57.
dallies with the innocence of, 75.
death forerunneth, to win, 021.
deceives the best, 346.
deep as first, 630.
dispute and practice, 221.
divine all love excelling, 672.
each in my, alike, 102.
ecstasy of, 133.
endures no tie, 272.



he w


everlasting, 280.
esa Its the mind, how, 273.

Love, live with thee and be thy, 25.
iliar beast to man and signifies,

looks not with the eyes, 57.

lost between us, no, 178.
ing for a good man's, 70.

maid with few to, 469.
floers and fruits of, 565.

many waters cannot quench, 832.
free 48 air, 333.

me little love me long, 16, 41, 202.
udship constant save in, 51,

me love my dog, 19.

medicines to make me, 84.
udslip that like, is warm, 523.

meu have died but not for, 71.
fro su love made manifest, 650.
gat ber the rose of, 202.

mightier far is,-482.

mighty pain to, it is, 261.
God from necessity is, 610.

ministers of, 501.
God gives us, 624.

music be the food of, 74.
greater, hath no man, 843.

must needs be blind, 503.
greatest pain it is to, 261.

my whole course of, 150.
grown to ripeness, 024.

nature is fine in, 142.
Wedded, 234.

never doubt I, 133.
hapless, 367.

never ebb to humble, 155.
harvet-time of, 508.

no fear in, 849.
he bore to learning, 397.

not man the less I, 547.
ake of, 482.

now who never loved before, 306.
18 all for, 436.

O fire 0, 623.
to know her was to, 455.

of justice, 795.

see her was to, 452.

of life increased with years, 432.

as a liberal education, to, 297. of life's young day, 580.
him at his call, 470.

of money the root of all evil, 848.
him Ere he seem worthy, 471.

of nature, in the, 572.
him not, sour to them that, 101.

of praise howe'er concealed by art, 310.
how should I know your true, 405.

of the turtle, 519.
if I have freedom in my, 260.

of women, alas the, 557.
if there 's delight in, 291.

of women, passing the, 815.
if thou wert all, 570.

of your neighbour, 720.
in a dream of, melted away, 677.

office and affairs of, 51.
in a hut,574.

on through all ills, 527.
in every gesture dignity and, 237. on till they die, 527.
in heavenly spirits, is there, 28.

once possessed, to regain, 242.
in such
a wilderness, 516.

one another, 844.
in the beginning, no great, 45.

only they conquer, 200.
hearts as idly burns, 213.

oyster may be crossed in, 442.
is a boy
by poets styled, 213.

pains of, be sweeter far, 270.
is blind

and lovers cannot see, 62. pangs of despised, 135.
is doom ed to mourn, 683.

pardon in the degree that we, 796.
is flowe
-like, 503.

paths to woman's, 198.
to ripeness, when, 624.

perdition catch my soul but I do, 153.
is heave n and heaven is love, 487.

perfect, casteth out fear, 849.
is indestructible, 508.

pity's akin to, 282.
is left al
one, and, 624.

pity melts the inind to, 272.
rom heaven, 519.

pity swells the tide of, 308.
is like a
landscape, 181.

pleasure of, is in loving, 595.
is like a red red rose, my, 451.

poet without, 578,
is loveliest in tears, 491.

power and effect of, 191,
is nature's second sun, 35.

prize of learning, 649.
is not love which alters, 163.

prove variable, 106.
as death, 832.

purple light of, 382.
given or returned, 566.

renewal of, 702.
tilling of the law, 845.

renewing of, 21.
God has given, 458.

right to dissemble your, 445.
conceal, 502,

rules the court the camp, 487.
no laws, 32.

seals of, but sealed in vain, 49.
labour of, 847.

seldom haunts the breast, 336.
last not least in, 113.

she never told her, 75.
bas made, 333.

sidelong looks of, 396.

silence in, bewrays more woe, 25.
life, dost
hou, 360.

sincerity and comely, 52.
light and
m thoughts, 502.

soft eyes looked, 542.
light of, 52

something to, God lends us, 624.
like friendship steady, 523.

sought is good, 76.
live with Da
and be my, 40.

speak low if you speak, 51.

in your

is grown

is light

is strong
is sweet
is the ful
is the gilt
it would

laws that,
let those

OW, 306.

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