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Acmates, Monks so called, 121.

of the Principles and Constitution of, review.
Africa, Mission to, 64. South Africa, 67.

ed, 27, 125. The Free and Slavery, 415.
Agra, Mission to, 143.

The Free, in the Highlands, 428.

Of Eng.
Alexius, St., his history, 292.

land, Secessions from, 168.
Alliance, Evangelical, 10.

Colonization and the Church, 159.
American Missions, 61.

Conference, the Liverpool, its proceedings,
Amsdorff, Nicholas, his opinions, 205.

10. Its Articles of Faith, 20.
Anthony, St. his temptations, 47.

Convocation, the Free Church, 448.
Atonement, Dr. Candlish on, reviewed, 176. Cox, Dr., quoted, 17. Speech on Missions,
Australia, Missions to, 419.


Craig, Rev. Edward, Speech on Missions,
Bale, Bishop, his character, 200.

Balmer, Dr., his Academical Lectures and Pub. Cunningham, Dr., 446.
pit Discourses reviewed, 399.

Cunningham, the Rev. William, of Harrow,
Bengal, Missions to, 144.

Binning, Rev. Hugh, his works reviewed, 264. Czerski, his doctrines, 290.
Blunt, Rev. Henry, his Serinons, 435.
Bombay, Missions to, 110.

Dalrymple, Captain J. E., Correspondence on
Bonar, Andrew, A., his Memoir and Remains Free Church Sites, 460.

of the Rev. R. J. M. Cheyne, reviewed, 50. D'Aubigne, Dr., his History of the Reforma-
Bonar, A. R., his Scenes from the History of the tion, 134-198.
Christian Church reviewed, 156.

Dickens, Charles, his Cricket on the Hearth
Bonar, Horatius, his Night of Weeping re- reviewed, 71.
viewed, 153.

Divines of the Seventeenth Century, English
Bourignon, Antoinette, her character, 294. and Scottish, 268.
Bramins, 46.

Doyle, Dr., on the Lives of the Saints, 44.
Buchanan, Dr., 432.

Dunfermline, History of, reviewed, 316.
Bunting, Dr., his Speech on Missions, 381.
Burton, John, H. his Life and Correspond Edinburgh, Memorials of, reviewed, 156.
dence of David Hume, reviewed, 255,

Erasmus, his Character, 200.

Campbell, Dr. George, his writings, 297. Fairbairn, Mr., his Translation of Hengsten-
Candlish, Dr., his Character, 83. On Gene- berg on the Psalms, 35.

sis, 91. On the Atonement, 176. Quoted Forsyth, Mr. his Observations on the Books of
on Christian Union, 21.

Genesis and Exodus reviewed, 393.
Catharine, St., of Sienna, 119-121.

Francis, St., of Sales, Extracts from his In-
Ceylon, Missions to, 226.

troduction to a Devout Life, 117, &c.; and
Chalmers, Dr., 415, 446, 448.

Madame de Chantal, 343.
Chalmers, Rev. Peter, his History of Dun- Fulgentius, St., 49.

fermline reviewed, 316.
Chantal, Madame de, 843.

Gaelic School Society, 214.
Chapel Act, Remarks on, 444, 445.

Genesis, Dr. Candlish on, 91.
Chester, Bishop of, his Speech on Missions, Gray, Rev. Andrew, his Free Church Cate-

chism, 27, 125.
China, Missions to, 303.

Gutzlaff, Mr., 311.
Christian Union, the Edinburgh Free Pres.
bytery on, 81, 189.

Hagiography, 42, 117, 291.
Church, Definition of, 5. The Established Hamilton, Rev. James, his Life in Earnest,

and its position, 3. Church of Scotland, and Mount of Olives, reviewed, 153.
who is the Head of, 356. Plea for Divine Hengstenberg, his work on the Psalms, 35.
Right of, reviewed, 236. Free, Catechism Herman, Nicholas, his Life, 120.

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