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sa university,
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are each a world, 477.

money placed for show, 215.

substantial world, 477.

the care of, 310.
authority from others', 54.

which the printers lost, 222.
lady z not always please, 144.
CO Imments on, 779.
de-cp versed in, 241.
for efathers had no other, 94.
he comes not in my, 198.
in her mind the wisest, 261,
in E he running brooks, 67.
knowing I loved my, 42.
like proverbs, 266.
linean sents of gospel, 23.
men tinat will make you, 788.
must follow sciences, 168.
Dext o 'er his, 3:31.

your, 50.
of honour rued from the, 161.
of making many, 832.
of nature, 784.
old manners old, 401.
on the soul, I have written three, 645.
or work or healthful play, 302.
our forefathers hal no other, 94.
philosophers will put their names to
preserved and stored up in, 254.
some are lieg, 446.
bome, to be tasted, 16A.
speaks about his own, C08.
spectacles of, 77.
stuffed with stoical reasonings, 744.
sweet serenity of, 017.
talismans and spells, 422.
tenets change with, 321.
that nourish

all the world, 50.

Books they read, their, 678.

to hold in the hand, 375.
toil o'er, 318.
up and quit your, 466.
upon his head, so inany, 457.
were woman's looks, my only, 522.
which are no books, 509.
wiser grow without, 4:22.

you need, Homer all the, 280.
Booksul blockhead, 325.
Bookish theoric, 149.
Bookmen, you two are, 55.
Boot, appliances and means to, 89.
Booted and spurred, 682.
Bootless bene, good for a, 479.
Boots displace, dares this pair of, 388

it at one gate, what, 242.
Bo-peep, played at, 202.
Border, let that aye be your, 448.
Bore a bright golden flower, 245.

my point, thus I, 84.
the world, him who, 483.

without abuse, 433.
Boreas, blustering railer, 672.
Bores and bored, the, 500,

through his castle wall, 82.
Born, better ne'er been, 194.

better to be lowly, 98.
blessed who ne'er was, 289.
cry for being, 170.
days, in my, 787.
for immortality, 484.
for success, COO.
for the universe, 399.
great, some are, 76.
highest calamity to be, 736.
how happy is he, 174.
in Arcadia, I too was, 793.
in a bower, 581.
in a cellar, 294, 391.
in a wood to be afraid of an owl, 292
in bed in bed we die, 791.
in better days, 341.
in silent darkness, 39.
in sin, Adam's sons, 190.
in the garret, 552.
knew that before you were, 716.
or taught, happy is he, 174.
poet is made as well as, 179.
so, men are to be, 207.
that ever I was, 133.
to be a slave, 413.
to blush unseen, 385.
to die that were net, 562.
to do, the thing that I was, 39.
to inquire after truth, 778.
to set it right, 133.
to the manner, 130.

under a rhyming planet, 54.
Borne, and yet must bear, 566.

away with every breath, 554.
down by the flying, 489.
his faculties so meek, 118.

like thy bubbles, onward, 547.
Borrow the name of the world, to, 166

to beg or to, 279.
Borrowed thing3, di guisirg, 779.

wit, wings of, 200.

not in

their, 188.

Borrower, bettered by the, 253.

is servant to the leader, 828.
nor a lender be, 130.

of the night, 120.
Borrowing dulls the edge, 130.

such kind of, 233.
who goeth a, goeth a sorrowing, 21,

Bosono, cleanse the atuffed, 125.

bears, now which thy frozen, 49.
come rest in this, 32.
man take tire in his, 525.
of God, her seat is the, 31.
of his Father and his God, 386.
of the ocean, buried in the, 95.
of the bea, H, 152.
of thy God, calm on the, 570.
on thy fair, silver lake, 677.
sleep in Avraham's, 97.
slow growth in an aged, 364.
swell, with thay íraught, 155.
third in your, 107.
thorns that in her, lodge, 132.
warm cheek and rising, 382.
was young, when my, 51).
what, beats not, 336.
wife of thiy, 813.
with his hand on his, 406.

wring his, and die, 403.
Bosoms, come home to men's, 164.

quiet to quick, 513.
Bosom's lord sits lightly, 108.
Bosomed deep in vines, 332.

high in tufted trees, 218.
Bosoin-weight, your stubborn gift, 486.
Boston and Concord, there is, 532.

solid men of, 432.

