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for the year 1911 the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars, and for the year 1912, the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars.

The aforesaid items are disapproved in the interest of economical management of State affairs, made necessary by the condition of the State treasury.

Very respectfully,


A quorum of the Senate not being present,

The President directed that the message be spread at large in the Journal and that the act be returned to the Governor.

The President announced that the Senate would be in informal recess until 11:55 o'clock a. m., that the Secretary might retransmit to the Governor the several enrolled acts sent to the Senate containing his veto of items and parts of items therein.

At 11:55 o'clock a. m. the President again called the Senate to order, and the Secretary announced that the several enrolled acts above referred to, had been retransmitted to the Governor as directed by the President, and that the following communication had been received from the Governor in reply:

Executive Office,

Lansing, May 2, 1911. Hon. E. V. Chilson, Secretary of the Senate:

Sir:-I herewith acknowledge receipt of your several communications of May 2, advising me that on account of the absence of a quorum of the Senate today no action was taken by the Senate in regard to my disapproval of certain items contained in the following entitled bills:

Senate bill No. 106 (file No. 96, enrolled No. 144);
Senate bill No. 52 (file No. 39, enrolled No. 82);
Senate bill No. 14 (file No. 15, enrolled No. 109) ;
Senate bill No. 222 (file No. 210, enrolled No.
Senate bill No. 122 (file No. 112, enrolled No.
Senate bill No. 239 (file No. 227, enrolled No. 96).

94); 87);

Inasmuch as the Senate has taken no action in regard to the items in these bills which have not met with my approval, I have deposited the bills as approved by me in the office of the Secretary of State as provided in the Constitution with such items eliminated therefrom.

Very respectfully,


Secretary to Governor. The President directed that the communication from the Governor be spread at large on the Journal.

The hour of 12 o'clock noon having arrived,
Mr. Rosenkrans moved that the Senate adjourn.
The motion prevailed.

Whereupon the President, in accordance with the resolution fixing the date of final adjournment, and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution determining the hour of such adjournment, declared the Senate adjourned without date.

ELBERT V. Chilson, Secretary of the Senate.

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