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Brow, sweat of a man's, 693.

Buffets of the world, blows and, 12L
was brent, your bonny, 419.

Butfoon, statesman aud, 208.
Brows bound, now are our, 95.

Bug in a rug, snug as a, 361.
gathering her, 451.

Bugs, fear boys with, 72.
nightcap decked his, 401.

Bugle, blow, 130.
of him that uttered nothing base, 623. horn, one blast upon his, 492.
sweat of my, 785.

Build as chance will have it, 594.
whose shady, 213.

beneath the stars, who, 30).
Brown bread and the gospel, 283.

for him, others should, til.
study, some,

not boast, he lives to, 351
Bruce has often led, Scots whom, 450. thee more stately mansions, 636.
Bruise, par muceti for an inward, 83.

the lofty rhyme, 246.
Bruised reed shall he not break, 834. we up the being that we are, 49
with adversity, 50.

when we mean to, 88.
Brunt of cannon ball, 211.

Builded better than he knew, 5.
Brushers of noblemen's clothes, 171. Builders refused, stone which the, 893
Brushing with hasty steps, 386.

wrought with greatest care, :15
Brute, et tu, 112.

Buildeth on the vulgar beart, .
Brute, not quite a, 309.

Building, stole the life of the, 12).
Brutes, without women we had been, 280. Builds a church to God, 312.
Brutish, life of man, 200.

Built a lordly pleasure-house, 63.
Brutus, Caesar had his, 129.

a paper-mili, 44.
grows so covetous, 114.

God a church, 415.
I am no orator as, 114.

in one day, Rome was not, 15.
is an honourable man, 113.

in the eclipse, 247.
there was a, once, 110.

on another man's ground, 45.
will start a spirit, 110.

on stubble, earth's base, 245.
Bubble burst and now a world, 315. Bull, Assyrian, 031.
fire burn and cauldron, 123.

dog ounce bear and, 783.
honour but au empty, 272.

or forge a, 586.
on the fountain, like the, 191.

to enjoy Leda, 32.
reputation, seeking the, 09.

Bullen's eyes, gospel-light from, 387.
whose life is a, 201.

Bullets of the brain, paper, 51.
world is a, 170.

Bullocks, how a good yoke of, 89.
Bubbles, borne like thy, 517.

whose talk is of, 831.
the earth hath, 116.

Bulls in Cymbrian plain, 27.
with beaded, 575.

Bully, like a tall, 322.
Bubbling cry of a strong swimmer, 557. Bulrush, knot in a, 701.
groall, sinks with, 517.

Bulrushes, dam the Nile with, 5%.
loud-hissing urn, 420.

Bulwark of our island, floating, 392.
venom, flings its, 510.

never failing, 790.
Buck of the first head, 55.

Bulwarks against anti-republican ten
Bucket, as a drop of a, 834.

dencies, 435.
moss-covered, the, 537.

Britannia needs no, 514.
old onken, iron bound, 537.

Bundle of relations, mun a, 601.
Buckets into empty wells, 119, 160. Bunghole, stopping a, 1H.
Buckhurst choose, I would, 279.

Bunker-hill, there is Lexington and, 532.
Buckingham, so much for, 26.

Burden and heat of the day, $10.
Buckram suits, rogues in, 8t.

every man bears his own, StG.
Bucolical juvenal, 194.
Bud bit with an envious worm, 104.

grasshopper shall be a, 831.

I live an idle, 310.
flower when offered in the, 301.

of a sigh, 497.
Is on the bough again, 611.

of his song, this the, 427.
like a worm in the, 75.

of some merry song, sad, 328.
of love, this, 106.

of the desert of the sea, 833.
of youth, worm is in the, 423.

of the mystery, #67.
out faire, 28.

of three-score, 395.
shut and be a, again, 575.

prosperous fool a grievous, 1946.
the rose is sweater in the, 33.

sacred, is this life, 641.
to heaven conveyed, 500.
Budding rose above the rose, 476

Burdens of the Bible old, 598.
rose is fairest when 't is, 491.

the ease of, 786.
Budge an inch, I'll not, 72.
doctors of the Stoic fur, 246.

Burial of an ass, 83)
significant and, 415.

