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Corporations, admission of foreign to do business in this State, 177.

for any lawful business, to amend act relative to reports of, 415.
for the cultivation of art, to amend act for formation of, 308.
to amend act of 1846, "general provisions relative to,” 399.
to amend act for payment of franchise fee by, 327.
to amend constitution relative to, 254.

to revise and consolidate laws relative to, 370.
Corrupt practices in nominations and elections, to punish, 242.
Costs on appeal in criminal cases, payment of certain, 302.
Counties, adjustment of claims against, 160.

levy of special tax to pay for advertising, 245.
may receive donations of land or money for the maintenance of parks, 435.

to bear expense of burial of soldiers, etc., 388. County auditors for Kent county, to amend act for, 257.

auditors, to provide for the appointment of officers by, 446.
bonds, exemption from taxation, 25.
commissioner of schools, to amend act for election of, 83.
drains, to permit the use of for sewage disposal, 436.
farm manager, to provide for appointment of, 439.
officers, primary election for nomination of certain, 110.
officers, to provide for deputy, 33.
option on manufacture and sale of liquor, to amend, 212.
road commissioners, to amend act prescribing powers of, 141.
road law, to amend, 256.
schools of agriculture, etc., to amend act to establish, 72.

road tax, to amend limit rule, 377.
Coupons, to prohibit the use of trading stamps or, 323.
Courts held by justices of the peace, 26.

to have final determination on insurance contracts, 135.

to enlarge powers and duties of certain, 81.
Cream and butter, to regulate the sale of, 338.
Credits, taxation of, 149.
Criminal cases, payment of certain costs on appeal in, 302.

cases, prosecution may cross examine and impeach its witnesses, 379.
Crippled children, training school for, 4.
Cruelty to animals, to amend act for prevention of, 128. •
Crystal lake, to repeal fish law for, 8.
Cultivation of art, to amend act .for incorporation of societies for, 308.


Dairymen's association, appropriation for, 293.
Damage cases, to prohibit attorneys from working up, 266.
Damages in libel cases, enforcement of against joint tort feasors, 328.
Dangerous occupations, compensation for accidents in, 69.
occupations, rights and liabilities of employers and employees with refer-
Depots, to amend act to provide for sanitary conditions in railroad, 367.
Depositories of county money, to amend act providing for, 287.
Depositors in banks, to provide for security of, 114.
Deputy county officers, to provide for, 33.

ence to, 44, 45.
Day, hours to constitute a day's labor, 296.
Deaf, deficiency appropriation for school for, 61.

trustees of school for, authorized to sell certain lands, 121.
Deadly weapons, to license the selling, buying, owning, etc., of, 100.
Debates of constitutional convention, to provide for sale of, 326.
Deceased persons, inventory and collection of effects of, 168.
Deception in procuring employes to work, prohibited, 126.
Deeds, mortgages, etc., to amend act relative to record of, 193.
Deer hunters, to amend act for regulation of, 277.

not to be killed for five years in Grand Traverse county, 426.
Defective children, education of, 59.
Delinquent insurance companies, proceedings for liquidation of, 303.
Densmore, to pay to widow of William T., moneys yet undrawn, 430.
Dentistry, to amend act relative to registration, etc., of practitioners of, 211.
Dentists, to amend act for licensing of, 211.
Department of labor, to amend act providing for, 291, 296.

of labor, to amend act creating, 281.
of public accounts, to create, 3.

inspectors of mines, appointment of, 11.

State treasurer, to fix the salary of, 191.
Detroit free school law, to amend, 253.

to amend charter of, 442.
Devices similar to U. S. coins, manufacture and use of forbidden, 414.
Digest of statutes in force, 171.
Dinner, time allowance for, in manufactories and stores, 207.
Directors of banks, qualifications of, 210.
Disability and retirement fund for teachers, 381.
Diseases, report of occupational, 109.

to amend act to prevent spread of communicable, 233. Districts, to provide for judicial, 130. Documents and laws, to amend act for publication and distribution of, 111.

and records, ancient, to be evidence in certain cases, 195. Dogs, to amend law for taxation of, 138.

to amend act to regulate the hunting of game with, 292. Domain, to amend act relative to commission for public, 222. Domestic relations, to revise and consolidate laws relative to, 370.

science, etc., to amend act for county schools of, 72. Donations of land, etc., for maintenance of parks, may be accepted by counties, 435. Drain law, to amend general, 30, 34.

to amend special for Ionia county, 252. Drains, construction and maintenance of, 34.

to permit the use of county, for sewage disposal, 436.
Drivers of milk wagons forbidden to tamper with contents of bottles, 434.
Druggists, duties of under local option law, 412.
Durand, to legalize proceedings in issue of water bonds by, 218.

riot, to reimburse Shiawassee county for cost of, 158.
strike, to release Shiawassee county from expense of, 198.


