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Having given a sketch of our minerals, vegetables, and quadrupeds, and being led by a proud theory to make a comparison of the latter with those of Europe, and to extend it to the man of America, both aboriginal and emigrant, I will proceed to the remaining articles comprehended under the present query.

Between ninety and an hundred of our birds have been described by Catesby. His drawings are better as to form and attitude, than colouring, which is generally too high. They are the following:

than South. If he was mistaken then as to the former, he may be so as to the latter. The glimmerings which reach us from South America enable us only to see that its inhabitants are held under the accumulated pressure of slavery, superstition, and ignorance. Whenever they shall be able to rise under this weight, and to show themselves to the rest of the world, they will probably show they are iike the rest of the world. We have not yet sufficient evidence that there are more lakes and fogs in South America than in other parts of the earth. As little do we know what would be their operation on the inind of man.

That coun try has been visited by Spaniards and Portuguese chiefly, and alınost exclusively. These, going from a country of the old world remarkably dry in its soil and clinate, fancied there were more lakes and logs in South America than in Europe. An inhabitant of Ireland, Sweden, or Finland would have formed the contrary opinion. Had South America then been discovered and settled by a people from a fenny country, it would probably have heen represented as much drier than the old world. A patient pursuit of facts, and cautious combination and coinparison of them, is the drudgery to which man is subjected by his Maker, if he wishes to attain sure knowledge,


Linnæan designation. Catesby's Designation.
Lapias tyrannus, Muscica pa coronâ rubrâ,
Vultur aura,

Buteo specie Gallo-pavonis,
Falco leucocephalus, Aquila capite albo,
Falco sparverius,

Accipiter minor,
Falco columbarius, Accipiter palumbarius,
Falco furcatus,

Accipiter caudâ lurcatâ,

Accipiter piscatorius,
Strix asio,

Noclua aurita minor,
Psittacus Caroliniensis, Psittacus Carolinjensis,
Corvus cristatus, Pica glandaria, cærulea, cristata,
Oriolus Baltimore, Icterus ex aureo nigroque varius,
Oriolus spurius,

leterus minor,
Cracula quiscula,

Monedula purpurea,
Cuculus Americanus,

Cuculus Caroliniensis,
Picus principalis,

Picus maximus rostro albo,
Picus pileatus,

Picus niger maxious, capite rubro,
Picus erythrocephalus, Picus capite acto rubro,
Picus auratus,

Picus major alis aureis,
Picus Carolinus, Picus ventre rubro,
Picus pubescens, Picus varius minimus,
Picus villosus,

Picus medius quasi-villosus,
Picus varius,

Picus varius minor ventre luteo,

Popular Names.


1.55 Tyrant. Field

1. 6 Turkey buzzard,

1. 1 Bald eagle,

1. 5 Little hawk. Sparrow hawk,
1. 3 Pigeun hawk,

1. 4 Forked tail hawk,

1.286.312 1. 2 Fishing hawk,

1 199
1. 7 Little owl,

1.11 Parrot of Carolina. Perroquet, 11,383
1.15 Blue jay,

1.48 Baltimore bird,

5 318 1 49 Basiard Ballimore,

5 321 1'12 Purple jack daw. Crow blackbird, 5 134) 1. 9 Carolina cuckow,

1.262) 1.16 White bill woodpecker,

13.691 1.17 Larger red-crested woodpecker,

1.20 Red headed woodpecker,

1.13 Gold winged woodpecker. Yucker, 13.59
1.19 Red bellied woodpecker,

1.21 Smallest spotted woodpecker,

13.113 1.19 Hairy woodpecker. Spec. woodpecker

13.111 1.21 Yellow-bellied woodpecker,



Sitta Europæa
Alcedo alcyon,
Certhia pirous,
Trochilus colubris,
duas Canadensis,
Adas bucephala
Anas rustica,
Anas discors,
Anas discors G,
Anas sponsa,
Mergiis cirullatus,
Columbus podiceps,
Ardea He odias,
Ardea violacea,
Ardea cærulea,
Ardea virescens,
Ardea æquinoctialis
Tantalus loculator,
Tantalus alber,
Tantalus luscus,
Charadrius vociferus,

Popular Names.
1.22 Nothaich,
1.2. Small Nulhatch,
1 60 Kingfisher,
161 Pine crepper,
1.65 Humming bird,
1 92 Wild gnose,
195 Buffel's head duck,
1 98 Liille hrown duck,
1.10 "hito face leal,
1 99 Blue wing feal,
1.97 Summer duck,
1.96 Blop wing shoveler,
1.91 Round crusted duck,
1 91 Pied bill dopchick
3 10 Larges! crusted heron,
1 79 Crested billern,
1.70|Blue herou.