Buried base, columu with the, 546.
Buds the promise of celestial worth, 311. Burn, bubbles wiuking at the, 575.
Buff and the blue, bide by the, 450.

daylight, 275.
Butlets and rewards, tortune's, 137,

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superfluous, loads the day, 152.

Burglary, flat, as ever was committed, 53

to the socket, hearts, 479

in us,

heart, $42.

while the lamp holds out to, 303.


ed Burne

18 Apollo's laurel bough, 41.
Burning and a shining light, $13.

burns out another's, 104.
dec k, boy stood on the, 570.
marle, over the, 224.

your lights, 842
Burnished dove, 625.

Jery of the, 62

Il meadow, sweets of, 474.
Burns, do res and, 316.

alive all the whores, 287.
out another's burning, 104.

with one love, 339.
Burnt chi] dreads the fire, 16.

halt his Troy was, 88.
Burry, Cota Yer sation's, 6:36.
Burst in ig dorance, let me not, 130.
Bury Cæsa I, I come to, 113.

in oblivion, 201.

me on my face, 763.
Bush and bank, over, 28.

beat the, 10.
good wine needs no, 72.
hawthorn, with seats beneath, 395.
man in the, with God may meet, 598.

bear, how easy is a, 59.
the thief dd -th fear each, 95.
Bushel, do not sit down on a, 765.
Bushels of cha

ff, GO.
Busier seemed

than he was, 2.
Business, come home to men's, 164.

despatch is the soul of, 353.
dinner lubricates, 437.
end of this day's, 115.
every man has, 132.
everybody's, is nobody's, 207.
every man mind his own, 786.
hours set apar for, 362.
in great water 3, 823.
in this state, 49.
man diligent in, 828.
man to double, bound, 139.
nobody's, 207.
no feeling of his, 113.
not to question our, 310.
of one who studies philosophy, 745.
of the day, be drunk the, 273.
prayer all his, 30.5.
so ends the blood v, 347.
some men take to , 321.
talents equal to, 717.
talk of nothing but t, 810.
that we love, 158.
those that are above, 284.
unembarrassed by cares of, 712.
will never hold water, this, 296.

with an income at its heels, 415.
Businesses and customs, 424.
Buskin, shuttles of the, 637.
Bust, animated, 384.

244. Bustle of resort, rarion

Busts between, placed
Busy, a man, so, 2.

as a bee. 33.
bee, how doth the, 30

Busy companies of men, 203.

curious, thirsty tly, 671.
hammers closing rivets up, 92.
haunts of men, in the, 570.
hum of men, 249.
whisper circling round, 397.
with the crowded hour, 600.

world an idler to, 420.
Busy bodies speaking things, 818.
Busybody, be not wordy nor a, 750.
But ine no buts, 861.
Butchered to make a Roman holiday, 546
Butchers, gentle with these, 113.
Butter, bread and, of mine, 787.

bread and, smell of, 55t.
in a lordly dish, 811.
quarrel with my bread and, 292.
words smoother than, 821.

would not melt in her mouth, 13, 292
Buttered, which side my bread is, 19.
Butterflies no bees, no, 586.
Buttertly, I'd be a, 581.

upou a wheel, 328. Button, did not care a, 771.

on fortune's cap, 133.
Buttoned down betore, coat, 596.
Button-hole lower, let me take you, 56.
Buttons be disclosed, 129.

I had a soul above, 454.
Buttress nor coign of vantage, 117.
Buy it, they lose it that do, 59.

my flowers, 0 buy, 607.
with you sell with you,

Buyer, it is naught saith the, 827.
Buying or selling of pig, 20.
By and by is easily said, 139.
Byron's poetry, ethice from, 591,
Byword, proverb and a, 815.
Byzantium is not big enough to hold us

Byzantium's conquering foe, 545.
Cabbage, pepper his, 712.
Cabined cribbed confined, 122.

loop-hole, 213.
Cable for a line, 217.
Cadence of a rugged line, harsh, 270.

sweet in, 422.
Cadmean victory, 807.
Cadmus gave the letters, 558.
Cæsar and his fortunes, 728.

bled, where some buried, 708.
dead and turned to clay, 144.
great, fell, 111.
had his Brutus, 429,
hath wept, 113.
I appeal unto, 613.
I come to bury, 113.
imperious, dead, 114.
in every wound of, 114.
not that I loved, less, 113.
rebellion fraud and, 297.
render therefore unto, 810.
start a spirit as soon as, 110.
upon what meat doth, feed, 110.
with a senate at his heels, 319.
yesterday the word of, 113.
you carry, and his fortunes, 728