Eastern Michigan State Fair, appropriation for, 179.
Educational associations, reorganization of, 24.
Education of children, to amend act for compulsory, 162.

duties of boards of, 235.
of feeble minded and defective children, 59.

to provide for system of humane, 57.
Efficiency of military establishment, promotion of, 158.
Election districts, division of townships and villages into, 18, 117.

expenses of candidates, to limit, 242.

law, to amend primary, 214. Elections, to amend law to prevent fraud and deception at, 215. Elks, to amend act of incorporation of, 70. Embalmers, to amend act relative to, 383. Embalming, teaching of at University, 300. Employees and employers, rights and obligations with regard to dangerous occupa

tions, 44, 45.
to fix the number and pay of legislative, 118.
Employers' liability, 362.
Employment Institution for the Blind, appropriation for, 78.

transfer of funds of, 77.
Enforcement of laws, to secure information necessary for, 297.
Engines and vehicles operated by steam on the highways, 155.
Enrollment printing of bills of legislature, 409.
Equalization, to create a State board of, 181.
Examination of teachers in public schools, 206.
Exchange dealers, bankers and brokers, 49.
Exemption of municipal bonds from taxation, 25.
Execution, in case of escape, 428.
Executors, administrators, etc., to validate sales of real estate by, 408.

Executive residence in Lansing, to provide for, 356.
Express charges, to regulate, 371.


Fair grounds, liquors may not be furnished to any person on, 55.

to allow boards of supervisors to borrow for, 244.
False pretensions as to admission to the bar, a crime, 354.

pretenses in procuring employees for any kind of labor, to prohibit, 126.
Fares on railroads, to amend act for, 386.

regulation of collection of passenger by railroads, 150.
Farm colonies, commission to investigate subject of, 317.

manager, to provide for appointment of county, 439.
Feeble minded children, home and school for, 59, 95.

tax to meet disbursements for home for, 39.
Feeding stuffs, inspection of commercial, 316.
Fees of certain officers, to amend revised statutes regulating, 186, 187, 199, 219, 420.

of justices of the peace in civil cases, 413.
Fee to be collected from companies depositing securities in State treasury, 192.
Fighting, to amend act relative to prize, 221.
Filtration plants, cure of defects in bonds issued for, 28.
Fire-arms, to amend act to regulate the hunting of game with, 292.
Fire and marine insurance companies, to amend act for reinsurance reserve, 359.

marine insurance companies, to amend incorporation act, 142, 440.
insurance, to prohibit the making of unauthorized, 324.
insurance companies, to amend act for organization of, 161.
companies, to amend corporation act for mutual, 416.
companies to report amounts at risk in congested value districts, 285.
policies, to amend act to prevent forfeiture of, 322.
marshal and assistants, 189.
risks in congested value districts to be reported, 285.

waste, prevention of, 189.
Firemen, the relief of disabled, etc., 345. ·
Firemen's relief board, to create a, 345.
Fish and game commission, to create, 393.

game commission, to provide for a non-partisan, 228.
game warden, authority extended to the Au Sable river, 441.
commissioners, appropriation for, 144.
hatchery on Saginaw bay, appropriation' for, 213.
law amended, general, 137.
for Crystal lake, to repeal, 8.
• for Montcalm county, to repeal, 9.
shutes, to amend act providing for, 56.
to prohibit spearing in inland lakes, 429.
to provide the lawful taking of with hook and line, 62, 103.

to repeal act for the taking of ciscoes from Corey lake, 320.
Fishing for bass, to amend law regulating, 344.

how and where may be carried on, 137.
in Clear lake, to repeal act relative to, 321.
in Corey lake, to repeal act relative to, 320, 321.
in Kaiser lake, to repeal act relative to, 321.
in Green Lake township to be only with hook and line, 425.
regulation of in inland lakes, 103.

rights in Saginaw bay, to amend act relative to, 197.
Flag and coat of arms for State, 400.
Flowage rights on real estate, assessment of, 332.
Food and drink, to amend act to prevent adulteration of, 312.

to prohibit the giving away in places where liquors are sold, 43.
Foreclosure of mortgages by original decree, personal liability of defendants, 66.
Foreign insurance companies forbidden to place risks with companies noi author-

ized in this State, 337.
corporations, admission of, to do business in State, 177.
Forestry, encouragement of private, 21.
Forfeiture of fire insurance policies, to prevent, 322.
Fourth class cities, to amend act for incorporation of, 325.


Franchise fee, certain associations exempt from payment of, 418.

for corporations, to amend act for payment of, 327.
Fraud and deception in food and drink, to amend act to prohibit, 312.
Fraudulent conveyances, etc., to amend law relative to, 129.
Free school books, to provide for, 364.
Fruits to be sold only in receptacles of legal measure, 217.
Fungicides, to prevent adulteration or misbranding of, 329.
Fur bearing animals, to prohibit removing from their houses, 264.


