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Roads and bridges. See Highway law.

to protect gravel, turnpike and macadam, 366.

townships allowed to borrow money for building good, 188. Ruffed grouse, to amend act for protection of, 234, 298.


Safety and comfort of passengers on suburban railroads, 375.
Saginaw bay, appropriation for fish hatchery on, 213.

to amend act relative to fishing rights in, 197.

county, to repeal act for two circuit judges in, 98. St. Clair Heights, special assessments in, 438.

to permit catching of carp, mullet, etc., in lake, 448. Salaries of certain township officers, to fix, 307.

of circuit court stenographers, to amend act for, 84.

of fire marshal and assistants, 189. Salary of assistant State librarian, to fix, 80.

of insurance commissioner, 60.
of deputy State treasurer, to fix, 191.

cashier in State treasury, to fix, 191. Sales of State tax lands, to confirm certain, 6. Saloons, limit as to location of, 445.

to prohibit the giving away of food in, 43. Salt inspection, repeal of law for, 205.

to repeal the inspection law, 104.
Sanatorium, appropriation for State tuberculosis, 47, 75.
Sanitary conditions in railroad coaches, etc., 367.
Savings banks, securities of, 238.
Schedule for assessments, to amend section, 127.
School and home for feeble minded children, 95.

boards, duties of, to amend primary school law, 235.
boards to provide for education of feeble minded children, 59.
book commission, to create one, 364.
books, to provide for free, 364.
buildings, plans for, to be approved by superintendent of public instruction,

children, to conserve the health of, 363.
for the blind, appropriation for, 54.
for the deaf, appropriation for, 122.
district bonds, exemption from taxation, 25.
district law, to amend township, 166.
districts, to amend bonded indebtedness provisions, 146.
examiners, powers and duties, 206.
law, to amend the primary, 146.
teachers, to fix salaries and define services of retired, 417.

to provide means for attendance at, by children of indigent parents, 116. Schools, holidays to be observed in the public, 51.

in Detroit, to amend act for free, 253.
industrial, agricultural and trade courses in public, 136.
to amend act for election of commissioner of, 83.

to conserve health in by medical inspection, 363. Secretary of State, assistant corporation clerk for, 358.

State board of health, manner of selection, 373. Securities in which savings banks may invest, 238. Security companies, to amend act of incorporation of, 367.

of depositors in banks, to provide for, 114. Seeds, to regulate sale of agricultural, 427. Seney and Grand Marais, State road between, 73. Set-off, pleadings and, to amend revised statutes, 65. Sequoia tree in Yosemite park to be labeled “Michigan,” 334. Sewage disposal, to permit the use of county drains for, 436. Shade trees, to provide for planting and care of, 360. Sheep killed by dogs, fund for payment for, 138. Shells, to regulate the sale of loaded, 319. Shiawassee county, to reimburse for cost of Durand riot, 158.

to release from cost of Durand riot, 198.

Shoe dealers mutual insurance companies, incorporation of, 310.
Slot vending machines, use of devices similar to U. S. coins in, forbidden, 414.
Smoke nuisance in cities and villages, control and abatement of, 444.
Soldiers, payment of burial expenses of honorably discharged, 299, 388.
Soldiers' home, conditions of admission to, 348.

inmates, for the return of moneys collected from, 13.

to amend act for establishing, 12, 347. Soldiers' widows, limit of benefits allowed by soldiers home, 347. Solicitors in chancery, a false claim to be one, a punshable offense, 354. Sparring exhibitions, 221. Spearing fish in inland lakes, to prohibit, 429. Special assessments, to amend act relative to in certain villages, 438. Specific tax on recording and discharging of mortgages, 157. Specific taxes on mortgages, levy of, 149. Speckled trout, to provide for a license for fishing for, 433. Spendthrifts, guardians of may convey land under contracts made prior to guardian

ship, 406.
State asylum, appropriation for, 14.

board of agriculture, publication of reports of, 384.
board of equalization, to create a, 181.
board of health to control the smoke nuisance in cities, etc., 444.

to determine what are communicable diseases, 372.
manner of selection of secretary, 373.
to increase the statutory annual appropriation, 432.

