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Lambirth, Mrs.
Lysons, Rev. D. 2 Copies
Lysons, S. Esq. 2 Copies
Moore, Rev. Dr.
Mesurier, Miss Le
Messman, Rev. Mr.
Miles, P. J. Esq.
Mure, James, Esq.

Norwich, Bishop of
Nisbett, T. Esq. 2 Copies
Nisbett, Samuel, Esq. 2 Copies
Nisbett, Rev. N.

Pepperell, Sir Wm, Bart.
Peachey, Lieutenant-Colonel
Pitt, C. Esq.
Prosser, Rev. Dr.
Peyton, Mrs.
Pye, Rev. H. A.
Phelps, Rev. James
Probyn, Mrs.
Prynne, W. H. Esq.
Pettingall, Rev. J.
Price, Ralph, Esq.


Parry, Mrs.
Paul, John Paul, Esq.
Prowett, Rev. J.
Parker, Mr. William
Reeve, Rev, J.
Richardson, Mr. T.
Salisbury, Bishop of
Sandys, E. B. Esq.
Surtees, Rev. M.
Senhouse, Mrs.
Sober, Mrs. A. C.
Sober, S. Esq.
Stevens, Mr. Wm. sen.
Sibley, Rev. Mr. 6 Copies
Selfe, R. Esq.
Smith, Thomas, Esq. 2 Copies
Shuldham, Arthur, Esq.
Salmon, Rev. T.
Sanford, Rev. J, 2 Copies
Sterling, James, Esq.
Turner, Miss
Tyler, Mr. J.
Walsby, Rev. Dr.
Webb, Mr. S.


Whatley, David, Esq.
Wickham, Rev. P.
Westfaling, T. Esq. 2 Copies
Westfaling, Mrs. 2 Copies
Wilson, Rev. G.
Wilkinson, Rev. J.
Webber, Rev. D.
Wiggett, Rev. J.
Wade, Charles, Esq.
Warner, Thomas, Esq.
Watkins, Rev. T.

Young, Mr. John.




For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall

all be made alive.


TN the first chapter of the Book of Genesis,

we read, “ that God created man in his “ own image, in the image of God created " he him:” by which we are to understand, not any corporeal, but a spiritual, or mental resemblance. God is a spirit; of this the mind of man is enabled to form but an inailequate idea ; of this he can only judge by its energies and operations. We are expressly forbidden, by the law of our Creator, to make any personal representation of our God: he is not the object of our fleshly senses, but of our



spiritual soul; when man, therefore, is said to be made in the image of his Maker, he must be understood, as created originally, a just, an upright, and a rational being. But notwithstanding the perfection of man's original mind, it is evidently necessary he must be a free agent: if he had no power of doing wrong, he could have no merit in doing right; he would have been a mere machine; he would have resembled inert matter, which cannot act but as it is acted upon. The Angels were also free agents ; “ they kept not " their first estate, but left their own habi“ tations” * of bliss and immortality. As the test of man's obedience to his Creator and Sovereign Ruler, he must have some fixed law, by the observance or transgression of which he might stand or fall. A multiplicity of laws was neither possible for an individual, nor necessary. Adultery he could

* St. Jude.


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