Game and birds, the protection of, 227, 226.

and fish commission, to create, 393.
to amend act for the regulation of the hunting of, 292.

law, to amend the general, 107, 298. Garnishee defendant, defined, 67.

plaintiff, defined, 67.
Garnishment, to amend general law for, 67, 260.
Gasoline, benzine or naphtha, regulation of sale of, 231, 424.
Geographical societies, to amend incorporation act of, 237.
Geological survey board to assume mineral statistics, 31.
General tax law, to amend, 182, 183.
Germfask township, to detach territory from, 175.
Gift enterprises, to prohibit, 323.
Gifts for charitable purposes, 391.

for religious, etc., purposes, to amend act relative to, 259.

grants, etc., to religious, charitable, etc., uses, to regulate, 447. Giving away foods in liquor shops, to prohibit, 43. Good name and reputation of certain persons, to protect, 243. roads, townships authorized to borrow money for building,· 188.

use of township money by commissioners, 188.

see Highway law. Governor, residence for, 140, 200, 356.

tenure of office for recess appointees by, 40.
to amend constitution relative to term of office of, 1.

to be member of trustees of State historical society, 339.
Grades, separate for railroads and highways, 156.
Grand Marais to Seney, State road between, 73.
Grand Rapids, sale of meats and poultry in, 23.

to amend charter of, 29.
Grand Traverse county, to forbid killing of deer in for five years, 426.
Gravel roads, protection of, 366.
Green lake township, only hook and line fishing allowed in lakes in, 125.
Guardians of incompetent persons, may convey lands in pursuance of contracts

prior to guardianship, 406.


Hamtramck, special assessments in, 438.
Hares, the protection of, 274.
Health and welfare of the people, promotion of, 102, 172.

insurance, to enable minors to contract for, 351.

officers, to amend act defining powers and duties of, 361. Heirs at law, to amend law for adoption of minors, 167. Highland park, special assessment in, 438. High schools, general supervision of, 304. Highway department, appropriations for State, 349. law to amend the general, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 141, 173, 256.

377. repair tax, anticipation of by overseer, 380. Highways and railroads, separate grades for, 156.

operation of motor vehicles upon, 174.

to prohibit motor engine testing on, 396. Historical societies, to amend incorporation act, 237. Holidays to be observed in public schools, 51.

Home and school for feeble minded children, 95.

for soldiers, sailors and marines, to amend act for, 12. Homeless men, license and inspection of private institutions lodging or caring for,

350. Hook and line, certain kinds of fish may be caught with, 103.

fishing, to make lawful, 62.

fishing, waters restricted for, 137.
Hours, number of to constitute a day's work, 296.
House of correction and reformatory, to amend law governing, 278.
Houses, to prohibit removing fur bearing animals from their, 264.
Hulling, liens on grain, seeds, etc., for, 22.
Humane education, what to include, 57.
Hunting and trapping of every kind, license for, 226.

of game, to amend act to regulate, 292.


Incomes, to ratify amendment to constitution of U. S., relative to taxation of, 2. Incompetents, guardians for may convey lands under contracts prior to guardian

ship, 406.
Incorporation of associations not for necuniary profit, to amend act for, 265.

of cities, to amend art for. 10. 269. 301.
of cities of the fourth class, to amend act for, 325.
of colleges, 411.
of companies for the carrying on of any lawful business, to amend act for,

of medical milk commissions, 272.
of order of Elks, to amend, 70.

of shoe dealers mutual fire insurance companies, 310. Indebtedness incurred under act 41 of 1909, by boards of supervisors, to legalize,

120. of school districts. to amend law relative to, 146. Indigent children, to provide means for attending school, 116. Industrial courses in the public schools. 136.

disputes, to aid in settlement of, 378.

school for boys, appropriation for, 52. Ingham circuit court, assistant stenographer for, 339.

county, to repeal act for two circuit judges in, 97.
Inheritances, to amend act for the taxation of, 270.
Initiative and referendum, to insert in constitution, 262.
Injuries, to provide compensation for accidental, 102.

compensation for accidental, 172.
Illuminating oils, to repeal act for inspection of, 104.
Inmates of soldiers' home, moneys collected from to be returned, 13.
Immigration, encouragement of by advertising, 245.
Immoral advertising, to prohibit, 139.
Insane, appropriation for expenses of asylums for, 39.

Northern asylum for, 115, 170.
State asylum for, 14.
U. P. hospital for, 71.
to amend general law for organization of asylums for, 178.

to amend general law for care of, 333.
Insecticides, to prevent adulteration or misbranding of, 329.
Insects, to amend act to prevent importation of dangerous, 392.
Inspection of commercial feeding stuffs, 316.

of illuminating oils, 229, 230.
of milk, to provide for, 369.
of private institutions caring for homeless men, 350.
of salt, to repeal law for, 104, 205.

of test of value of sugar beets, 306.
Inspectors of mines, to provide for election of, 11, 125.

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