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Cæsar's, things which are, 840.

wife above suspicion, 7:27.

wife not to be suspected, 727. Cage, nor iron bars a, 200. Cages, as with birds in, 778.

young ladies make nets not, 291. Cain, old Tubal, 65+.

the first city made, 261. Cake, eat thy, and have it, 205.

is dough, my, 73. Cakes and ale, no more, 75. Calamity, enigmatical sort of, 706. fortune not satisfied with one,

is man's true touchstone, 197.
learn from another's, 708.
of so long life, 135.

to be born the highest, 736.
Caledonia stern and wild, 489.
Caledonia's cause, support, 450.
Call's-skin on those recreant limbs, 79.
Call a coach, go, 285.

a spade a spade, 733.
back yesterday, 81.
evil good good evil, 833.
for the robin-redbreast, 181.
it by some better came,

it holy ground, 570.
me a spade, don't, 293.
me early mother dear, 624.
my brother back to me, 571.
nothing but coach, coach, 285.
our own, nothing can we, 821.
shapes that come not at an earthly,

482. the breezy, 384. the cattle home, 664. these delicate creatures ours, 154. things by their right names, 457. to-day his own, he who can, 273. us to penance, 226.

you that backing your friends, 84. Called, many are, 810.

the new world into existence, 464. Caller, him who calleth be the, 285. Calling, in his, let him nothing call but

coach, 285.
shapes, 243.
Calls back the lovely April, 161.
Calm, after a storm comes a, 284.

and silent night, 642.
day of slumberous, 575.
familiar talk, 341.
here find that, 367.
lights of philosophy, 297.
of idle vacancy, 376.
on the bosom of thy God, 570.
on the listening ear, 610.
so deep, I never felt a, 470.
the troubled breast, 611.
thou mayst smile, 438.

tracts of, from tempest, 631.
Calmer of unquiet thoughts, 207.
Calmness made, keeps the law in, 476.
Calms after tempest, 151,
Calumnious strokes, 129.
Calumny, shalt not escape, 136.
Calvin and oatmeal, land of, 459.
Calvinistic creed, a, 305.

Cambuscan bold, story of, 250.
Cambyses' vein, 85.
Came I saw I conquered, 735.

prologue, excuse, 239.

saw and overcame, 90.
Camel, cloud in shape of a, 139.

like a, indeed, 139.
swallow a, 610.
through the eye of a needle, 840.

to thread the poster, 82
Camilla scours the plain, 324.
Camomile the more it is trodden, 32.
Campaspe, Cupid and, 31.
Camping.ground, fame's eternal, 081.
Can it be that this is all, 518.

such things be, 122.

this be death, 33).
Canadian hills, cold on, 427.
Candid friend, the, 461.

where we can, be, 315.
Candied tongue, let the, 137.
Caudle, from their torches I light toy

hold a, 351.
in the sun, 191.
light such a, 685.
looking in the daytime with a, 763.
of understanding, 836.
out out brief, 125.
poor sport not worth tbe, 206.
scarcely fit to hold a, 351.
shall never be put out, 685.
throws his beams, bit.
to my shames, 62.
to the sun, 205, 311.

to thy merit, thy modesty 's a, 382.
Candles are all out, 119.

are out, when the, 739.
be out all cats be grey, 11, 790.
night's, are burnt out, 108.

of the night, 66.
Candy, glorified, 509.
Cane, conduct of a clouded, 326.
Canker and the grief are mine, the, 555

galls the infants of the spring, 129.
Cankers of a calm world, S.
Cannibals that eat each other, 150.
Cannikin, why clink the, 646.
Cannon ball, brunt of, 211.

by our sides, 115.

to right of them, 628.
Cannon's mouth, even in the, N
Cannot come to good, 128

tell how the truth be, 457.
Canon 'gainst self-slaughter, 128.
Canonized bones, 130.
Canopied by the blue sky, 553.
Canopy, most excellent, the air, 134.

the skies, my, 316.
under the, 103.

which love has spread, 568.
Canst not say I did it, 122.

thou guide Arcturus, 818
Cant of criticism, 378.