State House the hub, 638.
Botanize upon his niother's grave, 471.
Botany, Latin names all their, 599.
Both and either 731.

in the wrong, 348.
sides, much may be said on, 300, 303.
thanks and use, 46.

were young, 552.
Bottle, little for the, 436.

of hay, needle in a, 670.
Bottom, my ventures are not in one, 59.

of the deep, dive into the, 84.
of the sea, %.
of the worst, 102.
search not lis, 257.
thou art translated, 58.

tub upon its own, 205, 350.
Bough, Apollo's laurel, 41.

blossom that hangs on the, 43.
the bud is on the, 611.

touch not a single, 595,
Boughs are daily rifled, 585.

80 pendulous and fair, 501.

that shake against the cold, 162.
Bought, now cheaply, 456,
Bound in shallows and miseries, 115.

in those icy chains, 184.

into saucy doubts, 122.
Bounding billows, 674.
Boundless contiguity of shade, 418.

hi, wealth, 158.

Boundless, our thoughts as, 580.

seas, twixt two, 525.
Bounds, dauces in his crystal, the

of freakish youtli, 419.
of freedom wider yet, 23.
of modesty, 108.
of place and time, 382.

vulgar, 323.
Bounties of an hour, 30).
Bounty ted, those his former, til

large was his, 380.
no winter in his, 159.
not till judymelil guide his, 102

of earth, fed by the, ili
Bourbon or Nassau, 20.
Bouru no traveller returns, 136.
Bout, many a winding, 249.
Bow before thine altar love, 12

better to, than break, 12.
many strings to your, 15.
stubboru knees, 139.
to that whose course is run, 387
too tensely strong, 710.

two strings to his, 15.
Bowed, at lier feet lie, olt.

the heavens bigh, 23.
Bowels of compassion, 49.

of the earth, 182.
of the harmless earth, 83.

of the land, 97.
Bower, boru in a, 581.

by Bendemeer's stream, 526.
Eveleen's, 320.
led her to the nuptial, 237.
of roses, 520.

orange flower perfumes the, 194
Bowers of bliss, 313.

silver, leave, 28.
Bowl, born to drain the, 3H.

golden, be broken, Si.

mingles with my friendly, 328
Bows,, 't is penning, 387.
Box, breathes from yonder, 325

twelve good men into a, 52N

where sweets compacted lie, :204
Boxes, beggarly account of empty, 108
Boy and youth, 'twixt, +84.

at Drury's a happy, 39.
Chatterton the marvellous, 170.
get money, 177.
hath sold him a bargain, 5
lad of mettle a good, S.
laughing, hear that, (37.
love is a, by potts styled, 213.
O would I were a, again, 672
parlous, 30.
playing on the sea-shore, 278.
stood on the burning deck, 570.
than when I was a, 5%.
that shoots so trim, 105,
twelve years ago I was a, 595.
who would not be a, 541.

you hear that, laughing, 631.
Boys, claret the liquor for, 374.

earth's boastful, 598.
fear, with bugs, 72.
go wooing in my, 40
grief for, 100.

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Boys, like little wanton, 93.

three merry, are we, 184. throw stones at frogs, 741.

to learn what is necessary for, 700.

to learn what is useful as men, 137. Boyhood's years, tears of, 523. Boyish days, even irom my, 150.