license of embalmers by, 383.
capitol, addition to, 241.
civil service commission, 5, 38.
highway department, appropriations for, 349.
house of correction, tax to meet payments for, 46.
institutions, to use Michigan bituminous coal, 403.
law library, to establish, 295.
laws and documents, to amend act for publication of, 397.
librarian, to fix salary of assistant, 80.
librarian to sell debates of constitutional convention, 326.
library, appropriation for, 48.
library, to amend act relative to legislative reference department in, 224.
oil inspector, abolition of office of, 230, 231, 232.
prison, appropriation for, 239, 240.
tax to meet payments for, 46.
to amend law governing, 278.
proceedings by, for condemnation of private property, 342.
road, Grand Marais to Seney, 73.
sanatorium, deficiency appropriation for, 47.
school book commission, to create a, 364.
tax commissioners, to increase powers of, 246.
tax lands, to confirm certain sales of, 6.
treasury, salary of deputy in, 191.
cashier in, 191.
treasury to collect fee from companies depositing securities in, 192.

tuberculosis sanatorium, appropriation for, 75.
Statue of Zachariah Chandler for national capitol, 27.
Statutes, compilation and digest of those in force, 171.
Steam engines and vehicles, on highways, operation of, 155.
Stenographers, assistant for Ingham circuit court, 339.
Stenographers, to amend law for appointment of circuit court, 108.

to amend salary act for circuit court, 84.
Stockholders in banks not to be favored in security for loans, 152.
Stock in a bank, transfer of and liabilities of holder of, 315.
Stores, time allowance for noonday meal of employes, 207.
Strikes and lockouts, to aid in prevention of, 378.
Suburban railroads, safety and comfort of passengers on, 375.
Suckers, to repeal act for the taking of from lakes in St. Joseph county, 321.
Sugar beets, inspection of analysis of, 306.
Sunfish, the protection of, 279.

Superintendent of public instruction to approve plans for school buildings, 190.
Supervision of high schools of State, 304.
Supervisors, action of under act 41 of 1909, legalized, 120.

purchase of land for fair purposes by, 244.
to change law relative to borrowing power of, 119.

to determine height and level of waters in certain lakes, etc., 220.
Support of poor persons, to amend law for, 185.
Supreme court justices, nomination of by direct vote, 134.

place of residence of justices of, 419.
reports for U. S., court of customs appeals, 131.

review of civil actions by, 385.
Surety companies, restrictions on, 204.

bonds for liquori dealers, 204.
Swamp lands and sandy lands, reclamation board to handle, 376.
System of taxation in this State, commission to inquire into, 203.


Tamarack lake, protection of muskrats in, 19.
Taxation, commission to inquire into system of in this State, 203.

exemption of private forests from, 21.
for county purposes, to change method of, 119.
of dogs, 138.
of flowage rights, 332.
of inheritances, etc., to amend act for, 270.
of mineral reserved rights, 53.

of municipal bonds, exemption from, 25.
Tax commissioners, to increase powers of State, 246.

to make inventory of mining properties, 184.
Tax for county roads, to amend limit of, 377.

to meet amounts disbursed for the several prisons, 46.
to meet amoụnts disbursed for asylums, psychopathic hospital and home for

feeble minded, 39.
lands, to confirm certain sales of State, 6.
law, to amend general, 35, 41, 113, 127, 182, 183, 202, 236.

on incomes, to ratify amendment to U. S. Const., relative to, 2.
Teachers, disability and retirement fund for, 381.

in public schools, qualifications of, 206.
Telegraph service, to regulate charges for, 336.
Telephone service, to regulate charges for long distance, 335.
Tenure of office for recess appointees by governor, 40:
Term of office of governor, to amend constitution relative to, 1.
Tests of sugar beets, inspection of, 306.
Threshing, liens on grain for, 22.
Township bill boards for posting official notices, 309,

boards to make public the finances of the township, 216.
bonds, exemption from taxation, 25.
finances to be made public, to amend act for, 216.
officers, to fix the salaries of certain, 307.
school district law, to amend, 166.

to have authority to borrow money for road building, 188.
Townships and villages, division into election districts, 18, 117, 283.

manner of posting official notices in, 309.

to amend act allowing acceptance of bequests by, 423.
Trade courses in the public schools, 136.
Trading stamps, to prohibit use of, 323.
Training school for crippled children, 4.
Transfer of property by will or intestate laws, taxation of, 270.
Transient merchants, license of, 248.
Transportation by express, to regulate, 371.
Treasurer of Calumet township, to amend act relative to, 273.
Trees, to amend act for the exclusion of dangerous insects and contagious diseases

which affect, 392.
Trespasses on railroad property, punishment for, 395.