of hypocrites, 378.
Cantankerous, you won't be bo, 441.
Cantilena of the law, 527.
Canting world, in this, 378

[blocks in formation]

glowed beyond nature, 3o poddressing myself to my, 798. buston on fortune's, 133.


good, lost

by night a stocking all the day, 397,

of youth, riband in the, 142.

white r than driven snow, 380.

soul discontented with, 512. Cap-1

parmed at point exactly, 128. Capabil ly and godlikc reason, 142. Capable Of nothing but dumb-shows, 137. Caparisons don't become a young woman,

HO. Cape, roud d the stormy, 356. Caper, pro vokes the, 412. Capers niz bly in a lady's chamber, 95. Capital, B

elgium's, 512. solicits the aid of labor, 532. Capitol, drizzled blood upon the, 112.

who was 't betrayed the, 280.
Capon, lined with good, 69.
Captain, becomes his captain's, 158.

but a choleric word in the, 48.
Christ, soual unto his, 82.

in an ill general, 782.
ill, good at tending, 162.
jewels in t de carcanet, 162.
of compler lents, 106.
of the sea,

a boisterous, 392.
Wattle, era

r hear of, 436. Captive good, attending, ill, 162.

whose words all ears took, 74.
Capulets, family vault of all the, 412.

tomb of the, 412.
Car, drive the rapid, 424.

rattling o'er the street, 542.
Caravan, innumerable, 572.
the phantom,

768. Carcanet, jewels in the, 162. Carcase is, where soever the, 841.

of Robinson Crusoe, 391. Carcasses bleed at the sight of the

murderer, 187,
Card, clear conscience is a sure, 33.

he's a sure, 277.
reason the, passion the gale, 317.

speak by the, 143. Cards, old age of, 321.

patience and shuffle the, 789.

played for kisses, 31. Care, begone dull, 84.

beyond to-day, 381.
cast away, 786.
deliberation and public, 227.
draws in the trains of men, 111.
earliest latest, 377.
feed me with a shepherd's, 300.
fig for woe, and a fig for, 9.
for me, if naebody, 449.
for nobody no not I, 427.
his useful, was ever nigh, 366.

Care, lift her with, 586.

lodges where sleep will never lie, 106
make pale my cheeks with, 199.
not, I may although I, 25.
ravelled sleave of, 119.
so wan with, 82.
that buy it with much, 59.
the least as feeling her, 31.
there's neither cauld nor, 458.
to our coffin adds a nail, 431.
Weep away the life of, 566.
why are we fond of toil and, 805.
will kill a cat, 177, 199.
with judicious, 147.

wrinkled, derides, 248. Cares and delicate fears, humble, 469.

are all ended, his, 90.
beguiled by sports, 394.
depressed with, 318.
dividing his, 455.
ever against eating, 249.
far from mortal, 534.
fret thy soul with, 30.
if no one, for me, 427.
nobler loves and nobler, 477.
of business, unembarrassed by, 712.
of gain, unvexed with the, 348.
that infest the day, 614.
unvexed with all the, of gain, 348.

whose constant, 392.
Care-charmer sleep, 39.
Cared not to be at all, 220.
Career of his humour, 51.
Careful of the type, 632.
Careless childhood strayed, 381.

in deeds, be not, 755.
of the single life, 632.
shoe-string, 201.
song now and then, 389.
their merits or faults, 396.

trifle, as 't were a, 117.
Caress, wooing the, 555.
Carlyle, scolding from, 637.
Carnegie, Johnnie, lais heer, 288.
Carols as he goes, 394.
Carpet knights, 187, 774, 783.
Carry Cæsar, you, 728.

gentle peace, right hand, 100. Carrying three insides, 464. Cart before the horse, 18.

now traversed the, 288.

sung ballads from a, 274.
Carved for many a year, names, 635.

head fantastically, 90.
not a line, we, 503.

with figures strange, 499.
Carver's brain, made out of the, 499.
Carves out his own fortune, 785.
Carving the fashion of a new doublet, 5L
Casca, the envious, 113.
Case as plain as a pack-staff, 172.

consider the reason of the, 278.
I am in, what a, 72.
stands, as the, 172.

when a lady is in the, 349. Cases, circumstances alter, 580.

tenures and tricks, 143. Casement slowly grows, 630.