Brach or lym, 143. Bradshaw bullied, 332.

children of an

Braes, among thy green, 49.

of Balloch, o'er the, 674.

we twa hae run about the, 449. Braggart with my tongue, 131. Braids of lilies, twisted, 246. Braid, blowing the ringlet from the, 627. Brain, book and volume of my, 132.

bonks the children of the, 291.
coinage of your, 141.

idle, 103.
dry as the remainder biscuit, 68.
him with his lady's fan, 81.
like madness in the, 500).
may devise laws, 01.

out of the carver's, 493.
memory warder of the, 119.
paper. Phrases in his, 5t.

of the, 51.




should possess a poet's, 40.

Brave who rush to glory, 515.
Braveiy becomest thy bed, 159.

fleshed thy maiden sword, 87. Bravery, all her, 212.

of his grief, 145. Bravost are the tenderest, the, 666. Braw brass collar, 47. Brawling woman in a wide house, $27. Bray a tool in a moitar, 823. Brayed with minstrelsy, 109. Brazen throat of war, 24). Breach, imiiuent deadly, 150.

more honoured in the, 130.

once more unto the, 91. Breaches, ambuscades, 105. Bread and butter, quarrel with my,

292 and butter, no, of mine, 787. and butter, smell of, 554. and the gospel is good fare, 283. better is half a loaf than no, 15. crust of, and liberty, 328. crammed with distressiul, 92. die for beauty than live tor, 000. eaten in secret, 82). half-penny worth of, 85. he took the, and brake it, 177. Homer begged his, 189. if his son ask, 839. in one hand stone the other, 701. in sorrow ate his, 803. is buttered, which side my, 19. is the staff of life, 283, 291. looked to government for, 411. man doth not live by, only, 813. man shall not live by, alone, 838. nor his seed begging, 819. of banishment, eating the bitter, 81, of idleness, 829. should be so dear, that, 585. upon the waters, cast thy, 831. whole stay of, 833.

wondering for his, 420. Break, better to bow than, 12.

it to our hope, 126.
of day, eyes the, 49.

of the wave, 561. Breakers the Euxine's dangerous, 559.

wantoned with thy, 518. Breakfast on a lion's lip, 91.

scheme for her own, 311.

with what appetite you have, 99. Breaking waves dashed bigh, 509. Breast, against Othello's, 156.

arm the obdured, 228.
beauteous head drops upon his, 338
bless it upon my, (57.
calm the troubled, 611.
cross on her white, 325.
eternal in the human, 315.
fair as thine ideal, 516.
feeble woman's, 482.
knock the, 242.
marble of her snowy, 219.
master-passion in the, 317.
monuments upon my, 571.
ne'er learned to glow, whose, 335,
on her white, 325.
round its, the rolling clouds, 397

too finely wrought, 413.
yex the, with researches, 413.

written troubles of the, 125.
Brains could not move, 457.

cudgel thy, no more about it, 143.
excise our, 413.
steal away their, 152.
unhappy, for drinking, 152.

when the, were out, 1:22. В. ake that virtue must go through, the,

98. Вг.

anch, cut is the, 41. Br:

anch-charmed oaks, 575. Bronchez, giant, tossed, 569.

learning, 62. Branching elin, star-proof, 250. Bran 1 y, a hero inust drink, 374.

water, sipped, 454, no € hing extenuate for the, 597. Brank 301ne Hall, custom of, 487. Brass, evil manners live in, 100.

nor stone nor earth, 102.

sounding, 815.
Brave, annals of the, 663.

councils of the, 526.
days of old, 593.
deserves the fair, none but the, 271.
fears of the, 365.
fortune helps the, 704.
home of the, u17.
how sleep the, 389.
live on, the, 671.
man chooses, 657.
man struggling, 336.
men before Agamemnon, 555.
that are no more, 423.
the unretuarning, 513.
toll for tlze, 423.