Trials in criminal cases, prosecution may cross examine and impeach its own

witnesses, 379.
Trout in the Au Sable river, the protection of, 441.
Trustees Michigan school for the deaf authorized to sell certain lands, 121.
Trust companies to pay fee for deposits of securities in State treasury, 192.

deposit and surety companies, to amend act for incorporation of, 3.
Trusts, to amend act to prevent, 15.
Tuberculosis, to amend act defining powers of local health officers, 361.

sanatorium, appropriation for, 75. Tuition, to amend act for payment of, etc., for children attending school in an

other district, 82. Turnpike roads, to protect, 366. Two and a half cent railroad fare, to amend act for, 386.


Unauthorized fire insurance, to prohibit the making of, 324.
Uniform accounts of public money and property, 3.
Uniform weights and measures, to amend act to establish, 314.
United States coins, use of devices similar to, forbidden, 414.

constitution, to ratify amendment to, 2.
court of customs appeals, supreme court reports for, 131.

senators, certification of candidates for, to legislature, 215. University, appropriation for special buildings for, 133.

teaching of "embalming" at, 300.
Unwholesome milk, to amend act to prevent sale of, 369.
Upper peninsula hares, the protection of, 274.

hospital for the insane, appropriation for, 71.
normal school, appropriation for, 74.
prison, tax to meet payments for, 46.
to amend law governing, 278.
two cent railroad fare in, 112.


Validating sales of real estate made under forms of law, 408.
· Vegetables to be sold in receptacles of legal measure, 217.
Vendors in contracts for sale of real estate, method to terminate interest of ven-

dees, 201.
Vinegar, to amend the act relative to, 311.
Village bonds, exemption from taxation, 25.
Villages, condemnation of private property by, 42.

division of into election districts, 18, 117, 283.

to amend general incorporation act of, 387. Virginia partridge, protection of, 258. Voting machines, to amend law relative to, 68.


Water bonds issued by Durand, to legalize, 218.

mains, cure of defects in bonds issued for, 28.
power, rights may be condemned by municipalities, 374.

works bonds, to legalize, 249, 267.
Weapons, to license the selling, buying, owning, etc., of deadly, 100.
Weights and measures, to amend act to establish uniform, 314.
Widows of soldiers, limit of admission of to soldiers' home, 347.
Witnesses in courts of record, to amend law regulating fees of, 187.

when called by the opposite party, rules governing, 405. Witness for prosecution in criminal cases may be cross examined and impeached,

379. Women to become voters, 37.


Yosemite national park, board of auditors to place tablet on tree, 334.




(The references are to bill numbers.)


Accident, drivers of horses or vehicles to aid in case of, 491.
Accounting for money received and expended by certain officers, to amend act rel-

ative to, 509. to provide for uniform system of, 39. Action at law may be brought to enforce decree of court of another State to recover

alimony, 128.
Adjutant general's office, appropriation for work to be done in, 124.
Administrators, to amend act for sale of real estate by, 310.
Advertising, to prohibit certain classes of immoral, 220.
African race, to prevent whites from inter-marrying with any strain of, 27.
Agents of insurance companies, to forbid a policy fee in addition to the pre-

mium, 248.
Agricultural college, appropriation for, 222.
Alimony, to permit an action at law on decree of court of another State, 128.
Alpena, location of normal school at, 49.

to amend charter of city of, 452.
to amend act organizing union school district of, 344.

to make the mayor a member of board of supervisors, 589.
Animals, to amend act to prevent cruelty to, 86.
Apiaries, to create the office of inspector of, 521.
Appeals in chancery, to amend act to regulate, 424.
Appointment and removal of clerks of municipal courts, 462.
Appropriation for Agricultural college, 222.

Attorney general's office, 503.
Board of fish commissioners, 281.
Board of library commissioners, 213.
Central normal school, 142.
College of mines, 175.
completion of armory at Saginaw, 209.
current expenses of State prisons, 78.
erection of armories, 63.
Eastern asylum, 156.
Fort Gratiot turnpike, 317.
general expense of State government, 569.
highway department, 97.
Home for feeble minded and epileptic, 83, 145.
Industrial home for girls, 529.
Industrial school for boys, 470.
labor account at Jackson prison, 587.
labor account at Marquette prison, 588.
Mackinac island park commission, 429.
Michigan asylum, 109.
Pioneer and historical society, 378.
Northern asylum, 473.
Northern normal school, 102.
Northern State fair, 449.
School for the blind, 144.
Soldiers' home, 180.
State normal college, 430.
State public school, 81.
Upper Peninsula hospital for insane, 133.

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