1.80 Smail bittern,
170 Lintle while heron,
1 70 Brown hillern.

Indian hen,
1 81 Vood pelican,
1.82 White corle,
1 83 Bowl curlee,

71 Chaltering plover. Kildee,

Sitla capile migio,
Siuta capite fusco,
Warus Americanus lutescens,
Mellivora avis Carolipiensis,
Anser Canadensis,
Anas minor purpureo capite,
Anas minor ex albo & lusco vario,
Querquedula Americana variegata,
Querquedula Amerieana fusca,

Anas Americanus cristatus elegans,
Anas Americanas lato rostro,
Anas cristatus,
Prodicipes minor rostro vario,
Ardea cristata maxima Americana,
Ardea stellaris cristata americana,
Ardea cærulea,
Ardea stellaris ininima,
Ardea alba minor Caroliniensis,
Ardea stellaris Americana,
Pelicanus Americanus,
Numenius Albus,
Numenius fuscus,
(Pluvialis vociferus,


10 -131

11 16
17 122
17 356
17 405
17 351
15 383
14 134
14 131
14 136
13 103
15 62


Caleak Designation.

Punuar me


Lionæan designation. Catesby's Desigoation.

Popular Names.


Hæmatopus Ostralegus, Hæmatopus,

1.85 Oyster-catcher,
Rallus Virginianus,

Gallinula Americana,
1.70 Soree. Ral-bird,

Meleagris Gallopavo, Gallopavo Sylvestris,

xliv. Wild turkey,
Tetrao Virginianus,

Perdix Sylvestris Virginiana, 3.12 American partridge. American quail,
Urogallus minor, or a kind of Lagopus, 3. ! Pheasant. Mountain partridge,


4.404 Columba passerina, Tartur mininus guttatus,

1.26 Ground dove,

4.351 Columba migratoria, Palumbus migratorius,

1.23 Pigeon of passage. Wild pigeon,

Columba Caroliniensis, Turtur Caroliniensis,

1 24 Turtle. Turtle dove,

9.79 Alauda alpestris, Alauda gutture flavo,

11.32 Lark. Sky lark,

Alauda magna,
Alauda magna,

1.33 Field lark. Large lark,
Slurnus niger alis superné rubentibus, 1.13 Redwing. Starling Marsh blackbird, 5 293

Turdus migratorius, Turdus pilaris migratorius,

1.29 Fieldfare of Carolina. Rob. redbreast,


5.449) Turdus rufus, Turdus rusus, 1.28 Fox coloured tbrush. Thrusb,

Turdus polyglottos, Turdusminorcinereo albus nonmaculatus 1.27 Mocking bird,
Turdus minimus,
1.31 Little thrush,

Ampelis garrulis 6, Garrulus Caroliniensis,

1.46 Chatterer,

Loxia Cardinalis, Coccothrustes rubra,

1.38 Red bird. Virginia nightingale,

6.185 Loxia Cærulea, Coccothrustes cærulea, 1.39 Blue gross beak,

8.125 Emberiza hyemalis, Passer pivalis,

1.36 Soow bird,

8 47 Emberiza Orizivora, Hortolanus Caroliniensis,

1.14 Rice bird,

8.49 Emberiza Ciris, Fringilla tricolor,

1.44 Painted fioch,

7.247 Tanagra cyanea, Liniaria cærulea,

7.122 1.45 Blue linnet, Passerculus, 1 35 Little Sparrow,

7.120 Passer fuscus, 11.34 Cowpen bird,



Lionæan designation.

Cateshy's Designation.
Fringilla erythrophthalma Passer niger oculis rubris,
Fringilla tristis, Carduelis Americanus,

Fringilla purpurea,
Muscicapa crinita, Muscica pa cristata ventre luteo,
Muscicapa rubra, Muscicapa rubra,
Muscicapa ruticilla, Ruticilla Americana,
Muscicapa Caroliniensis, Muscicapa vertice nigro,

Muscicapa nigrescens,
Muscicapa fusca,

Moscicapa oculis rubris,
Motacilla Sialis, Rubicula Americana cærulea,
Motacilla regulus, Rugulus cristalus,
Motacilla trochilus, Oenanthe Americana pectore luteo,
Parus bicolor,

l'arus cristatus,
Parus Americanus, Parus fringillaris,
Parus Virginianus, Parus uropygeo loteo,

Parus cucullo nigro,
Parus Americanus gutture luteo,

Parus Caroliniensis,
Hirundo Pelasgia, Hirundo cauda aculeata Americana,
Hirundo purpurea,

Hirundo purpurea,
Caprimulgus Europæus a, Caprimulgus,
Caprimulgus Europæus 6,|Caprimulgus minor Americanus,

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