Breast, soothe the savage, 294.

sunshine of the, 381.
tamer of the human, 382.
thine ideal, 546.
told but to her mutual, 516.
toss him to my, 205.
truth hath a quiet, 80.
two hands upou the, 667.
where learning lies, 336.
with dauntless, 385.
within his own clear, 24.

within our, this jewel lies, 362.
Breast-high amid the corn, 584.
Breastplute, what stronger, 94.
Breasts the keen air, 331.
Breath, bated, 61.

boldest held his, the, 515.
borne away with every, 554.
call back the tieeting, 384.
came o'er the sea, 110, 611.
can make them, 390.
Cytherea's, 77.
down and out of, 88.
extend a mother's, 328.
hope's perpetual, 474.
is in his nostrils, 833.
last moment of his, 398.
life of mortal, 615.
lightly draws its, 460.
little flesh a little, 749.
most breathes, where, 162.
mouth-honour, 121.
of flowers sweeter in the air, 167.
of heaven, 416.
of kings, princes are, 447.
of men, she takes away the, 621.
of morn, sweet is the, 233.
one more weary of, 586.
regular as infant's, 502.
revives him, 39.
rides on the posting winds, 160.
smells wooingly, heaven's, 117.
suck my last, 333.
summer's ripening, 106.
the tempest's, prevail, 542.
thou art, a, 48.
to cool his porridge, 773, 789.
to cool his pottage, 738.
to the latest, 321.
weary of, 586.
when the good man yields his, 496.

wither at the north-wind's, 570. Breaths, we live in thoughts not, 654. Breathe not his name, 519.

thoughts that, 392.

were life as though to, 625.
Breathed the long long night, 639.
Breathers of this world, 162.
Breathes despair, there, 551.

from yonder box, 325.
must suffer, who, 289.

there the man, 488. Breathing household laws, 472.

of the common wind, 471.
time of day with me, 145.
time, peace only a, 407.
upon a bank of violets, 74.
we watched her, 583.

Brick-dust mun,

Breathing world, into this, 95.
Breathless with adoration, 470.
Bred in a book, dainties that are

in the bone, 19, 691.
in the kitchen, 552.

where is fancy, 0. Breech where honour's lodged, 214 Breeches are so queer, 635.

cost but a crown, 152, 406.
Macaulay is a book in, 461.

women wear the, 186, Breed a habit, use doth, H.

for barren metal, 61.
of men, this happy, 81.

of noble bloods, 110.
Breeding, to show your, 443.
Breeds by a composture, 109,
Breeze, battle and the, 514.

every passing, 535.
far as the, can bear, 550.
is on the sea, the, 491.
of nature stirring, 450.
refreshes in the, 316.

without a, without a tide, 498. Breezy call of morn, 381.

hill that skirts the down, 428.
Brent, your bonny brow was, 449.
Brentford, two kings of, 417.
Brethren, great twin, 593

to dwell together in unity, 824.
Brevity is the soul of wit, 133.
Brews, as he, 177.
Bribe, too poor for a, 387.

the, 303 Bricks are alive this day, 94.

by chance or fortune, 739. Bridal chamber, come to the, 562.

of the earth and sky, 204. Bride, society my glittering, 480.

wife dearer than the, 377.
Bride-bed to have decked, 14.
Bridegroom, fresh as a, 83.
Brides, as the lion woves his, 392.
Bridge, Horatius kept the, 593.

of sighs, on the, 544.
that arched the flood, 599.

with grooms and porters on the, 6:28 Bridle, taxed, 462. Brief as the lightning, 57.

as woman's love, 138
authority, drest in a little, 48.
candle, out out, 125.
let me be, 132.

'tis, my lord, 138.
Briers, working-day full of, 66.
Bright and yellow gold, 586.

angels are still, 124.
as young diamonds, 275.
best of dark and, 551.
consummate flower, 235.
dark with excessive, 231.
her angels face shined, 27.
honour, pluck, 84.
must fade, all that is, 522.
old age serene and, 475.
or good, not too, 474.
particnlar etar, a, 73
promise of your early day, 535

[blocks in formation]

how the wit, 324. Brightest and best of the sons, 535.

fell, though the, 124. still the teetest, 522.

wisest, meanest, 319. Bright tyed fancy, 382.

uce watches, 383. Bright_ly breaks the morning, 676.

smile and sweetly sing, 563.
Brightness, amazing, 280.
lost her original, 225.

and truth, 280.
Frenchman, 414.



