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1. Of enrollment

2. Of arms and equipments

3. What persons are absolutely exempted from military duty 896

4. What persons are conditionally exempted 898

5. Ol partial exemptions by reason of bodily infirmity 899

6. Of company trainings ;; and the annual inspection 900

7. On what days military parades are prohibited " 901

8. Appointment and duty of clerks of companies 902

9. Choice of captains and subalterns

of companies 903

10. Duty of the militia, in ease of invasion or insurrection 904

11. Exemptions from arrest, distress, and attachment 905

Vol. m. 25

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1. Right of mill-owners to raise and continue a sufficient head of water 91

2. Of compensation to persons whose lands are damaged by the flowing of mill-dams; and herein of the proceedings by which such compensation may be obtained 912

3. What shall be the measure of the annual damages; and how such damages may be increased or diminished 914

4. Obligation of mill-owners to give security for payment of the annual damages; and the consequence of their refusal to give such security 914

5. The costs' 915

6. The right of mill-proprietors to to call a meeting; and the notice

of such meeting 915

7. Liability of those who neglect to attend such meeting; or of those, who, attending such meeting, refuse to agree with the major part, in interest, of such proprietors,

for repairing or rebuilding a mill 916

8. How far minors, femes covert, tenants for life, for years, in tail, mortgagor or mortgagee, are deemed proprietors within the act 916

9. Duty and fees of millers 917

TITLE CV1II. Mortgages 918

1. Of the relative interests of the mortgagor and the mortgagee in the mortgaged estate 919

2. Of the mode of declaring by the mortgagee in an action to recover possession of the mortgaged estate; and herein of the judgment

ill such action 620



1. Of private nuisances to the habi-

2. Of private nuisanees to lands,
ways, and water-courses

3. Of public nuisances proceeding
from the exercise of a noxious

4. Of the continuation of such nui-

5. Of nuisances in highways, pri-
vate-ways, and pubhc places

6. Of nuisances in rivers

7. A summary process, by statute,
for the removal of nuisances


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1. For what offences, a person is
liable to outlawry; and what
court has jurisdiction thereof

2. What acts shall be deemed an ab-
sconding, so as to subject a per-
son to outlawry

3. Of the proceedings previous to
sentence of outlawry

4. Of the power of the court to sus-
pend sentence of outlawry

5. Of the forfeitures and disabilities
consequent upon outlawry

6. Of the reversal of outlawry: and
what shall operate as such


Parish And Precinct 944

1. Of Parish meetings 94.4

2. Of the choice of parish officers 945

3. Of the power of parishes to raise

money by taxation 946

4. Of their power as corporations 946

5. Of the division of towns into pa-

rishes; and how far their con-

tracts are affected thereby 946


Partition 948

1. Partition of intestate estates a-

mong the heirs 948

2. Partition of lands among devisees;

or when a devisee is interested 951

3. Proceedings when, in the parti-

tion of a deceased person's estate,

any messuage, &c. shall be of

greater value than either party's

share in the estate divided 952

4. Proceedings when, in the parti-

tion of a deceased person's estate,

an interested party refuses to pay

his proportion ot the charges of

partition 953

5. Proceedings on application for
partition" 053

6. Of the pleadings, trial, judgment

and costs, in such case 955

7. Of the right of appeal in such case 957

8. Proceedings in such case, when

any messuage, &c. shall be of

greater value than either party's

share in the estate divided 958

9- Proceedings in such case, when

any interested party refuses to pay

his proportion of the charges of

partition 958

10. in what cases there may be a re-

newal of partition 959


Paupers 960

1. Duty of towns to support paupers 961

2. Of overseers of the poor 961

3. Mode of compelling individuals to

support their poor kindred 962

4. Duty of overseers to provide for

distressed persons, not having a

legal settlement within theirtown 964

5. Of the relief, removal and burial

of paupers, having no legal settle-

ment within the commonwealth 965

6. Of the removal of paupers, by

complaint to ajustice of the peace 965

7. Proceedings upon such complaint 966

8. Right of appeal from the judg-

ment of the justice, and proceed-

ings in the appellate court 967

9. Of the removal of paupers, by

complaint to the court of com-

mon pleas 967

10. Of the writ of error for reversal

of the judgment of the common

pleas, and proceedings thereupon 968

11. In what county pauper causes,

brought by certain towns, must

be prosecuted 969

12. Of notice by the overseers of the
complainant town, to the over-
seers of the town where the pan-

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N*. I. An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authprs and proprietors of such copies,

during the times therein mentioned 977

II. OathofTythingmen 980

III. Quaker's Certificate to exempt him from Military Duty 981

IV. Oath of Militia Clerk 981

V. Militia Clerk's Information against one for military delinquency 981

VI. Summons to the adverse Party, in such Prosecution 982

VII. Form of Execution in such Case 982

VIII. Notice of Mill-proprietors'Meeting 983

IX. Warrant for a Jury to inquire into a Nuisance 983

X. Summons to the adverse Party in such process 983

XI. Oath of the Jury in such process 984

XII. Form of the Verdict in such process 984

XIII. Writ of Removal in such case 984

XIV. Complaint for the Removal of a Pauper 985

XV. Summons to be issued in pursuance of the above complaint 985

XVI. Form of the Record of the Judgment in such case 986

XVII. Warrant of Removal in such case 986

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