I how chuste she be I how fair she be, 2 I'm free from, 689. in heaven is there, is an enemy to life, keeps his watch, 106

Casements, charmed magic, 575. Cato, give his senate laws, 327, 336. Cash-box, beautiful eyes of my, 798.

heroic stoic, 559. Cask, at the beginning of the, 694.

statue of, 741. Casius, old Mount, 228.

the sententious, 579, Cassio, I love thee, 152.

Cattle are grazing, the, 469. Cassius has a lean and hungry look, 111. call the, home, 64. belp me, or I sink, 110.

thousands of great, 410. no terrors in your threats, 114.

upon a thousand hills, $20. should I have answered so, 114. Caucasus, thinking on the frosty, 81. Cast beyond the moon, 11, 32.

Caught by glare, maidens, 540. bread upon the waters, 831.

my heavenly jewel, have I, 34. of thought, the pale, 136.

Cauld nor care there, neither, 158. off his friends, 399.

Cauldron bubble, fire burn and, 123. set my life upon a, 98.

Cause, beauty of the good old, 472. the darkness of the sky, 24.

eifect defective conues by, 133. your pearls before swine, 838.

hear me for my, 113. Caste of Vere de Vere, 023.

how light a, may nuove, 526. Casting a dim religious light, 250.

in his country's, 336. Castle, a man's house is his, 24.

is just, our, 126. hall, the mistletoe hung in the, 582. judge in his own, 711, 798. hath a pleasant seat, 117.

little shall I grace my, 154. house of every one as his, 24.

magnificent and awiul, 418. wall, bores through bis, 82.

me uo causes, 801. Castles in the air, 187, 790, 854.

of all men's misery, 31. in the clouds, 357.

of all things, 759. Castle's strength will laugh a siege, 125. of covetou nese, 41. Castled crag of Drachenfels, 543.

of doing any action, 742. Rhine, dwelleth by the, 613.

of Julness in others, 374. Casualty, road of, 62.

of mankind, in the, 520. Casuists, convocation of, 786.

of policy, turu him to any, 91. soundest, doubt, 322.

of this defect, 133. Cat and a rat and a coward, 786.

of this effect, 133. care will kill a, 177, 199.

report me and my, aright, 145. endow a college or a, 322.

that wit is in other men, SS. hanging of his, on Monday, 856.

their, I plead, 387. harinless necessary, 64.

the weak in a just, C96. in the adage, Mke the poor, 118.

thou first great, 334. in the pan, 106.

when our, it is just, 517. is averse to fish, what, 381.

who die in a great, 55. may look upon a king, 17.

Causes and occasions, 93. monstrous tail our, has, 285.

just, whatever is is in its, 276. nine lives like a, 16, 691.

offence from amorous, 325. watches a mouse, as a, 293.

Causeless, the curse, $28. when I play with my, 776.

Caution's lesson scorning, 447. will mew, 145.

Cavalrymen, not many dead, 680. would eat fish, 14.

Cave Adullam), 814. Cats and dogs, rain, 293.

that darksome, 28. be gray when candles are out, all, 11, vacant interlunar, 241. 790.

Cares, dark unfathomed, 385. Cat's ear, breeds in the, 18.

lakes fens bogs, 228. Catalogue, go for men in the, 121. Cavern, misery's darkest, 366. of common things, 574.

Caverns measureless to man, 500. Cataract, the sounding, 407.

memory's, pure and deep, 581. Cataracts, silent, 501.

Caviare to the general, 134. Catastrophe, I'li tickle your, 89.

Cavil on the ninth part of a hair, 8. Catch and hold, 10.

Caw, what says he, 424. ere she change, 321.

Cease every joy to glimmer, 514. larks, hoped to, 771.

from troubling, the wicked, 816 my flying soul, 333.

rude Boreas, 072. old birds with chaff, 787.

ye from man, 833. the conscience of the king, 135. Ceases to be a virtue, 407. the driving gale, 318.

Ceasing of exquisite music, 616 the manners living, 315.

swiftness never, 24. the transient hour, 366.

Cedar in Lebanon, 822. Catechism, so ends ny, 87.

to the hyssop, from the, 593. Caters for the sparrow,


Celebrated, Saviour's birth is, 127. Cathay, cycle of, 626.

Celestial benedictions, 615. Cato, big with the fate of, 297.

fire, spark of, 425.

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