Danks are wild, 492.
Brim, pleksure drown the, 73.

sparkles near the, 542.

the Quaker loves an ample, 586.
Brimst ne bed, from his, 507.
Bring me to the test, 141.

the day, Sweet Phosphor, 203.
the rathe primrose, 247.

your wou aded hearts, 524.
Bringer of that joy, 59.

of unwelcome news, 88.
Brisk and gã aldy-paced times, 75.

as a bee i conversation, 369.
Britain at H Laven's command, 358.

where not is, 592.
Britain's monarch uncovered sat, 352.
Britannia needs no bulwarks, 514.

rules the waves, 358.
Brither, like a vera, 451.
British isles, the little speck, 637.

man, smell the blood of, 147.
manhood, piece of, 579.
oak, shadow of the, 410.
public in a fit of morality, 591.
soldier, the, 537.

stare, with a stony, 631.
Briton even in love should be a subject,

Britons never shall be slaves, 358.
Broad is the way, &39.

blown all his crimes, 139.
Broad-based upon her people's will, C23.
Broad-brimmed hat, 352.
Broadcloth without, 422.
Brogues, my clouted, 160.
Broil and battle, feats of, 150.
Broke the die, natuze, 552.

the good meeting , 122. Broken rued, this, 834.

with the storms of state, 100. Broken-hearted, half, 539.

ne'er been, 452. Brokenly live on, 543. Bronze is the mirror of the form, 696. Broods and sleeps on his own heart, 471. Brook and river meet,

where, 614. as thon these ashes can see no moon but falls scattered down,

Brook, fast by a, 428.

I could not hear the, 634.
is deep, where the, 93.
noise like of a hidden, 499.
Siloa's, 223.
sparkling with a, 536.
that turns a mill, 455.

the weather, many can, 55. Brooks, books in the running, 67.

in Vallombrosa, 224.
make rivers, 274.
moon looks on many, 521.
murmuring near the running, 471.
panteth after the water, 820.
rivers wide and shallow, 248.
shallow, rivers wide, 248.

sloping into, 536.
Brooked the eternal devil, 110.
Brook-side, I wandered by the, (34.
Broom, new, sweeps clean, 16.
Broomstick, write finely upon a, 294.
Brother, am I not a man and a,

bear with your own, 743.
call my, back to me, 571.
every author would his, kill, 258.
exquisite to relieve a, 447.
followed brother, fast has, 486.
hurt my, 145.
in dealing with a, 694.
my father's, 128.
near the throne, no, 327.
no author ever spared a, 349.
no friend no, there, 510.
of death, sleep the, 092.
of the angle, 207.
of the sky, 343.
resume the man and forget the, 343.
sleep, death and his, 507.
sticketh closer than a, 827.
to death, sleep, 39.
to his sister, as a, 52.
we are both in the wrong, 348.

you called me, 160. Brothers, all the, of my father's house

76. all valiant, 852. counterfeit presentment of two, 140. forty thousand, 144. in distress, athiction's sons are, 447. in peace, 312. men my, 626. row, the stream runs fast, 518. sons and kindred slain, 258 we are both in the wrong, 348

we band of, 92. Brotherhood, monastic, 480.

of venerable trees, 474. Brother's father dad, called, 78.

keeper, am I my, 812.

murder, curse upon a, 139. Brow, crystal of his, 31.

flushing his, 575.
furrows on another's, 309.
grace was seated on this, 140
no wrinkle on thie azure, 547.
o'er that, a shadow fling, 503.
of Egypt, beauty in a, 59.
pain and anguish wring thy, 490.

ittle, 483. this, the, 521. the, 501.

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